The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

Chapter 13
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Chapter 13

Jin Beiguo is stunned, saying, "Zhao...Zhao-xiong, you and this Demon two..."

Ji Han, "..."

Zhao Jiangui, "I..."

There isn't anything in the word book, how should he reply?

Everyone's expressions are, without exception, a little strange.

Jin Beiguo sees them completely unable to speak, is dazed for a long while, his mouth mumbling, "Didn't imagine Zhao-xiong, you actually...didn't imagine..."

Ji Han's expression suddenly sinks, "Just now you all still didn't listen."

Jin Beiguo's spirit hasn't yet returned, he blankly says, "I listened, ah..."

One by one everyone echoes in agreement.

"I listened..."

"I also listened..."

Ji Han is silent a moment, suddenly his face betrays a look of fear, "All of you, if you dare talk about today's incident, no matter if you escape to the ends of the earth, I will still be determined to seek your heads later."

Already there is no one who dares to speak.

After that, Ji Han turns his head, grabs hold of Zhao Jiangui's hand, and drags him outside.

Zhao Jiangui, "..."

That driver is still outside waiting, sees the two coming out hand in hand, seemingly expressionless.

Ji Han doesn't regard him either, pulling Zhao Jiangui with the full use of his qinggong to run outside of the city.

Zhao Jiangui's mind is at a loss, yet all he can do is follow Ji Han.

He had thought his own qinggong extremely high, now he sees that Ji Han's qinggong and his are surprisingly about equally matched, in a blink of gongfu, they've already arrived outside the city.

Ji Han drags Zhao Jiangui to the corner of two walls, angrily says, "Are you sick or not!"

Zhao Jiangui, "My body has been fine lately, thank you."

Ji Han, "...You're truly sick."

Zhao Jiangui, "I'm really not..."

Ji Han doesn't want to get entangled with him again, his whole face furious as before, "Aren't you the one who said gossip is frightening? You spoke those words, and you're already unafraid of spreading rumors across Jianghu?"

I only want to spread rumors with you, ah.

Zhao Jiangui doesn't dare speak this sentence.

He forcibly lowers his head, pondering how he should reply.

Only then does he see the two hands.

Ji Han is somewhat out of breath and hasn't noticed, at this very moment surprisingly still clutching his hand.

Zhao Jiangui calls out to him, "Ji Jiaozhu."

Ji Han says warningly, "What are you trying to do!"

Zhao Jiangui moves with the firm grasp of Ji Han's hand, face sincere, "Can you loosen your grip on my hand, it hurts."

Ji Han, "..."

Ji Han abruptly shakes off his hand, leaps away a few chi as if he's seen some monster.

Zhao Jiangui is very polite, "Many thanks."

Ji Han takes a handkerchief out from his chest and rubs desperately at his own hand.

Zhao Jiangui asks, "Does Ji Jiaozhu want to take me back to the Demon Sect?"

He sees Ji Han's eyes throwing knives, awkwardly corrects himself, "...Holy Sect."

Ji Han takes the handkerchief and tosses it to the ground, turning his head and leaving in a great rage.

Zhao Jiangui hastily catches up, at the same time shouting, "Ji Jiaozhu, wait up!"

Ji Han turns his head to glare at him, "You're sick."

Zhao Jiangui feels wronged, "I'm not!"


Ji Han, "You are sick!"

Zhao Jiangui, "I'm not!"

Ji Han, "You are!"

Zhao Jiangui, "I'm not!"

Ji Han, "You are!"

Zhao Jiangui, "I'm not!"

The driver who had rushed over, "..."

He decides to turn around, pretending to admire the scenery by the roadside.


Translator's Note: I'm not sure if it's better or worse, but in certain parts of this chapter I went more for English fluency over exactness, because it's about the intent of the phrase and I want it to make it was intended. Anyway, they held hands! I died of the cuteness going over it again. :)

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