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Chapter 82

It's Like Seeing Myself When I Was Young

Translated by Vaishu

Edited by Vaishu

Tonight, the slaughter on the Crosscut Mountain had been prepared by thousands of threads and tendrils, forming a huge net that was so dense that it could not be seen through.

The protective magical formation was activated to the extreme. On every road that led to the Clasping Yuan Sect, there were people intercepting outsiders. The patrolling guards and duty on the mountain were ten times more strict than before.

These cultivators were powerful enough to block most of the oncoming hordes, but they were unable to block the Subsage who was rushing towards Yufeng.

“That scholar from the academy might have a high cultivation level, but he doesn’t even know how to take out a sword. It’s not enough to pose a threat.”

“Void Temple has come all the way here to hide from the world, so I was too indifferent. Who rules the world, whether it’s a dao or a devil, he doesn’t care that much …”

This was what Rong Zhuo had said to Yu Shi long ago.

His tone was casual, but in his words, there was a trace of insanity that no one placed in their eyes.

Even so, they had still changed the Clouds Formation to deal with the potential enemies of the Asian Sage Realm. They had hidden their auras and confused their heaven’s secrets, directing the gazes of these two people towards the meteorite abyss.

If the Headmaster and the Mage Wu Wang wanted to come, they would have to make arrangements. They would have to pay a price to delay these two as long as possible.

The night was boundless, with no stars and no moon. The red clouds shone brightly.

In the blink of an eye, he had broken through a gap in the sea of blood.

The enormous stone seal cast a shadow over the sea of blood, a vast pressure that covered the sky and the earth.

There was a protective magical formation of the Boat Sect here that could communicate with the Power of the Heavens and the Earth. The stone seal shouldn’t have come so fast. free(w)ebnovel(.)com

Yu Shi instantly felt something. His expression changed as he looked toward the young man who had arrived at the peak of the mountain.

With a frown, he asked, “Are you trying to bully me to exterminate my ancestors?”

His tone was not heavy, but there was an intimidating pressure like a sword that came chopping down from above.

Blood trickled from the corners of the young man’s mouth.

He did not block the sword strike from his previous life but only withstood it with a calm expression.

His sleeves fluttered in the wind as his hands quickly formed a seal, and the sea of blood surged with great waves.

He could break the stone seal, but it would take time.

But the longer it went on, the more variables there were.

Zhou Yuandao had already stood up.

Even though it was always urgent, Yu Shi calmed down and said to the young man,

“You should not interfere in this matter.

“Let’s go down.”

The meaning was simple. You are not qualified to be here, but I will let bygones be bygones if you go down the mountain now.

This was already the biggest concession he could make to Yu Shi Yan. Anyone should be grateful to him for accepting it.

But the young man did not move.

A foul wind blew from the sea of blood, lifting his dark blue Daoist robe.

For the rest of his life, he had never expected that the greatest variable would be Lin Yuangui.

Just like when Jun Yu was at Cangya Mountain, Lin Yuangui also had control over half of the protective magical formation.

Lin Yuangui did not know about tonight’s assassination, nor did he know how to calculate. However, he was able to guess a few points from the red clouds and the clear light in his realm.

Even though he had ordered that no one should come to the summit tonight, Lin Yuanqi still wanted to come up, so why would he dare to stop him? Those elders could not stop him either.

He came to the mountain, saw the sea of blood, and then weakened the protective magical formation.

Without the slightest hesitation.

The rest of his life was not Lin Yuangui’s master, he did not have any relationship between master and disciple.

However, Lin Yuangui was very valuable to the sect, so he could not die so easily.

At least he couldn’t die right now.

At the very least, he had to do something for the sect.

“Now that you are so powerful, you want to become a traitor who forgets his name?”

Another sharp sword intent went right through the young man’s chest, and fresh blood was gushing out.

Lin Yuangui’s expression did not change. He did not block nor did he retreat.

He did not block it not because Yu Shi was a Saint, but because he was an elder of his sect.

The reason why he didn’t retreat was because of his principles.

He had been in closed-door cultivation for many years. He didn’t know why the Sect Leader colluded with the Demonic cultivators to kill Zhou Yuantao, but he knew that this was not right.

No matter how many reasons and considerations he had, it was still wrong if he was wrong.

