The Whole Internet is Waiting For Master Fu To Fall In Love

The Whole Internet is Waiting For Master Fu To Fall In Love
Chinese Novel

The Whole Internet is Waiting For Master Fu To Fall In Love

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    Shocking big news: Gu Qingning, the good-for-nothing daughter of the Gu family, is no longer dumb, and her IQ is on the line.

    Hearing that Gu Qingning got perfect marks in the grade-jump exam, everyone sneered, “It must be cheating.”

    Sister Ning was not angry, and rejected the olive branches offered by other top universities, and took the recommendation of University A to sit firmly on the throne of the god of learning.

    Hearing that Gu Qingning wanted to build power, everyone laughed again, “Waste wood can build power, and men can have children.”

    Sister Ning didn’t get annoyed, she started her career silently, made a fortune silently, and abused scum while wearing a vest.

    Hearing that Gu Qingning is in a relationship, everyone laughed again, “What kind of blind man would fall in love with her devil.”

    On the same day, the most mysterious prince in the Beijing circle posted an official announcement on Weibo.

    ——Mrs. Fu, what do you want to eat tonight? @Gu Qingning

    The whole city boiled, and it turned out that they were the ones who were blind.

    From then on, Master Fu and Sister Ning joined forces and never looked back on the road of slaughtering dogs.

    “Master, madam beat up the heir of the Rawls family.”

    Fu Juncheng, “Send a few more people to help beat her up, don’t tire her out.”

    “Master, madam is robbing us for business again.”

    Fu Juncheng, “Who asked you to rob her, and send her the plan.”

    “Master, your mother said that Madam seems to be pregnant.”


    There was a sound of slamming the door, and the tall and straight figure of the man had long since disappeared.


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