The Wolf Lord's Lady

Chapter 27.1: You and Me, Departure From Laius (1)
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Chapter 27.1: You and Me, Departure From Laius (1)

“…Hilda, I still don’t think that we need to add another dress.”

“Even so, let’s do it anyways. Nowadays, the younger generation prefer innovative fashion rather than the conventional style. However since Laius has more history and formality, don’t you think it would be better to wear the conventional style?”

“That’s true… But, since the lady is too thin, long sleeves and a heavy neck’s dress wouldn’t look good on her, moreover the lady would get tired. Even if leaving some dresses will make it packing lighter, still, let’s bring three dresses of that style after all…”

“Then, should we bring the white dress which has lace on the back and chest, which is popular nowadays? Aside from that, I don’t recommend any other popular styles that resemble a mermaid’s tail for thin people. I think it’s better to choose the white dress as the mermaid dress is also difficult to dance in.”

“That’s true.. The mermaid style is only pretty to look at, and not very wearable.”

“Exactly. Even if the person does choose to dance, they wouldn’t look attractive while dancing because their feet need to be squeezed inside the skirt for the sake of looking slender. After all this, it’s better to wear the conventional dress that has a lot of fabric while dancing. And wouldn’t it look beautiful when it flares out while she spins around gently?”

“I agree.. Then, let’s bring the white one for the additional dress… I guess it’s better to not bring the red one…”

“… But the red one is so pretty.”

I knitted my eyebrows, this is the fourth time I heard this conversation, lately it seems like they are making this kind of conversation more and more often. Although I want to say that there’s no need to be so worried, it wouldn’t be entirely true as the destination is the royal capital.

Laius is not strong regarding the power struggle between women, because Kaid, the feudal lord, used to not have a wife, daughter, mother, sister, or even a female relative before.

It was a different case in the past, when there was a daughter of nobles who used to live here, but fifteen years has passed since it’s been that way. There is a reason why the turmoil in Laius was huge. It’s natural that no one would dare to say anything about the lack of women in nobility, as Laius has spent fifteen years reconstructing the internal affairs of its previous leadership.

The subjects of Lauis have also changed drastically from fifteen years ago. The previous feudal lord was a person who chose his subjects based on their relation to him, along with choosing the nobles based on their relationship to the royal castle and other territories. After the removal of the previous feudal lord, Laius began a conscious effort to adjust the previous nepotistic tendencies in the internal affairs, even though it weakened the connection with the royal capital and other territories.

The consequence of being that way for fifteen years is that Laius has become a territory that is isolated from others.

“…should we add one box of hair accessories after all?”

“Let’s do that… also add another necklace and pair of shoes…”

Hastedly, I turned my face towards Caron and Hilda. It appears that everytime they repeat that same conversation the baggage multiplies.

“It’s already plenty enough. Thanks, both of you.”

If the luggage increased even more, the difficult journey would only become more terrible. More baggage means more carriages, and more carriages would mean more escorts needed to guard them. We shouldn’t increase the work of the guards whose priority is protecting Kaid.

Because of that, I felt guilty seeing Caron and Hilda who were so engrossed in the conversation about luggage .

“…if my lady already said so.”

“….No can do! I still feel anxious about it! I’m going to check the luggage once more”

“You’re right! Please do it, Hilda!”

Hilda left in a hurry after bowing, while Caron saw her off with a serious face.

If only I was as well informed on the current popular style of dresses and understood how to match them with the shoes and accessories, maybe then they wouldn’t be so troubled. My sense of style is outdated since it’s from fifteen years ago. It can be said that the current me is in the same generation with the women who’ve already become mothers, and are now all adult women who need not dress as an unmarried maiden anymore. Because of that, the clothes that suit me, the style that I like, and the current fashion constantly clash with each other, so much so, that Caron and Hilda are endlessly worrying.

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