Yu Shi’s expression became even colder. He raised his sleeves and was about to throw this ungrateful thing down the mountain.

However, he suddenly flew up and appeared above the sea of blood.

For some reason, RongZhuo suddenly gave up defending against the stone seal. He ignored Zhou Yuandao and arrived at the peak of the mountain.

Yu Shi seemed to feel something and took over the position of an ally.

The protective magical formation was weakened, and all obstacles along the way were swept up by Lin Yuan.

Therefore, when Luo Mingchuan arrived at the summit, he almost didn’t waste any effort.

He saw a person standing in front of the mountain path. It was a demonic cultivator.

His red clothes were like a flame flying in the air, causing the blood sea behind him to lose its color.

There was a demonic aura between his brows, but his posture was unrestrained, not revealing the slightest bit of pressure.

The surface of Zhou Yuandao in the sea of blood seemed haggard. In his remaining life, he had drawn his sword and forced the stone seal apart.

On the west side of the most inconspicuous mountain peak stood a young man wearing a blue Daoist robe. He stood there without moving, as straight as a pine tree.

With just a glance, Luo Mingchuan was able to see 80% of their identities and the current situation.

He looked at the killing situation, and as his thoughts raced, Rong Zhuo also looked at him.

It was disappointing.

With such a young man being the reincarnation of a Demon Sovereign, how could he have the temperament to rule the world? 𝘧𝑟𝑒𝑒𝑤𝑒𝑏𝓃ℴ𝘷𝑒𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝘮

Too weak.

The disappointment caused one to feel impatient. The expression in Rong Zhuo’s eyes changed as if he was looking at an ant in the grass. He spoke indifferently.

“You are not fit for the ninth cycle.”

Luo Mingchuan shook his head, “I disdain it.”

Rong Zhuo finally found it interesting.

The nine cycles of Heaven’s Net were the highest technique pursued by every demonic cultivator. It was the ultimate power that cultivators could see through as long as it didn’t die.

Now, this ant that he could squash to death was actually disdainful.

He smiled, strangely cold. “Then why don’t you give it to me?”

These words were not for discussion.

As soon as he finished speaking, a wisp of scarlet smoke drifted over.

A mountain of corpses and a sea of blood appeared in front of Luo Mingchuan.

The blood sea was in his sea of consciousness.

It was as if he had been forcefully pulled into the Zen Stage by a master; this was the ability of a peak expert.

Rong Zhuo’s psychic power directly broke through his sea of consciousness.

Compared to Yu Zhan, Rong Zhuo wanted more of the Nine Revolutions of Heaven and Earth.

Cold killing intent, violent anger, silent death will, resentment, unwillingness, despair …

All the painful struggles in the world were being swept away by the sea of blood, drowning all good thoughts and emotions.

It was enough to evoke the deepest fear in a person’s heart.

Then, he saw the destruction of Cangya. Master, junior brothers, and sisters, people who were as familiar with each other had died one after another.

He stood blankly in the ruins of the Qing He Palace. Someone shouted ‘Demon’ before turning around and realizing that the person holding the sword was him.

The color of the blood changed. The final scene was of his junior brother dying in front of him in Xing Shan Temple, unable to do anything.

Luo Mingchuan’s face was pale and cold sweat covered his back.

His sea of consciousness began to vibrate.

Thick blood enveloped him. A nauseating stench filled his heart, making him breathless.

He only felt that he was going to drown in this sea of blood.

“Hua la!”

Suddenly, a bright sword light cut through the dark night like a bright moon breaking through the clouds. It cut through the blood sea, raising massive waves!

It was a full moon, and the light was as clear as the stars in the sky.

Rong Zhuo’s gaze shifted to the person who had drawn the sword.

Originally, he didn’t place this junior in his eyes, but now he wanted to kill him.

The one who had drawn the sword was Lin Yuangui.

He was very quiet tonight because the actions of the rest of his life had broken his previous understanding.

The eight big words, ‘Several Codex Forgetting School’ and ‘Betraying the Sect’, were still suppressing him.

It’s just that he doesn’t understand.

Wasn’t these the teachings of the founder?

Why did he become a traitor?

But he knew that he could not draw a sword from a sect elder, but he could draw a sword from a demonic cultivator.

