The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs

Chapter 140 - Volume 5 Epilogue
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Volume 5 Epilogue



Part 1

『You set me up huh, Luxion!!』

Luxion was watching the projection of Leon screaming in the mansion.

『In the society, it’s the guy’s own fault if they got cornered into checkmate──those are master’s own words. Now it can be applied on master himself splendidly.』

The place was Einhorn’s deck.

He and Creare were facing each other there.

『You are also horrible.』

『Is that so?』

It was Luxion’s instruction so that Creare didn’t tell Ange and Livia about the detailed circumstance.

Why did he do something like that?

The cause was Leon.

『Well, it’s fine. Because without this master might let go of the sacred tree’s sapling. That thing is an extremely precious sample.』

Creare also agreed with securing the sapling.

『I agree with that opinion. But, it’s really devilish to create this misunderstanding scene in order to force master to bring the precious sample home to the kingdom.』

『At this rate both master and Noelle will keep hiding their feeling to each other till the end. So this is fine. Master too will become happy, and we too will be able to obtain a precious sample.』

Luxion had shown the data to Creare.

It was the information that he investigated in the commonwealth.

He didn’t report it to Leon but, the commonwealth──especially the sacred tree’s origin was suspicious.

Even Luxion was unable to investigate it.

『It’s also unusual for you to be unable to investigate it.』

『──A military base ruin of the old mankind. I have discovered the possibility that the sacred tree is existing on top of such place .』

『Oh, really? In that case there might be an ally of us there.』

『Yes. Also──the plant called the sacred tree is incomplete.』

『Nn~, I can somehow see it.』

Luxion and Creare’s conversation was still in the stage of hypothesizing.

They were questioning whether the sacred tree might actually be a plant that was artificially created.

Creare was also very interested.

『A military base of old mankind nearby. And then a plant with its own will that grant divine protection to human──certainly it’s hard to believe the plant as a natural occurrence.』

It was just too convenient. That was one reason of their suspicion.

『──But, what do you mean incomplete?』

Luxion answered Creare’s question.

『About the reason of the sapling’s withering, it’s caused by the sacred tree not granting it the necessary magic element for it to grow. Even when a sapling appeared, it will immediately wither because the sacred tree is killing it.』

『That’s certainly unnatural for a plant. Perhaps because it’s long-lived, it’s waiting for a strong sapling to appear?』

『When Loic and master fought, there is evidence of the sacred tree intentionally allying itself with Loic. It was as though it lent the strength in order to defeat master who is the sapling’s guardian.』

Creare confirmed the data of that time.

『It wasn’t because Loic used the oath to the sacred tree?』

『I didn’t detect any reaction of that.』

The sacred tree brought immense benefit to Alzer, but it had defect as a living thing.

Its defect was how it wasn’t multiplying.

Why did it become like this?

Both Luxion and Creare were still unable to find the answer.

Creare’s interest was growing stronger.

『To absorb the magic element to grow──that’s convenient for the old mankind. It decrease the density of magic element in the atmosphere. If that’s the case, perhaps the sacred tree itself is a legacy of the old mankind?』

『It’s unclear.』

In order to investigate that too, securing the sapling was a priority for them.

They also wanted to investigate its priestess Noelle.

For that it would be ideal to keep her at Leon’s side.

『Are you making use of master?』

『Why do you think so?』

『You create an excessively absurd situation for the sake of investigating the sapling.』

『Is that so? If Ange know about the two’s circumstance, the possibility of her inviting Noelle to the kingdom will increase. One of master’s worries will also disappear. I think there is no problem with that though?』

『That master right now is right in the middle of bloodbath though?』

Leon was continuing to scream in the projection that was showing the going on in the house.

Leon was going through hardship right now where he was cornered without any place to escape.

『Luxion, I’ll never forgive you bastard! Ah, wait. Both of you, this is a misunderstanding! It’s not like I’m holding a grudge to Luxion for not helping me with hiding things. If it’s those two, they should know about you two coming here beforehand──eh? If I know you two are coming, I’m going to hide the evidence? ──N-no! Someone help! Even Creare is fine, just help me!』

Creare who was mentioned by Leon as though she was just an afterthought got offended and lost her will to go helping.

『Master is horrible! Hmph! You can get scolded for a little bit more.』

『Agreed. Master should reflect on himself a little.』

Seeing Leon getting scolded, Luxion and Creare looked like they were somewhat enjoying it.

After watching for a while, Creare asked about something that she was curious about.

『Ah, that’s right. More importantly, have you managed to determine what happened behind the scene of that case?』

『There is still no proof, but I conclude that there is no doubt about it.』

What Creare was curious about was the reason of Rault House’s victory against Lespinasse House.

How did Lespinasse House that should possess superior crest lose against the lower ranked Rault House?

Luxion was investigating the reason.

『I surmised that Lespinasse House──both their guardian and priestess lost their crest before Rault House destroyed them.』


Part 2

In the palace of Hohlfahrt Kingdom.

Roland was facing his desk there. There were dark circles forming under his eyes.

He had fallen asleep before he noticed and there was a trace of drool on the paperwork.

Roland opened his eyes and rubbed his mouth.

And then his anger was welling up.

「That brat, every time every time!」

When he thought that the problem would finally get taken care of, the official that was dispatched to the commonwealth before the second semester started returned with a big ruckus.

The reason was 「Count Bartfalt picked a fight with Barriere House!」.

Speaking of Barriere House, it was a house with a large influence in the commonwealth right now.

The palace became like a beehive that was poked after receiving that report. Then another diplomat came right after that bringing a new notification.

It was an apology letter from Barriere House and the commonwealth.

Roland and others couldn’t even imagine just what was going on over there.

But, there was one thing that they understood.

Roland held his head in his hands.

Leon’s laughing face──his grinning face was surfacing in his mind.

It was a face that was mocking him.

Roland was getting continuously harassed by Leon.

「DAMMITTTTTT!! That guy’s smirk keep flashing in my head whether I’m sleeping or awake. Why do I have to be this troubled by a man. Unforgivable. Absolutely unforgivable.」

Had there ever been anyone who could torment him until this much before?

Roland was being tormented by Leon.

Even though he was at other country, he was still harassing him even now──Roland couldn’t forgive him.

「I want to see that smirking mug turn into despair. What should I do? What can I do to harass that guy to the max?」

It wasn’t enough to just promote him in rank.

Plus alpha──Roland put in extra effort to muster all his intellect with the wish of making Leon despaired.


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