The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

Chapter 15
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Chapter 15

After that, they returned to the Demon Sect.

Zhao Jiangui had never in all his years considered that coming into into the Demon Sect could be so surprisingly just and honorable.

Ji Han doesn't want to pay attention to him, the seduction is unable to progress, the words he bears were also used long ago nearing completion, top priority now is naturally seeking that mole the righteous had left in the Demon Sect carefully.

But he doesn't knows who the mole is.

The seniors only told him the mole is a close person in the Demon Sect, after he arrives in the Demon Sect, that person naturally will seek out a connection with him.

Zhao Jiangui only can await him in the room.

In his mind he guesses this mole's identity, someone who can access so many of the Demon Sect's secrets,to the extent he can come and go from the Demon Sect Leader's room at will, surely someone with extremely high status in the sect.

Ji Han's personal attendant taps at his door, carrying food.

Zhao Jiangui says, "Just put it on the table."

Although Ji Han doesn't want to speak with him, in whatever case he still isn't someone who will ordinarily treat someone unfairly, that attendant places the food on the table, and doesn't leave.

Zhao Jiangui asks, "Do you still have some other matter?"

The attendant's face is enigmatic, "Zhao Daxia! It's me!"

Zhao Jiangui, "..."

It turns out the mole isn't a Demon Sect higher-up, but Ji Han's personal attendant?

Although the sect leader's personal attendant indeed easily accesses some classified incidents, indeed also able enough to see the sect leader day and night and the painting hanging over the head of his bed, but because it's like this, Ji Han's screening of the attendant should be appropriately strict, so how had the Haoran Alliance gotten the mole safely inserted in the Demon Sect?

Zhao Jiangui can't help being somewhat hesitant.

The mole also looks to be no more than twenty years in age, mysteriously coming closer, wanting to give Zhao Jiangui the secret signal.

He first introduces himself to Zhao Jiangui, "My last name is Lin, a pair of wood Lin*, Zhao Daxia can call me Xiao Lin."

Zhao Jiangui nods slightly.

Xiao Lin continues, "Zhao Daxia unavoidably doubts me somewhat, yet Mengzhu has me with you** to rehearse lines to the word book's questions, so you can trust me."

Zhao Jiangui is forced to nod again.

Xiao Lin asks, "If Jiaozhu suspects Zhao Daxia, squabbles with you and you're unable to explain at that time, Zhao Daxia, what will you do?"

Zhao Jiangui, "..."


Of course he remembers this.

This is the ultimate section written in the book, indicated using vermillion strokes of the character in addition.

To tell the truth, Zhao Jiangui hopes this act doesn't take place.

Xiao Lin is still anxiously looking towards him.

He coughs, says, "I trust you."


His voice has just fallen, and suddenly someone pushes open the door.


The two people are completely surprised, Zhao Jiangui turns his head to look, Ji Han stands outside the door, following behind him are two maids, faces all equally stunned.

The sect leader's personal attendant and this kind of righteous warrior are standing so close, unavoidably it makes them suspicious.

Xiao Lin slowly walks back a few steps, says, "Jiaozhu, this matter..."

Ji Han cuts his speech short, expression an icy winter, "Zhao Jiangui, what are the two of you doing?"

Zhao Jiangui, "..."


*双木林 > He's explaining his name, two mù/木 (wood) to make lín/林 (forest), and it's in the notes but Xiao Lin (Xiǎo Lín/小林) is just Little Lin

**Xiao Lin always uses the respectful nín/您 (you, courteous/polite) instead just nǐ/你 (you) to address Zhao Jiangui

Translator's Note: Another two today! (I almost want to make it three because the next one is so fun.)

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