He had withstood the two streams of sword Qi for the rest of his life, injuring his heart.

He understood that he could only use a single strike against Rong Zhuo, and only had one chance.

A sliver of a looseness appeared in the sea of blood that was as thin as hair. He withdrew his undisciplined smile and raised his hand to point at the youth holding the sword.

However, they suddenly met a pair of eyes.

It was as dark as the night and as deep as the abyss.

It was Luo Mingchuan who had already broken through the boundary.

In an instant, the blood sea began to ebb back into the current, and Rongzu fell into darkness.

It was like the ancient and pure darkness before the beginning of time.

It was the depths of the Meteor Abyss.

Rong Zhuo felt that it was inconceivable that he had been pulled into the arena by the other party.

Endless amounts of demons rushed out and began to bite his flesh.

It was as if he had no sense of pain, and strangely, he felt a sense of excitement. Was this the Nine Heavenly Revolutions Heaven?

Was this the reincarnation of a Demon Lord?

The stone seal shattered into pieces within the sword qi of the remaining life. The fragments were as fine as the fine powder, floating in the air and not dissipating.

Yu Shi suddenly felt a change at the top of the mountain. He wanted to take a step back, but his body froze in the blink of an eye.

Someone from the Blood Sea walked over. The long sleeves of his robe fell to the floor.

It was Mr.

The teacher truly did not know how to hold a sword. He considered himself a scholar.

The soldier was ominous, and the scholar had no choice but to use him.

Mr. Yuan held Zhou Yuan Dao in his arms.

In the past, his battle prowess was insufficient to fight for the rest of his life.

But tonight, he had used up too much of his remaining life. Be it his spirit or his sword intent, they were no longer at their peak state.

After being seriously injured by Wei Jingfeng, Yu Shi had been able to reconstruct his meridians with the help of Rong Zhuo. He had entered the demonic path, and although he appeared to be extremely powerful, he was unsteady in the air.

This sort of fickle-like power was something that he couldn’t afford to exhaust the most.

They all understood this fact, so no one took action first.

For the rest of his life, he was thinking about the possibility of allying with the school.

On the other hand, the young man looked at Zhou Yuandao and took out a medicinal pill.

Zhou Yuan shook his head.

What broke the silence and stalemate were two shouts.

“Senior Brother!”


Among the crowd at the summit, he was the first to see the pale-faced Luo Mingchuan.

The one who called him master was Cheng Tianyu. With just a glance, he saw that his entire body was covered in blood.

It was like a stone striking a flat lake. The sword aura that was as destructive as the sea flashed, straight towards the point where the Yin Biyue overpass the face of the enemy.

His speed was too fast; there was no way to dodge.

Yin Biyue did not even have the time to draw his sword, the shadow of death descended upon him.

In the blink of an eye, Mr. Headmaster appeared in front of the blade of the sword.

Yet another stone seal clashed against it.


Crack lines appeared on the surface of the stone seal.

Facing an opponent who wasn’t far off, speed and strength couldn’t be considered equal.

Yu Shi attacked Yin Biyue, targetting the Mr. Head Supervisor.

He had guessed right, the school would save Yan Qianyi.

In the next moment, the smile in his eyes froze, because a sword was stabbing at him from behind.

It was fast and light, like a flying feather.

At the last moment, his protective true essence had been knocked away from the edge of his sword. Only then did it not pierce through his heart meridian, and instead pierced into his scapula.

He had never imagined that Zhou Yuandao, who was clearly on the verge of death, would be able to strike with his sword.

This sudden change caused the stone seal in the palm to no longer shatter. Instead, it flipped through the air and forced Yu Shi back three steps.

The last scene Zhou Yuandao saw was the still childish Cheng Tianyu running towards him with the Flying Feather Sword in his hand.

It was like seeing himself when he was young.

He thought of Song Tang and Zhong Shan.

Remembering how he had seen the heavens and earth in his life, battling demons and teaching his disciples, there was nothing to feel regretful about.

“Master …”

Zhou Yuan smiled. He wanted to say, “Master will leave first, don’t worry about it. I will leave the rest to you. After that, you can just wait for the scabbard to hit your hands.” But he did not have the strength to do so.

He opened his mouth and only said the word ‘good’.

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