The Wrong Way to a Demon Sect Leader

Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

In the martial world today, the righteous and the evil have long struggled. One faction has caused a reign of terror in Jianghu, the Demon Sect pressing their forces on the Haoran Alliance. All seniors of the martial world have worried their hair white, and yet they have not found a solution.

As luck would have it, at this very moment their mole pjapes on news, saying the Demon Sect Leader has died suddenly and a new Sect Leader has ascended to his seat. This person is the Sect Leader's adoptive son, surname Ji, given name Han. His martial skills are extremely high, his conduct is resolute, but he also has a sufficiently fatal flaw.

He likes men.

Inside his house, over the head of his bed, the mole placed in the Demon Sect had once seen a portrait of Jianghu's number one swordsman Zhao Jiangui. In the picture, Zhao Jiangui wears white and his features are clearly handsome. Rumor has it that the Demon Head had drawn it himself, that it hangs at the head of his bed because he intends to make a name for himself after a duel with Zhao Jiangui. The mole had experienced a revelation, turning to pjap the Haoran Alliance his news—the current Demon Sect Leader has been in unrequited love with Zhao Jiangui, Zhao Daxia, for years. They only need Zhao Jiangui to agree to the undertaking, and the Haoran Alliance can still be saved.

That person Zhao Jiangui, his swordsmanship is world-ranked, his appearance is unrivaled, and the people of Jianghu say a swordsman his match comes only in one hundred years. The martial world's Alliance Leader hurriedly dispatches people to request Zhao Jiangui come, respectfully provides a fine tea, and the martial world's seniors surround him all together, kneeling, telling him the martial world's agreed upon plan in tearful voices.

They want Zhao Jiangui to go.


The Demon Sect Leader.

Zhao Jiangui, "..."

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