The Wolf Lord's Lady

Chapter 27.4: You and Me, Departure From Laius (4)
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Chapter 27.4: You and Me, Departure From Laius (4)

Even if I called his name, he only answered “yes, my lady” as if moaning and said nothing else.

“Kaid, what’s wrong with you? Are you not feeling good? You’ve been busy recently… Were you barely asleep yesterday? If that is so, please hang in there a little more. After this, let’s sleep in the carriage on our trip, will you? I will become your pillow.”

“My lady! I beg you, please stop with continuously giving finishing blows!”

Izador, who came out from who-knows-where, slid in between me and Kaid with a very pale face.

He, who came to escape from the attacks of matchmaking, didn’t return to Gimmi and decided to accompany us on this journey. It’s still fresh in my memory how he winked while showing off the invitation to the royal capital between his fingers. Afterwards, he made preparations to go there out of nowhere, just like how he appeared out of nowhere just now.

Kaid, who repeatedly kept telling Izador to go home immediately, was leaning his arm on Izador for some reason now.

Because we are heading to the royal capital, both of them are wearing clothes that have a lot of fabrics and decorations, it made their presence quite different than usual. They always look cool, but today they look even better.

However, now I worry about their pale states due to exhaustion and listlessness before the departure. Both of them are completely different from Jasmine and Samua, as this is not their first time visiting the royal capital. But for them to be this pale, do they really dislike that place?

“Kaid, Izador, the colour of your faces are quite bad… Is there anything that I can do to help?”

It would be difficult to change the schedule, but I still want to reduce their stress as much as possible. I know that for Kaid, the feudal lord of Laius, and Izador, the next feudal lord of Gimmi, I won’t be able to relieve the burden they carried on their backs, but even so… No, exactly because for that reason, if there’s something that I can do, I would do it.

When I asked the two people who seemed to be in a state of sickness, both of them shook their pale faces silently.

“My lady, please just… as it is… please don’t concern yourself with me”


I think I can slightly understand the hidden meaning, but doesn’t that mean that there’s nothing I can do after all?

I tried to relieve my slightly depressed feelings by taking a small breath.

If I couldn’t do anything, then at least I should become more careful with my own actions. I must only do the tasks I am appointed with, as it seems like my attempts at helping would only increase their workload, the very thing I want to avoid.

I need motivation so that I won’t be scared and anxious about visiting the royal capital in a different position from the past. If there’s nothing I can do now, then I have to increase the things I can do.

If I am able to do that, the day where I could protect them will come. Because it seems like they are always the ones that are protecting me, I want my existence to be useful to Laius, and not be a burden to them.

I, who had secretly made my decision, was being hugged by Jasmine, who was at the verge of tears. Kaid supported me after I stumbled from surprise. Without realizing it, Jasmine hugged me tightly and pointed her finger at Caron.

“Sherly! Mrs. Carolina is scary like a mother!”

“Isn’t it because you said something that is honestly foolish!? If you said something like that, it’s fine to say something to deceive her!”

“Oh, I see..”

“…… Samua, Jasmine, can you come here? Let’s talk to the chief butler.”

Caron’s voice which seemed like bugs crawling from the ground, caused Jasmine and Samua to shudder and hide behind me. I didn’t mind them for pushing me to the front and using me as a shield, but if they continue pushing me forward, it is inevitable that the distance between Caron and them will get shorter, which does not seem like their intention?

While these two didn’t realize that the distance between them and the one they wanted to escape from was steadily decreasing, I could hear the voice of Kaid and Izador approach me from behind.

“…. this is my first time getting this nervous going to the royal capital in peaceful time”

“…..what a coincidence, Kaid. I feel the same.”

I also heard something like, let nature take its course, but I’m frightened, and exhausted. After hearing those strange voices, I arrived at where Caron was, and almost immediately, the screams of the two people pushing me reverberated throughout the estate.

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