The Wolf Lord's Lady

Chapter 27.2: You and Me, Departure From Laius (2)
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Chapter 27,2: You and Me, Departure From Laius (2)

know that they are doing their best for me. Although it involves a lot of groping, they want to make sure that wherever I go, especially the palace, I won’t be embarrassed and can maintain an aura of elegance at every turn.

I sighed lightly while listening to the commotion throughout the busy mansion. I relaxed the two fingers I’d unknowingly been tightly gripping. I also need to cure this habit of gripping at my two fingers.

Kaid and I were set to leave Laius towards the royal capital today, in order to receive the king’s permit for the engagement of the Laius feudal lord.

Although we already distributed the work little by little, there were still many things to do as Laius was still not used to the absence of the feudal lord. However, there’s no time left.

The formal tradition to acquire the permit for the engagement involves both parties and their families to be escorted somewhere near the royal capital. After the two parties finish preparing, they should ask for instructions on when to go to the palace, only after that are they granted permission to visit the King. However, this time the calling from the palace came early, and because of that, Laius is rushing to make various preparations. Although it comes in the form of asking, the call from the palace is actually a command.

Since he is summoned as the feudal lord of Laius, it wouldn’t be good to bring even more guards and force our way there. We have to pass through the road all the way to the royal capital with the same quantity of guards for each carriages. Kaid is a person who could ride on a single horse without hesitation if necessary, but as a feudal lord he can’t just refuse to follow the unnecessary process as he pleases. There was no need to excessively show off power, but we shouldn’t restrain ourselves too much either. It’s surprisingly easy to be modest, reserved, and humble, but it’s obvious there’s a need to do certain things so that people understand our power.

For that reason, currently everyone in the mansion was very busy. On a hectic day like this, I shouldn’t let Hilda, who fills the position of head maid and vice-head maid, keep thinking about my luggage.

I looked down at the dress I was wearing, the lace and details were so beautiful. In this mansion, it’s normal for me to wear these beautiful dresses that I had never seen before when I was in the orphanage. There is even the first rate of highest quality dress among these best dresses.

I felt nostalgic when I put on the sleeves, and at the same time I got a heavy feeling.

“It will be alright, since all of these are wonderful. The rest is whether or not I can wear it properly. I’ll do my best so please watch over me Caron.”

I’ve already confirmed it with the etiquette teacher that the basic etiquette has not changed since fifteen years ago. The more history that accumulates in one place, the harder it is to make changes. I don’t know whether it’s for the better or the worse.

In terms of etiquette, I should be fine because my body still remembers it from my past life. Even so, that “experience” is also a problem in itself.

I only know how to act as the only daughter of the tyrant (past) feudal lord of Laius.

In the past, everyone drew a line from me, and took me (and my connections) into consideration. I had never experienced inconveniences, never felt uncomfortable, and never felt a need to do anything complicated when dealing with others. In my previous life, it was already good enough for me to have shown a smile at the palace, but surely the palace that we were heading to wouldn’t be that same this time, right?

The current me is not the daughter of Laius feudal lord with blood ties to the royal family. I was only a young orphan girl who didn’t even know her own relatives, and suddenly filled the long empty position of the fiancee of the feudal lord Laius.

I could easily imagine that most likely, I would receive the treatment of a person who I had never experienced up until now. The letter that came to Laius already hinted towards poor treatment, by using old grammar when describing the details as to provoke a possible misunderstanding on my part. If I were to have misunderstood as they intended, I’m sure they would sneer and mock me. And the ones that would receive that sneer are not just me, but Laius and Kaid.

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