The Wolf Lord's Lady

Chapter 26. You and Mine, the Alcohol (1)
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Chapter 26. You and Mine, the Alcohol (1)

“The thing is…at the end of the day, you still have Carolina, who is like an impenetrable iron fortress that shields you from everything. But I don’t have a Carolina, you know that Kaid.”

“It can’t be, Carolina is Laius’s, unless she herself wishes to go to Gimmi.”

Izador shrugged his shoulders after hearing Kaid’s statement.

“I know, I’m just saying. Unless my lady is in Gimmi, Carolina would never leave Laius even if heaven and earth were overturned.”

I kept staring at the two people engaged in the pleasant conversation. They spoke without reserve, and the continuously smooth conversation flowed like water. I was now convinced that my previous realization was correct.

With Izador, it could be said that their easy-flowing conversation was because of their relationship. But, if you think about it, even with Caron (the maid chief), or even Samua and Jasmine, Kaid didn’t seem to hesitate to talk.

He is always choosing the topic and having the appropriate two way conversation, along with smoothly removing unnecessary points without losing the original meaning and oversimplifying the topic’s original content. We’re talking about Kaid, so I’m sure he’s doing this consciously, but doing it consciously implies that he has a deep understanding of the practice and is therefore skilled in the art of communicating.

The conclusion is.

“Kaid, it can’t be that you’re only bad at talking when it’s with me? Is it? ”

The hands that seemed to be unwavering even after drinking so much alcohol suddenly were shaking. The two people who were making statements of being sober, abruptly lowered their glasses, making a loud clunk. Their two pairs of eyes, which had started becoming a little sleepy due to the alcohol, were now wide open. Izador very awkwardly looked towards Kaid.

“You.. it’s not like I don’t understand your feelings. But how innocent hmp!!”

Kaid moved at an unbelievable speed and covered his hand over Izador’s mouth, blocking whatever the other man was attempting to say. I think it must have hurt because it made the sharp sound of a slap. Even so, Izador didn’t clutch his blocked mouth or wither in pain, he only turned his startled eyes towards Kaid.

“My lady, that’s..”

“… … Izador, it doesn’t hurt?”

“I’m fine”

Because the said person waved his palm lightly, it seemed like he was really alright. However, he was still looking at Kaid with startled eyes. No longer worrying about Izador, I was troubled by how resolutely assertive Kaid had just been, and turned my eyes towards him.

“Um… because you like talking to people, right? I can’t think of you as someone who is bad at talking after looking at the usual you. Since it’s not my forte, you must try to match me. Thank you, Kaid.”

He seemed to be flustered as his golden eyes began wavering, somehow exuding pain before narrowing tightly. Suddenly, Kaid stood up vigorously, and with that same energy, kneeled at my feet. This time I was dumbfounded by his sudden burst of energy.

I began panicking and tried to get him to stand, but his much larger body refused to, no matter how hard I tried pulling him up. When I attempted to go down to the floor, I was held to the chair. Then, the hand I was using to make him stand was grabbed by Kaid. He then looked straight up.

“My Lady, I’ve had enough, I’m not going to tell a lie to you for the second time”

Unconsciously, I became startled by his eyes and voice that were so breathtakingly earnest.

“But, I’m not thinking that it’s a lie”

“It’s different, my Lady! I would never trick you, for the second time, that is….”


Kaid was so desperately and passionately arguing, that his eyes started trembling, so much so that I wanted to scold my thoughtless words. Not being able to tell the truth has left a much deeper wound inside him than it has in me. I reap what I sow. Even though I didn’t think that his rightness is hateful, as I myself understand it, there’s no one who cannot forgive their past more than Kaid.

“Kaid, forgive me. I ended up saying something weird. It’s not like that. I didn’t say it to you because of that”

“That’s not it, my Lady. The truth is I really can’t talk to you properly, it’s… because I’m embarrassed”


Kaid seemed hesitant to say it. I tilted my head at the unexpected response. It’s unusual for him to mumble with such a heavy voice, so unknown to myself, I began staring at him.

I was bothered that he was still kneeling on the floor, but now I was more concerned by Kaid’s unusual state.

“Why? I mean, in the past you talked to me like usual, right?”

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