The Wolf Lord's Lady

Chapter 3: Your candy and me.
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Chapter 3: Your candy and me.

“In my previous life, I have committed a grave sin. I did get punished, but that was not enough. Thus, I was reincarnated with memories of my past life. I must receive retribution. God has decreed it that it is not enough with just one life. I will end my as Our Father wills it. That is God’s will. It is my duty. Only after my redemption, I will be able to go back to Our Father. Until then, I must continue to repent. If I do not, I cannot return to Our Father in Heaven.”


I didn’t lie. I just used God’s will that I did not actually hear, to put up a facade that I wish to return to Him, though I don’t think that way.

I told him the truth that was slightly dramatised and waited for the moment that his wide-open golden eyes change colour.




There were many kind people.

There were plenty of good people.

Everyone worried for me who did not eat properly, and reached out for me who was always wearing patched clothes.

Every time that happened, I told that story. I witnessed so many times how the kindhearted people’s eyes change into a shade of horror, taking steps backwards as their expressions became strained.

I told the story to see that.

It’s catching two birds with one stone, as I do not have to lie, committing more sins, and get left alone.

I was seen as a fanatic. I was seen as a madwoman. I was seen as a pitiful liar girl.

Anyway, no one believed me. They did not believe me, but they left me.

Yes. I am insane. I’m strange in the head, I’m creepy and depressing, and I’m a miserable girl. I of course do not have family, friends, lovers nor acquaintances.

I don’t need them.


So please leave me alone.



When I told that truth, in front me, Kaid placed his long fingers on his chin and narrowed his eyes.

Those eyes felt as if they were confirming something, so it felt somewhat disturbing.

If they were slightly sharper, it would really fit his nickname, ‘the Wolf’.

It’s amazing how he made those somewhat frail yet kind eyes back then, considering that those eyes are as sharp as fangs.


Not forgiving criminals, that is the same as the previous lord. However, he is admired. Because a criminal convicted not because one went against the lord but because one broke the just and ethical law.

The sycophants to the previous lord were gathered for a meeting on that day, where they were all caught and punished.

There were those who did not attend the meeting or those who barely escaped, but they were all caught in the end. No matter how thick the surrounding was, he would edge in and bite that neck. There was no mercy in that. Many were punished and banished, that the composition of nobles of Laius changed greatly. It can be said that many who were replaced in grandfather and father’s generations came back.

Laius, which was destroyed by grandfather and father, are being fixed by Kaid, who destroyed us. He was reclaiming the bountiful Laius.

He is a splendid man. Wise, bold and handsome. He is a charismatic man blessed by God.

A man that could not have liked an airhead, dreaming woman that did not try to see the reality.

It would be nice if he ends me himself with those fangs.






I had my hands gathered together and had my back straight, waiting for that golden shade to distort into an ugly one.

However, that moment did not come. Rather, he leaned in closer, out of interest. Please don’t get closer.

“Now, that is an abrupt and unbelievable story.”

“Of course. It’s probably jus that there’s something wrong with my head.”

Even though I know that it’s rude to this as a servant, I cut off the conversation to end the story. If he fires me out of rage, then that is fine. I’m only sorry that the orphanage director’s little sister’s…… I forgot, but anyway, I only feel sorry that they might get caught up in that. However, if they get disgusted at me because of that and leave me alone, then there’s nothing I’d like better.

When I was about to make a final bow, there were golden eyes in my sight.

Because I was stared at from below, I unconsciously took a step back. Standing up as if to chase after me, he grabbed my elbow with his long fingers. Seeing that his hand wrapped around my whole elbow, he frowned.


“However, when living in this place, it’s easy to tell if someone’s lying.”


He took his hand off my elbow and tapped my fingers with his.

“You’re too frail. I won’t let my subjects starve to death.”

“I will enter a monastery next year, so I have no plans to die.”

Unless I get executed, I added inside my head.

Seeing Kaid look from above as if to listen closely to that statement, I took another step back.

“This is more troublesome that what the rumours suggested. It’s even more amazing that it doesn’t seem like you’re lying.”

“It’s fine if you don’t like madwoman, so please kick me out of the mansion.”

“Insane people are insane because they don’t know that. Now then, why don’t we change your workplace?”


Feeling cornered, I took another step back.

There was something behind me, so I could move anymore. When I flinched and checked it, it was just a tree. The tall tree must be older than me.

Objects of my memories are no longer there, but things I do not remember are still here. It was so unreasonable that I laughed, despite the situation.

“Shirley Hince, from now on, you are not a maid of the mansion but my direct maid.”


