The Wolf Lord's Lady

Chapter 27.3: You and Me, Departure From Laius (3)
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Chapter 27.3: You and Me, Departure From Laius (3)

“My Lady, you will be fine. Good grief, even the teacher already said that there’s no problem, right? The problem is…”

Caron’s gaze turned to glance at somewhere else, I smiled bitterly after following her gaze.

“I want to go to this shop, this shop, this shop, this shop, this shop, this shop and this shop!”

Samua who was carrying the luggages to the carriage witnessed the astonishing sight that was an excited Jasmine, hopping and jumping around, and soon replied,

“Even if you go to those places, do you have enough money?”

“Just because, I was asked to do some shopping by almost everyone who is in the group of house-sitting.”

“There are more people who are leaving though!?”

“The men gave you envelopes, right? It means that you’re in charge, Samua. I can’t look inside, although they gave it to me! Am I not pitiful!?”

“Am I not the one who is pitiful for being given such a suspicious memo!?”

“So, is Samua not going shopping?”

“No, I will do it. I already made a trouble to go to royal capital, after all”

Even the adults who saw them being so cheerful also seemed to have mixed feelings, as they had warm eyes but bitter smiles.

I heard that this is the first time Jasmine and Samua will visit the royal capital, whether it’s for work or for vacation. Both of them are the only young people among the rest of the entourage who are heading to the royal capital this time.

Caron, who grimaced the most, folded both of her arms.

“Both of them are the problem… are they going to the festival…”

“Please excuse me”, is what Caron told me in advance, before taking a deep breath. I realized what it meant, and quickly put my hands over my ears. Much to my surprise, there were hands that blocked my ears before mine, resulting in my hands wrapping the other person’s hands.

“Jasmine, Samua! Haven’t I said it several times that we’re not going there to play!”


Jasmine and Samua’s bodies were startled rigid and straight after hearing Caron’s angry voice. The victims were not only the two of them, I could see that quite a bit of people’s bodies had also jumped. Most likely, the house-sitting male group who were running away while screaming were the people who asked for souvenirs from those two.

“I’m telling you this so much that this is becoming automatic, both of you are completely forbidden to go out by yourself, especially alone. Absolutely do not follow strangers. Do not accept anything they give. Always watch over your belongings and immediately report any lost items. If someone says something, report it at once. If you see something, also report it at once. Always be in a group of people who have been to the royal capital at least three times.”

“I understand… Umm, Is Mrs. Carolina going to leave too?”

“Of course I’m going to. I will leave the mansion to Hilda. Listen, our duties as servants are to help the lady and the master to spend their time comfortably. It’s unreasonable to bother them with our matters like what you two were doing.”

“….somehow, it feels like being accompanied by my mother on the trip….”

“….. I would still stop you even if I were your mother, and how many times have I said that this is not a trip!”


Everyone was cowering in fear from the angry voice that had grown louder once again.

But before I could worry about them, I quickly turned my face towards the person who was blocking my ears. While I was turning, the hands slid off my ears. The owner of the warm and slightly bulky palms was pressing one eye as if in pain.

“My head is always affected by Carolina’s angry voice, no matter how many times I’ve heard it”

Kaid, who had been using his hands to block my ears, became the victim of hearing Caron’s angry voice directly. Is it still reverberating? His head seemed to be shaking a little.

“A-are you okay?”

“I’m fine, my lady, please don’t worry…”

Sometimes, Kaid says such impossible things.

I must’ve made a troubled face, because right after Kaid made a surprised face, his face turned troubled.

“My lady?”

“Kaid, how can I not worry when seeing you in pain? You trouble me by saying that. I will do anything if you ask me, however to not worry about you, I… can’t do such a thing!”

So, don’t say such terrible things.

After I conveyed my feelings, Kaid hung his head down while covering his face with his hand.

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