The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

Chapter 3
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Chapter 3

Translator's Note: There were a couple of phrases I struggled with in this one, so I hope it makes sense. I'm also letting the language get a bit dirtier.

***We get Yu Xianr/Jade Fairy here! Would you prefer I continue calling him Yu Xianr or straight translate it to Jade Fairy? The choice is yours.***

The seniors hate that iron cannot turn straight into steel* and request Yu Xianr come from Qinhuai riverside's most popular brothel.

Yu Xianr expresses that he has guided innumerable men of the house under his own direction, even the coldest people pjaped through his hands could yet transform into the kind of slut that made noses gush blood with their coquettish flattery and the twisting of their little waists.

The first step, naturally, is to get Zhao Jiangui to take off his clothes.

Yu Xianr extends his luxurious jade hands, wanting to pull open Zhao Jiangui's collar, Zhao Jiangui pulls back and grabs his wrist, making his pulse stop. He yelps in pain, lifting his head to catch sight of Zhao Jiangui's ice cold face.

Yu Xianr coyly says, "Zhao Daxia, take off your clothes, only then can I teach you well."

Zhao Jiangui shoots him a glance, saying, "To be so provocative in daylight, what could come next."

Yu Xianr is yet unwilling to give up, rubbing up Zhao Jiangui's body, the body is as pliable as a pool of spring water, he attempts to stimulate the bum Zhao Jiangui stifles in the bottom of his heart.

Zhao Jiangui icily says, "If you move again, I will have to break your wrist."

Yu Xianr, "..."

Yu Xianr forcibly extracts himself from the body, regretfully turning to leave. He doesn't think about stepping on the hem of his clothes as he withdraws, finds himself toppling to the ground. Zhao Jiangui extends a grasping hand, pulls him supportively into the middle of his chest, remains icy as he speaks the phrase, "Be careful."

Yu Xianr is staring at Zhao Jiangui's handsome features right before his eyes, the white clothes like snow, feeling only the strong emotion of restlessness in his heart, for a long while immersed in the middle of his joyous scene. In his heart, it seems a spark has unexpectedly been ignited.


Yu Xianr also goes to the martial world's seniors to return the money and bid farewell.

"Zhao Daxia's whole body is unyieldingly righteous." He says, "I'm unable to teach him."

The martial world's seniors don't give up, grabbing Yu Xianr's sleeves and saying they would raise the fee if he would please try again.

Yu Xianr, "This is not a question of money."

He hesitates for a long time, suddenly drooping his head, bright red surfacing on his cheeks.

Yu Xianr, "I'm afraid if I continue teaching him, I'll fall in love with him."

The martial world's seniors, "..."


*anxious for success/resentful of (someone's) failure

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