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Chapter 11

As the sound of his voice falls, someone has already come bursting into the inn.

Mobei's twin heroes are only two people after all, when one such warrior rushes in, they don't have any strategy.

Many people suddenly pour into the inn, if the place didn't have enough room originally it was now even more packed.

Customers already hurriedly move away, even the assistants brought by the shopkeeper avoid advancing to the back.

Zhao Jiangui looks toward the middle of the crowd, most all of the people who had come are somewhat familiar faces, even among Jianghu's chivalrous people, there are still more than a few people that could even be regarded as friends.

Jin Beiguo advances one step saying, "Everyone, I think this also is a bit of a misunderstanding, Zhao-xiong is in no way this type of person..."

He still has not finished speaking, and already some three or four people together come to attack.

Zhao Jiangui thinks, they don't know the truth, but out of his chivalrous heart until they raise a hand to attack him, he's completely unable to injure them, only able to dodge away in every direction, even the long sword he bears is never unsheathed.

But such delay is eventually not the way, he's thinking about how to extricate himself, when suddenly the weapons in a few people's hands are all knocked down to the floor.

Zhao Jiangui turns his head to look.

The thing that knocked down their weapons is actually a drinking cup. (f)reeweb(n)ovel.com

Ji Han's drinking cup.

A few people look at each other helplessly, probably not expecting this youth at Zhao Jiangui's side to have such high gongfu, they don't dare attack so easily again, deliberating over and over. One person stands out to ask, "Who are you, why won't you let us kill this hoodlum."

Ji Han remains sitting up in that seat, somberly touches one long sword, and icily says, "I am displeased."

That person says, "Do you know what he did?"

Ji Han says, "Regardless of what he did, I'm unwilling. You're not allowed to touch him."

Zhao Jiangui, "..."

What! At this time he has already unwittingly succeeded in seduction?!

That person is momentarily tongue-tied, quite a long while passes then he once more opens his mouth to say, "Why is this distinguished person protecting him."

Ji Han casts a sidelong glance at him, "I've already arranged to fight Zhao Jiangui by sword on the summit. Before this fight, I absolutely won't allow him to drop dead."

Zhao Jiangui, "..."


He didn't think it through carefully.

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