The Wizard Path From The Simulator

Chapter 180 - 133 “New World” and “Fighter’s Transcendent Path” (Subscription Requested)
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Chapter 180: Chapter 133 “New World” and “Fighter’s Transcendent Path” (Subscription Requested)

Translator: 549690339

“White Raven, it’s your turn!” fre(e)webno(v)el


Milton Cheney nodded slightly.

The burly man in front of him patted Milton’s shoulder gently to signal that he didn’t need to be nervous, and then stepped aside.

The sound of chatter and flickering lights surrounded them.

Milton took a step forward and climbed onto the arena.

The moment he set foot on the stage, the cheers turned into even more intense booing.

“Why have they chosen some young punk this time?”

“This weakling…”

The sounds around them suddenly stopped.

The din turned into silence!

Milton, remaining unfazed on the arena, stepped over a burly man and descended from the stage.

The referee remained at the spot, stunned.

The burly man lying in the middle of the stage was motionless.

Fresh blood oozed out from his mouth and nose, forming a small puddle of blood on the stage.

The referee rushed to the burly man to inspect him.

“Dead… he’s dead.”

His voice wasn’t loud, but it sounded particularly clear in this silent environment.

The next moment, a more intense cheer erupted from the sidelines.

“White Raven! White Raven!”

“What was going on just now? I only turned around and said a few words then it was over?”

“I don’t know either! From the looks of it, it must have been a one-punch knock out! ‘

Having descended from the arena, Milton Cheney took off his boxing gloves and tossed them aside.

The middle-aged burly man beside him swallowed a mouthful of saliva, seemingly shocked that the young man who volunteered was so fierce.

“I’ve had my fight, now find George Shaw for me.”

Milton said, his tone flat and emotionless.

Oliver O’Connor in front of him quickly nodded in response.

As Milton was about to leave the place, he was stopped again.

Milton looked at Oliver who was blocking his way, his gaze as calm as water.

Sweat dripped from Oliver’s forehead as he stuttered, “The money… the money… have you taken it yet?”

Having said that, he handed over the bank card he was holding to Milton. Milton accepted it without uttering a word and he left the place.

Watching Milton’s retreating figure, Oliver wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

As the head of the underworld in Grain Market, he had seen all sorts of people, but this young man was indeed unsettling.

After leaving the underground fight club, Milton hailed a cab and returned to his rented apartment.

This Reincarnation Simulation hadn’t been as lucky as the last.

The world he reincarnated in was similar to his previous Blue Star.

It had towering buildings and mobile phone communication, almost no different from his previous Blue Star.

But after living in this world for nearly twenty years, Milton failed to find any Transcenders- it seemed to be just an ordinary technology world.

Milton habitually applied the Breathing Technique.

He could not cultivate the Wizard Path or Sorcerer’s Path in this world.

But the Path of the Knight in the Wizard Realm could be cultivated as usual. Milton, who had condensed the Life Seed, was now an Official Knight.

“George Shaw.”

Milton murmured to himself.

Although he hadn’t made great strides in his nearly twenty years in this world, he wasn’t without gains.

Although he hadn’t encountered any real Transcenders, he still managed to gather some clues.

Time passed, and several months later.

“Good, I got it.”

Milton Cheney hung up the phone and picked up the trench coat hanging on the coat rack.

Pulling the trench coat on, he then steps out of the rental room.

After stopping a cab, the car started up and headed to the place Oliver had spoken about.

After getting out of the cab, Milton raised his head to look at the nightclub in front of him.

The Golden Splendor Nightclub!

Walking into the nightclub, he was immediately surrounded by several coquettish women. Milton pushed them aside and went deeper into the nightclub.

He stops in front of a private room.

The Lotus Pavilion.

Pushing the door of the private room open, the noise of the nightclub flooded into Milton’s ears.

Seeing Milton, Oliver’s eyes lit up.

He clapped his hands, the music ceased, and the noisy environment suddenly became quiet.

“White Raven, you’re here. Let me introduce you, this is George Shaw, a famous figure in Grain Market. He not only participated in the provincial boxing match but also took the Silver Award!”

Oliver said.

Milton didn’t respond, he shifted his gaze away from Oliver and looked at George Shaw.

A young man with a crew cut.

His appearance suggested he was just over twenty years old. He bore a tattoo around his neck, seemingly to cover a scar.

“Hello, George Shaw, you are looking for me?

Upon seeing Milton, George Shaw got up and walked over to him, extending his hand.

Seeing this scene, Oliver didn’t know whether to speak or not. Eventually, he chose to stand in silence.

Milton nodded and shook hands with George Shaw. freewebnovel(.)com

“Milton Cheney, I heard you’re a fighter?”

Hearing this, Oliver quickly chimed in, “Yes, George, you don’t know how good

Milton is at boxing! He killed an underground fighter with a single blow!” “I think Milton would have no problem participating in an official match.” Although Oliver didn’t know what being a fighter meant, he assumed that Milton was looking for George because he wanted to participate in a formal boxing match.

George Shaw ignored Oliver’s words, he seemed surprised after hearing Milton’s words.

He then said, “I don’t know where you heard it from, but unfortunately, I am not a fighter. I’m just an ordinary boxer.”

“If you need help from a fighter, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong person.” Saying this, George Shaw shrugged to indicate his helplessness. Milton’s expression didn’t change, he said, “Your mentor, Carson Dutton..”

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