The Wolf Lord's Lady

Chapter 78.1: The Journey of You and Me (1)
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Chapter 78.1: The Journey of You and Me (1)

It takes 2 days to arrive at the royal capital using the carriage. If you are riding a horse you can arrive even earlier, only taking 1 day. But in our case, there’s no reason to be rushed.

Except for the guards who were riding horses, Caron and the others used the carriage behind us. There’s only me and Kaid in this carriage. I thought there’d be no problem for all the servants who were currently in the carriage behind us to take this carriage too, because our current carriage is big and wide. In fact, before boarding, Jasmine was fidgeting and seemed to want to take the carriage with me. But after seeing Kaid constantly glancing at her, she gave up the idea. I think she shouldn’t have to be that nervous, however I’m sure that being with your employer would be mentally exhausting.

As such, it should be fine for it to only be Kaid and I this way for now.

“The meeting this time, seems like the decision to receive an honour”

“Yeah… it surprisingly a lot”

“Forgive me. Would it be better if I gave it to you earlier?”

“Aside from us being summoned suddenly, the people who will be attending also couldn’t answer until the last second, since they didn’t know whether they could come or not. So, it’s not Kaid’s fault. I’m grateful that Kaid did this for me, although Kaid also had it hard.”

While inside the swaying carriage, we checked each other’s duties required for visiting the castle. Although I’ve been aware of some of the changes that had occurred after my era, I never truly confirmed those facts.

There were changes of the noble’s name, the marital relationships, and their relationships. I also needed to confirm the position of the nobles who are above and below my present position. Because of all these things, I have to fix my memory. It seems like the tasks I have to do are endless. If I could, I would have wanted to find out the preference of topics to talk about with the women, but I don’t have enough time. Now, I have to remove the inaccuracies of my memory from the past in the current situation, so I can erase my doubt. Furthermore, I also need to learn the education that is required so I can be properly recognized as the fiancee of the Feudal lord of Laius.

Now that the time for preparation is getting shorter, I hope I can use the time travelling to do something meaningful. But those things aren’t the things that Jasmine called fun. For me, I was already glad to come accompanying Kaid even if it was only exchanging information or studying, because I’m happy to just spend time with him. I want Jasmine to spend time in this way too, especially because the time spent travelling is long.

I took my eyes off of the paper listing the line-up of names, before looking up to Kaid who was sitting in front of me.

“As I expected, There’s a lot of names that I don’t know after fifteen years passed.”

“It seems so.”

“But, I’m a little surprised that there’s not only the names that I don’t know, but also entire family name I’ve never heard of either. There’s a lot of new families. Moreover… I didn’t see the names that I used to always see before.”

The family that can enter and leave the palace shouldn’t change too much unless in special cases. Even after taking 15 years into consideration, the names of families that I need to remember should not be this many.

There are a lot of unknown family names on this list. The names of the representatives and the head of the family’s successor are not changing. I just don’t know the name of the family itself.

I think that there’s a lot of houses that have been given the privilege to enter and leave the palace. We can see just how much the era is changing. Something like that could happen because someone is taking over the royal family, which has a big influence in politics including assigning the roles of prime minister or the ministers in the cabinet.

However, the biggest change in these fifteen years has been to the Laius territory.

But even so, not only did I find that there were a lot of new names on this list, but I also couldn’t find the name of the old house which had a mansion located in the royal capital, or the well-known family name that served the royal family for generations.

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