I didn’t understand what he meant, so I ended up asking back.

While grabbing my arm, Kaid started walking. Even if I resist, I could be easily caught.





From his clear voice, Samua and Jasmine who were still nearby ran back here. Then, seeing me getting dragged by the arm, their eyes widened.

“What, Shirley! You were there!?”

“Erm, master. Did that person show disrespect? I apologise, sir! She’s still very new, so she does not know the house very well. I’ll teach her properly, so please overlook it this time. I’ll receive the punishment, sir!”

Bending hip and back at a right angle that was neither graceful nor beautiful. Would this be how athletic people are, I felt slight interest, but more than that I felt great surprise.

Really, he did not have to apologise in my place, nor does he have to receive punishment instead of me. Jasmine, who was next to him, was bowing too, so it was even more troubling.

It was such a situation, but I, the person in question, thought of something completely different.

He really has good people around him. It must be benevolence. My father had been kind to us, his family, but towards the maids and butlers he looked at them as though he was looking at livestock. Even though there were that many people passing by, that is.

He did not have virtue, I thought. Not just virtue, he did not have something he held precious as a person. Thus, only people like him flocked to him.

Even then, there was nothing. Thus, the end was inevitable.





Seeing the two bow at the same angle, Kaid smiled wryly. Ah, it’s an expression I’m seeing for the first time.

“I don’t know what you’re misunderstanding, but there is something that she did wrong, it’s that she’s too thin. Now, Jasmine, what did she have for breakfast?”

“Eh, ah, yes, a piece of bread and a cup…… no, half a cup? of soup.”

“To not feed even a single piece of meat to a servant…… I’m still lacklustre as a lord. Jasmine, take her to the head maid and please tell her that I apologise. Tell her that I’m sorry for taking one of her girls away. If it helps, hire more. Samua, tell the same thing to the head butler.”

Isn’t he the one going mad? One might have thought. However, as for the attitude of the two servants:

“Aah, I see. Again? Alright, I’ll convey that, sir.”

“Shirley, what a relief!”

………………What just happened?

My my, it’s the usual. While saying that, the two of them started walking away, saying, “Then, we will do that.”

Wait a bit. Explain at least a little.

“Ah…… P-Please wait, Jasmine-san!”

When I desperately called for Jasmine as my arm was held by Kaid, she turned her round with so much force that it felt as though her hairpins would fly out. Then, she pushed Samua aside and ran up to me with great vigour, after which she grabbed my free hand with both hands and smiled.

“No way!”

And then this “no way”. What am I supposed to say to this person full of smiles?

Jasmine shook my hand and jumped up and down while still saying “no way no way”.

“Samua, did you say that!? Shirley called my name for the first time!”

“……You, even though you live together, you didn’t even call her n-blegh!”

The cloth flew into his face again.

Having thrown the cloth at Samua’s face, Jasmine smiled happily like a child that just had candy.

“You see, Shirley, serving master is the best position!”


“Well, you can have as much sweets as you want, as much snacks as you want, as much food as you want, and when he brings you when he goes out you can have unlimited food from the stalls! Also-also-also! You can even have the same thing that master has for breakfast, lunch and dinner!”

“I’ll resig-.”

“If it was someone else, there would be bloodbath from jealousy, but if it’s you, Shirley, everyone would be happy! You really are too thin!”

I wasn’t allowed to finished the sentence. Plus, it’s not beneficial at all, and what should I do about the story that suddenly turned scary.

Troubled, I pondered a little. Then, I reached the conclusion that I’d like my arms released.

I quietly looked up at Kaid who was still discussing something with Samua.

Before, when he was worrying about his short height, I took care to wear low heels and not have hairstyles that gather up.

Seeing him with such a bulky physique now, it was almost unbelievable that such a thing happened. I wasn’t doing anything, but he suddenly turned around, that his golden eyes met mind.

To me who blinked unconsciously, he smiled.

A little, only a little, it felt like there was Helt there, that blood drained from my face.





“For now, I only have these on my person. Which flavour would you like?”

When his hand, which was in his pocket, slowly opened to reveal candies in cute wrappings, blood flowed back to my face.

I blinked once at those things that did not fit the lord’s nickname, ‘the Wolf’, and politely refused. However, while I was complaining, a candy was placed in my mouth without my permission. Unable to spit it out as that would be rude, I could only stare at him reproachfully.

Even though he received such a gaze, he laughed in a carefree manner.



I can’t remember when the last time I had something sweet was.

The sweet flavour I tasted after a long time was strawberry flavour.

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