The Wolf Lord's Lady

Chapter 24.2 Yours and Mine, A Certain Precious Day IV (2)
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Chapter 24.2 Yours and Mine, A Certain Precious Day IV (2)

While I was worrying about those things, I had already taken another bite of cake when I noticed Kaid happened to be looking down with one hand covering his face. I was startled seeing his head lowered and his chest tightened after eating something. My body froze as my mind raced for a possible explanation, could it be poison?

“Ka, Kaid?”

“…Please forgive me, My Lady”

Although I was confused as to what he was apologizing for, a sense of relief quickly flooded into my body. Thankfully, he had not been poisoned. After he raised his face, I was once again flustered, hurriedly, I drank my tea to calm down.

“Carolina told me that I shouldn’t only talk about work…But, that…I’m a boring man who doesn’t have any hobbies after I finish talking about Crochia I run out of topics to discuss. I wonder, what are some good things to talk about…Maybe, it’s just because I am…not good at speaking.”

Unbeknownst to myself, I had been holding my breath the entire time. But it can’t be helped, my endurance finally broke. I know it’s bad manners, but I ended up lying down on the sofa. Even after hearing Kaid’s voice flusteredly calling to me, I couldn’t raise my head.

To think, someone like him, a feudal lord capable of rebuilding a massive ruined territory in only 15 years, making that kind of face for a topic like this. He had acted as if the world was ending when fretting about the same problem felt by a young girl like myself. Eventually, I could no longer hold it in,

“Fu, fufufu…! Kaid, you… What kind of face is that?”

“…you’re laughing too much, my Lady.”

“Fufu… I’m sorry. It’s because you worried the same thing as me, not because I’m laughing at you. Either way, I’m sorry.”

Hearing this, Kaid who suddenly choked, took a deep breath. He raised his face and wrinkled his eyebrows at me. Hey! There’s no need to threaten me, someone who has always and was already anxious about irritating him. There was no reason why he would make such a face unless he was in a bad mood. But his face could be compared to a sulking little kid. Although it had nothing to do with it, his gaze reminded me of the children in the orphanage. It made the lovely feeling I had in my chest grow a little stronger.

“I am also not good at talking, which was why I can’t reply to you very well. But, since both of us are not good at speaking, let’s study and work on it? Kaid, for me, I’m happy to be with only you forever. Although I really like talking with you, even the silent moments when I get to stay in the same place as you, already make me very happy.”

I like the serious side of you. I like you the most when you try desperately to face me sincerely. I like all of you.

“It’s fine if we can’t get better at it, it’s already good enough that I have you here with me. Even though the serious you is great, the you who fall asleep, trips, spills ink, and has bread crumbles on your cheeks, is very cute. I don’t want to be formal when talking to you, it’s fun either way. So, this time let’s laugh at this conversation, even if it is awkward. That way, no matter the topic, we’ll be able to talk with each other. ”

The time we spend together is not much. We aren’t able to have many moments with each other discussing the same topics. Compared to the majority of lovers, we must be such an awkward couple. However, we don’t doubt each other’s feelings. Although that stage has passed, and we have begun finding comfort just in having the presence of the partner, I’m still unconfident to live my own life. But, if the day came where I could laugh at this type of crudeness, it would be proof of happiness. If in the future, I experienced that kind of day and would still be able to laugh, would I be able to call it a happy time spent together?

Being able to talk freely about the future, with the person I love, no matter the circumstances, would make me happy. Thinking of this, I ended up loosening my lips and grinning. After seeing my smile, Kaid took a deep breath,

“…My lady is more adorable”


Flustered, I couldn’t help but try to hide my blush.

“Thi- this morning, you saw that I spilled ink on my cheek!?”

This morning, my hand had slipped when I was writing, causing the tip of the pen to turn towards me, spilling ink on my face. Because I wiped it quickly, it immediately came off without the use of hot water. That’s why this incident became a secret between me, Samoa, and Jasmine, who were there.

“Ah… No, That’s not what I mean, it’s not because I saw you…”

“You really didn’t see it?”

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