The Wolf Lord's Lady

Chapter 24.2 Yours and Mine, A Certain Precious Day IV (3)
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Chapter 24.2 Yours and Mine, A Certain Precious Day IV (3)

“Yes. Umm.. Have you finished writing the letters for the reply?”

“Yes, I finished them this morning but I haven’t sealed it yet. I think that it’s better to do it after you look over it. I know that you’re busy, but I’m wondering if you could do that.”

Although I have not yet greeted the King, nor has he officially approved of our engagement, the lord of the country’s largest territory Laius is getting married. Naturally, there would be many eyes turned towards the woman who will become his partner. There are some people who are genuinely curious, but they composed a small minority.

From now on, I will be in the role of determining the utility value and position for a lot of people.

The letters are a part of that, most of them being invitations for tea or evening parties. At first glance, it can be easily deciphered which among the letters are straightforward and honest, and which of them have other implications. Although, obviously I can’t afford to insult the senders and disgrace the name of Laius.

But these days , all of the following letters employ traditional grammar which is no longer used anymore except among nobles. It’s one of the complicated things brought on with being a noble. Thankfully, with the knowledge from my previous life, I am somehow able to read and understand them.

In those days of my past life, I was very happy. Even now, I am thankful for the education I received as the daughter of nobles. The knowledge they were able to hammer inside me are the weapons and shields needed to protect oneself, to protect the name, and to protect the position. And most importantly, to protect the honor and reputation of the people around me.

When I have a person who is precious to me, I now have the skills to protect the both of us from disgrace. From now on, I will use everything I have to prove to those across the country that Klaid, the feudal lord of Laius, made the right decision.

I received this shield from my parents, and this spear from my grandparents. Wielding this shield and spear, I can and will protect Laius, using the very weapons of the people who led its destruction. This gratitude towards my family is my unspoken truth.

“But, It’s letters between women. Moreover, it feels like I’m intruding on My lady’s letters… May I do it although it’s impolite?”

“Yes, because I don’t feel at ease if it’s only me. Please look at them together for me, I will be glad if you do”

It’s not only because of the lady of the house. When there’s no appearance of women around the Laius’ feudal lord, of course a woman’s world would become estranged to him. Although he wasn’t completely isolated by Laius’ noblewomen, if there is no lady of the house, the occurrence of an imbalance and disconnect with nobles and the public is unsurprising.

The question of value and quality always comes out even among the nobles, but the most criticised position in the public is the feudal lord and the woman who he associated with.

Who is our enemy? Who is our ally? From now on, we have to make such judgements. Within the territory there is certainty, but beyond the territory it is unclear. Actually, attending a tea party and other gatherings is a good way to establish a relationship with others. It is something I really should do, but I can’t afford such time, especially since the call from the royal capital was earlier than I expected.

“…. I ended up talking about work…..”

“It’s fine, since we’re talking about daily conversation now”

It seemed like he was depressed again, his body becoming dispirited. Even though I should feel worried because the person I like has become disheartened on his birthday, I can’t help but feel Kaid looks even more adorable and irresistible.

After a little thought, I started to think of getting up. Then, before Kaid had recovered, I sat next to him with an innocent face. He raised his head in surprise, “

“My Lady?”

I really can’t help it, and my heart skipped a beat after I saw his face. I started to become weak.

“Kaid, if you keep doing cute things, I won’t be able to help it but want to hold you, please somehow restrained yourself”

“…. but I, will be 30 years old next year”

“I’m sure, you will be cute even when become a grandfather”

“… … … My lady is more cute”

Whenever I tease Kaid, I feel such simple happiness. I hid my blushing cheek with the back of my hand, while Kaid faced the ground with his hands covering his face. Our shy states being witnessed by the head chef’s untouched cake.

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