The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

Chapter 22
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Chapter 22

Zhao Jiangui is a little disheartened.

Ji Han is making him leave, this also says...the attempt at seduction has been declared a defeat.

What can the Haoran Alliance do, what course should he yet follow.

Xiao Lin secretly comes running to console him.

"Zhao Daxia, don't worry." Xiao Lin says, "Jiaozhu is merely speaking words in anger."

Zhao Jiangui feels wronged and says, "He's already making me get out, is it still just words of anger?"

Xiao Lin almost wants to pull at Zhao Jiangui's hand to encourage him to keep going, in order to arouse his determination to seduce the sect leader.

Zhao Jiangui heavily sighs out a breath.

Xiao Lin, "Zhao Daxia, if Jiaozhu really wanted you to go, he really wouldn't be making you clean the kitchen."

Zhao Jiangui doesn't understand.

Xiao Lin, "He would make you leave the Demon Sect immediately."

Zhao Jiangui, "This..."

Xiao Lin, "Zhao Daxia! Look! Jiaozhu still loves you!"

Zhao Jiangui, "Eh..."

Xiao Lin is extremely excited, "Zhao Daxia, certainly if you can boil up egg noodles, you'll win Jiaozhu's love, ah!"

Zhao Jiangui, "..."

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