The Warmhearted You

Chapter 8: Delicate roses
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Chapter 8: Delicate roses

At the end of October, the temperature finally dropped. Compared with the months before, the weather was much more relaxed. Additionally, because midterms had started, the business in the shop was slow and depressing.

The shop’s quiet atmosphere was liked by some students who come here to read and study, order a drink, and stay for an entire afternoon. He Yu recently started researching how to bake, and because she couldn’t finish eating all her creations, she would bring cookies and small cakes to the shop every day for those struggling student customers.

After a few times, the amount of returning customers increased.

For the past two days, Ye Xun was busy working on finishing a lab project. She spent all day in the laboratory and rarely came to the store. He Yu would visit her at school after work or sit in apartment 1503 at night.

The two were now in the early days of love, a time when they try to understand each other more.

Younger girls tend to be more inexperienced when it comes to dating, and although they were eager and energetic, they still needed to be taught a few things.

Ye Xun was a quick learner, exceptionally quick at picking up the more practical skills. He Yu also spent more time with her, staying at her place, about two to three times a week now.

The intense feelings were like the slowly flowing water. As time passed, it gradually accumulated, drowning her up to her neck. She closed her lips and lay on the slightly cool wall, unable to stop her fingers from clenching.

After a while, Ye Xun embraced her and lifted her into her room.

The overall decoration of the room is dark, simple, and clean. The red roses lay on the computer table, sent by her last night.

Ye Xun kissed her tenderly on the lips, cheeks, chin, and then down to her slender neck…

Usually, Ye Xun was indifferent and not one for words, and is even quieter in bed. However, He Yu preferred the silence during times like this. It made the atmosphere seem more romantic.

After going at it for the entire night, she didn’t wake until around 10 in the morning.

He Yu propped herself up and stared in a daze.

Ye Xun was still asleep, and since there was no class this morning, she’ll let her rest a little longer.

He Yu picked up a pair of underwear and put on a short t-shirt. She brushed away some hair covering her face and went into the bathroom to clean up.

By the time she came out, Ye Xun was already up. When she saw He Yu’s bare legs, she leaned back, her eyes roamed over them quietly, but she didn’t move, she just looked at the other person.

He Yu ignored her deliberately, found a pair of pants, and put them on.

“Any classes tonight?” She asked.

“No,” Ye Xun replied, and sat up, suddenly embracing her from behind, chin resting on her neck, “Would you like to eat together?”

Because of the shop’s hours, He Yu usually went out to find something simple to eat, but sometimes Ye Xun would deliver a meal, and they’ll eat together.

“Done with your project yet?”

“Almost.” Ye Xun whispered and kissed her earlobe.

He Yu’s ears were her sensitive spots. She subconsciously tilted her head and stopped the hands at her waist: “Go and wash up, eat lunch first, rest a bit, and then go to class.”

She paused, “There’s a new Japanese restaurant that just opened down the street. Do you want to eat there tonight?”

Ye Xun hummed in agreement, then holding her face, tilted it to the side to shower it in kisses. Finally, she had He Yu turn around and bent over to kiss her lips, sucking on them for a long time before she was content.

Ye Xun wanted to move in with He Yu.

Considering she was still studying, and might go overseas for her postgraduate studies, moving in might end up interfering with those plans. Therefore, He Yu hadn’t agreed to it yet.

In the afternoon, there were fewer customers and scattered all over the place. Almost all of them were either reading books or discussing topics in a low voice.


Author’s notes:

For specific reasons, a few earlier chapters/drafts have been deleted, making the text seem somewhat inconsistent. I might go fix them later, we’ll see~~

Recently I’ve been working on some other things, so each chapter may only be around a thousand words or so, holding my head in shame and covering my face as I write this. I’ll try to write more sweet and fluffy stuff for the “special episodes” ~

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