The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

Chapter 26
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Chapter 26

Zhao Jiangui sits down beside Ji Han.

Ji Han still has that bowl of egg noodles in front of him of which he's only eaten two mouthfuls, he is very hungry, but Zhao Jiangui is sitting at his side. He really is embarrassed to continue eating.

This scene is truly unspeakably awkward.

Zhao Jiangui really wants to talk to Ji Han more about the sword, but he thinks when someone is eating he wouldn't like another person talking with him about swords, besides the same talk about this one matter is indeed a bit tedious, and as a result he shuts his mouth, insipidly watching from the side.

Ji Han is forced to put down the chopsticks.

Ji Han asks him, "What do you want to talk about?"

Zhao Jiangui says honestly, "I don't know."

Ji Han thinks, "Did you really kill Mengzhu's top disciple?"

No, I didn't.

Not only did he not, that guy is hiding in the Haoran Alliance's cabin every day needing only to eat and sleep even now.

But he can only admit to it.

Ji Han asks, "What wrong did he commit?"

Zhao Jiangui, "He didn't do anything wrong."

Ji Han, "Then why did you kill him?"

He never needs a reason to kill people, because he himself is the Demon, but Zhao Jiangui is not the same, Zhao Jiangui is a warrior, warriors always need a reason to draw their swords.

Luckily the martial world's elders fabricated an excuse for Zhao Jiangui long ago.

Zhao Jiangui says, "I drank."*

Ji Han is somewhat astonished, "You drank?"

Zhao Jiangui sighs a breath, appearing completely upset, "I never drink."

Ji Han understood, "You got drunk?"

Zhao Jiangui nods.

Ji Han suddenly seems interested.

Ji Han, "You never drink?"

Zhao Jiangui says, "Right, drinking makes a person's reactions become slow, makes the sword in one's hand become unsteady."

Ji Han asks, "You really don't drink?"

Zhao Jiangui nods, "Right."

Ji Han, "I never expected the number one swordsman to also have things he isn't good at."

Zhao Jiangui says, "People will always have weaknesses."

Ji Han, "I finally have one matter I can compete with you."

Zhao Jiangui, "...Ah?"

Ji Han is slightly excited, "Since you can't sleep, then we can drink a cup together."

Zhao Jiangui, "..."


*I've omitted 酒/jiǔ (alcohol) throughout this conversation because I think it's clear what they mean and it sounds awkward in English. (I hope everyone is doing well!)

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