The Wolf Lord's Lady

Chapter 28.2: The Journey of You and Me (2)
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Chapter 28.2: The Journey of You and Me (2)

No matter how close we are, I, who is his fiancee, is only an orphan , whereas Kaid is the legitimate lord of Laius. When the feudal lord of Laius is summoned to the royal capital, the famous houses are expected to make an appearance, however the people that I thought would naturally be on the list are missing. There’s not even the presence of the representative, even the name itself is missing. I would be unhappy if Laius were to be looked down upon because of me, sadly, it’s only natural. But to think that it could get to the point where we wouldn’t get the recommendation letter for a wedding journey’s destination, would be a nightmare. I wouldn’t be able to believe that this is the era where the doors to the palace are open. If only a few new names were added it wouldn’t be unexpected, but it is hard to explain the fact that the names of the old established family and famous family disappeared.

“…you’re right. It concerned me too.”

Kaid made a troubled face. After he said excuse me in advance, he sat beside me and peered into the documents in my hand. I moved the document half way towards Kaid so he could see it better.

“I’ve heard rumors that the royal capital has been a little strange in the past few years, but…. I didn’t expected up to the point to make a new list of names.”


“Yeah. the personnels of nobles would change with time, but… at least, up until 3 years ago, it wasn’t that different from fifteen years ago. Although there were some changes by the marriage of the lord’s successors, that’s a normal occurrence. I had a feeling that the unfamiliar faces that appeared at the King’s birthday last year were increasing, but not to the point that there was something wrong. There’s no big changes either, even if there was new minister appointments, there’s no one who seemed threatening or is the subjective disturbing rumors.”

“Right… Did Izador say anything?”

“No. It seems that he also thinks it’s strange. Even though his messengers were trying to obtain information about it, all they got was that there was a disturbing atmosphere. No one could find the reason for it.”

Suddenly I got the same feeling I get when I’m sick, I wouldn’t be able to settle down until I learned the true reason. You would be in trouble if you got a serious illness, but it will be the same thing if you don’t know the name of illness such as cold, because you don’t know the method to deal with it. There is no choice but to stay careful and observe the situation.

I let out a small sigh and shifted my eyes towards the scenery that spread across the small window.

I was relieved by the clear blue sky. Although rain is a blessing, you want to avoid it when you are on a trip, since it would slow down the speed of movement, taking more stamina and increasing the chances of getting injured. Besides, it’s pleasant to travel under the blue sky. I raised my body a little and extended my hands to open the window slightly. I held on to my hair that became disarrayed by the wind flowing from the outside, and smiled until my eyes squinted.

There are 13 territories in the Phiriala country, including Laius.

Laius, which was once demolished to the point it could be considered already ruined, came back to life by the hands of Kaid, and gained back its position as a territory of Phiriala. The largest territory after Laius is Dalhi. Since Joblin became the feudal lord of Dalhi, that place keeps on getting more and more greedy, whether it be business or in privilege. Gimmi is the small territory where Izador’s father, who was waving his hand before riding another suitable carriage somewhere, filled the position as the feudal lord. Although it’s a small area, Gimmi has a history that is as old and rich as the royal capital. The Weefar territory whose former ambassador, Wilfred, got killed, is a relatively new territory. I heard that place has been very lively in the last 15 years.

In the last 15 years, there are some territories that changed, but also there are some that haven’t. Of course, there’s no territory that doesn’t change at all. It can be applied to people and places too. Whatever it is, it will change as time passes. There’s nothing necessarily good or bad about it, but the results that come from those changes can be determined as good or bad.

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