The Wolf Lord's Lady

Chapter 25.2 You and Mine, Our Friends (2)
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Chapter 25.2 You and Mine, Our Friends (2)

I think from now on, I must keep my mind wary of things. Here at Laius, I should never forget that this place is under the protection of Kaid, allowing me to spend my time calmly without needing to be cautious. I’m living under the protection of someone, and I must never forget that fact.

But anyways, is it okay for Izador to empty sake bottles one after another in front of me? Even though this is Laius and I am under the protection of Kaid, if Kaid were also to get drunk, he wouldn’t be able to protect me either.

The empty bottles kept piling up, while Izador reached to open another.

“You drink too much. Are you trying to empty the wine cellar of Laius?”

“I won’t get drunk at this level.”

“That’s why it’s useless to keep drinking, heavy drinker bastard!”

“What kind of bluffing did you say?”

The sake, which was the birthday present for Kaid, had been emptied a long time ago. Just as both of them said, Izador and Kaid didn’t seem to get drunk, so I guess it’s fine to stay here. Although their appearance became a little careless with their shirt buttons being loosened, they didn’t look too sloppy. The articulation and movements of their hands also weren’t unsteady.

“My Lady, is there something else you want to eat?”

“No, the portion here already made me full. Thank you, Kaid.”

Because Caron had already gone home and the live-in servants had retired for the day, only the three of us were left in the room. Even with the combination of the Laius’ feudal lord, his fiancee, and the representative of Gimmi, the room’s atmosphere was very relaxed.

“After all, you will understand from the situation after going through the gate. The atmosphere inside the mansion was on standby, ready and waiting. Just what you expected to see after you went inside, the huge amount of the portfolios consist of family chart and personal history, females self-portrait are stuck all over the wall, it’s my room but there’s no place to sit.”

“The price for always running away has come, do your best to pay it.”

After placing the empty bottles on the desk, Kaid leaned back and sunk deeply into his chair. Was he drunk? I don’t know if it was because I was experiencing the worn-out feeling at the end of the day, but the little languid gesture of brushing up his hair looked breathtakingly sexy, making me blush unconsciously.The heat accumulated in my cheeks and ear to the point that it made me dizzy, so I drank some cold tea to calm down.

“As the heir of Gimmi territory, I swear that I will keep the bill.”

“If I was Gimmi’s citizen, I would hate this prodigal son…”

“If you or my lady were the citizen, I would properly do my best to be the lord. Because it’s me.”

Just like Kaid, Izador sunk deeply into the chair, sighing languidly. Surprisingly, he had also grown up from the immature person I used to know. Although Izador has grown up into a great man, one that makes passing strangers blush just by the light wave of his hand, I can’t harbor any feelings and only have the impression that has finally grown up.

Once again, I realized just what love is. It is something beyond the common senses in reality, the feeling’s destination is headed towards only one. Even if the behavior is the same, the words being spoken are identical, it isn’t the same. Only you are my special person, so only you can truly hurt me.

While I was secretly overwhelmed by the happiness of realizing it myself, the two people before me were immaturely messing around with each other.

Sigh, it seems like I won’t be able to tell other people the things that have been said here.

But this place was not one where the eyes of others were present. Because of this, it’s the only place where they can talk as themselves, where Kaid is Kaid and Izador is Izador.

Although Kaid seemed to be astonished, he appeared to be having fun. I was troubled because I’m not good at conversing, but if your companion is Izador it looks like you don’t have to worry about it. I wonder if Izador realized that?

It seems that he was talking as he pleased, and the other replied just as freely. When you finish understanding the situation properly, he suddenly changes the topic completely, leaving no room for things to get jested. It is a vital ability needed in order to live among nobles. Even drunken words can be distorted, and there have been many people who’ve destroyed their own position as a result of it. In this life, I’ve realized that the ability to communicate properly, was not only necessary for nobles but also needed for unrelated situations. Although it is most obvious among nobles, it’s necessary for any circumstance where you want to be cautious, to not disturb anyone’s path, and to not raise conflict with anyone.

Besides, even if Kaid was not good at it, he should be better than ordinary people. Otherwise, there was no way he could have become the feudal lord of Laius in the chaos. Even more so, there’d be now way he would be called a wise lord.

In fact, Kaid did have such ability. When listening about the spices from a man’s stall without hesitation, the stall owner didn’t even have a sense of distrust, let alone vigilance, and seemed to be pleased to talk about it with Kaid listening. I think Kaid is a good listener, and I’m sure my perception is not wrong, because even the clerk seemed to talk with him with ease. In my past life, I had also told many things to Kaid.

That means….?

When I finally realized this fact, I slowly raised my face.

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