The Villain's Wife

Chapter 908 Kai Zhou- Part 2 of 5
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Chapter 908 Kai Zhou- Part 2 of 5

After the war, Hong Kong had become one of the bases where the humans stayed before they slowly started to establish colonies in the other countries. However, because of the polluted air, not many countries were able to bounce back in a matter of a few years.

China on the other hand was one of the countries that immediately started to create colonies for their people. In less than five years, buildings had been erected, a dome-like defense filter system had been made to defend colonies from the effects of extreme weather and polluted air. Bei Tian glanced at the small colony that was once Hong Kong. Right now, Hong Kong colony was not something that many people could get into. This country did not have citizens and was only full of military personnel and kids with supernatural powers. It had become a haven for kids who didn’t know how to control their abilities.

"So you heal quickly." The man in the gate glance at Bei Tian’s ID. "What is your business here?"

"I am going to Xing Colony. I need a ride." He smiled. On the outside, Bei Tian still looked like a guy in his late twenties. Tall and dashing, the man who was already a grandpa by age looked at the gates of tall gates of Hong Kong. He could actually go to China without coming here but Bei Tian felt a little... emotional lately. He felt that coming to this place was the only thing that was letting him keep his humanity intact. Without his memories, without the memories of the people who stood next to him, Bei Tian would lose the sliver of hope that he had. The hope of dying. The hope of following Lily and Jingren and Yuanfeng. The hope of reuniting with them.

"Alright. You can go. You only have twenty four hours to stay in this place. After that... you need to leave or we will detain you and you will be charged for the crime of spying." The man didn’t spare Bei Tian another glance. Healing ability was almost useless and they were not really considered famous in this new era of superpowers. Moreover, adults who develop superpowers tend to be weaker than the youths.

Bei Tian nodded and went inside. After a few more scanning, they finally let him in. Bei Tian could only shake his head. In this era, having a superpower that could be used to attack someone was considered more precious than the ability to heal your own body. This is why Bei Tian had used this to make himself look normal.

In this era, having one superpower was the only norm. A person like Bei Tian with enhanced strength and speed, ability to see during the dark, ability to heal, ability to jump at least a hundred meters, ability to survive under the heat and radiation was... something that these people had never seen before. Of course, this was because the ability that these people had developed, had something to do with elements.

Usually, a normal superpower would mean someone able to produce fire balls, or spears made of water. Someone like Bei Tian who could heal himself was considered someone with a weak affinity to the wood element. Aside from that, not one of those people had an enhanced body like him.

Slowly, Bei Tian’s steps took him towards the mansion or at least... the ruins of the mansion. Lily actually didn’t spend the end of her life in this mansion. Instead, she and Zhou Jingren had chosen a remote island to die. How selfish. He thought. Lily didn’t even give them the time to mourn for Jingren’s passing when she decided to die due to overdose.

That woman... how could she leave without even saying goodbye to anyone? Not even to him? Bei Tian sneered. Does she really love Jingren so much to follow him without considering the emotions of the people that she left behind? Without even considering Bei Tian’s emotions?

Bei Tian sighed as he sat on the ruins of the mansion. From here, he could see the view of the whole colony. He immediately wondered if Lily and Zhou Jingren were able to unite after their death. The two spent a happy life together, bringing three children into this world, creating a huge business and becoming one of the richest couples in the world.

Sadly, happiness wasn’t something that lasts forever. When Zhou Jingren was diagnosed with Leukemia, Bei Tian stood by his side. At that time, he watched as Lily lost all the color from her face. However, she didn’t cry. She never broke down and asked the heavens why. She just stood there, face so pale as she balled her hands into tight fists.

Then she looked at Zhou Jingren and smiled. No she forced a smile before saying, "Let’s go. I will accompany you." And she did. She took care of him, wiped him, fed him. She was there from the start to finish and Bei Tian... Bei Tian never saw her cry. Not even once.

Even on Zhou Jingren’s death bed, Lily never shed a tear. Was Lily really that strong? Was she really that cold? No. The reason why Lily didn’t cry was because she knew... it wasn’t a goodbye. She knew... she would reunite with him sooner or later.

How dramatic! Bei Tian kicked a stone and gritted his teeth. Lily was so dramatic he hated it! After a long sigh, Bei Tian finally stood and started walking away from the ruins. This could be the last time that he would visit this place as the government already planned to build something here. Another sigh left his lips before he left without giving the ruins another glance anymore.

With his unhurried steps, Bei Tian soon arrived at another transportation zone and immediately boarded a bus-like vehicle that was reinforced with a lot of alloys and the dome-like defense system that would keep them safe from the weather and radiation as they travel.

After a few grueling hours, Bei Tian finally arrived in Shanghai or Xing Colony. This time, he immediately went to look for Kai Zhou, the Matriarch of the Zhou Family and the only living child of Lily and Zhou Jingren.

After a few pleasantries, a servant immediately brought him to the hall and told him to wait for the matriarch. In this household, the only one who knew who he was, was Kai.

"Mr. Bei." Kai’s voice was hoarse as she walked inside the hall, with her slow steps. Two servants followed her. In response, Bei Tian stood and nodded at the woman who highly resembled his brother Jingren.

"Madam Kai." In front of other people, Kai would never call him uncle. Not when Kai’s wrinkled face looked obviously older than his fresh late twenties appearance. How old was she now? Ninety? A hundred? Bei Tian had no idea. "I hope you are doing well?"

"Yes. Yes... thank you for your concern Mr. Bei." He immediately detected the unease in her voice. "Mr. Bei... please follow me. I need to show you something."

Bei Tian nodded and followed her. Even after the apocalypse that ended the world, the Zhou Family was able to thrive and was able to maintain a good life. Of course, this had something to do with the amount of youngsters that developed a superpower that came from this family. Bei Tian gave a complicated look at Kai Zhou as he followed her towards the corridor. "Did something happen?" he asked, a little worried. What could make the calm Kai act like this?

"Leave us." Kai ordered. Soon enough, only the two of them were walking down the corridor. "Please see for yourself." She said as she opened a steel door and ushered Bei Tian to go in. Steel doors could mean that someone with a superpower was inside. These doors were specifically made by the government to help someone who cannot control their ability.

Bei Tian and Kai walked in a narrow way. Until they reached another door. This time, Bei Tian opened it and what he saw immediately made him speechless. "Lily?"

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