The villain's side of the novel

Chapter 123 The Impossible Heist (2)
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At the Kianel family mansion.

In front of a huge iron gate at least four meters high, in one of the secret passages in the mansion, dozens of knights were standing in order with stern expressions on their faces, who are led by a middle-aged man with a serious expression on his face standing in front them looking ahead at the iron gate.

In front of the heavy gate were standing two strong guards with terrifying auras surrounding them, suddenly one of the guards stepped forward and asked, "Third commander, is there a problem?"

"Yes, there is a problem with the protective barrier, is everything fine down here?" asked the third commander

"We haven't noticed anything strange here, sir," answered the guard

"Alright, open the gate, I need to check the hall from the inside," the man commanded in a soft voice

"Alright, sir," answered the guards, before stepping forward to keep some space between themselves and the door

"Back off," said the commander, as he looked at the knight standing behind him.

After hearing the man's order, the knights took a few steps back, while the two guards stood side by side, two steps away from each other, before they raise their opened hands in the air, pointing at the gate. Suddenly, strong yellow energy began surging strongly as it surrounded the two guards, creating strong energy waves. As soon as the energy pressure stopped surging, two yellow energy beams shot out, and with terrifying speed, they targeted the gate. f๐‘Ÿe๐™š๐’˜๐—ฒ๐š‹๐š—oัต๐˜ฆ๐™ก. c๐’m

The energy swirled around the huge metal gate, reacting to the energy, the gate started to shake slowly but strongly before suddenly starting to move automatically until it opened completely, revealing the huge room behind it which was filled with hundreds if not thousands of tall shelves and racks which were containing many different items, various books, weapons, and tools that emit unusual auras were stored in an orderly manner on the shelves.

The Kianel family's mansion from the outside looks like it's just another mansion of a wealthy family, but few people know that it is actually not as simple as it seems. This mansion Actually belongs to the royal family, and it actually contains the second largest and safest chamber in the kingdom, which the royal family uses to store many treasures and rare items that the kingdom possesses, the mansion is very protected and very secure that throughout its existence that It stretched for tens of thousands of years, it has never been hacked, not even once.

The commander who had led the knights here turned around to look at the knights behind him and said, "Stay put."

"Okay, sir," the knights said in a United voice.

Thus, after getting confirmation from his men, the commander once again turned to face the gate and, without wasting any time, started walking toward it.

Using the gate, the man entered the hall with a calm expression on his face, then after catching a glimpse of the hall, which was very large and impossible to see all its corners, from where the man was standing due to all the racks covering his vision, he immediately closed his eyes and released his spiritual sense.

(Nothing) the commander thought as he opened his eyes, after not finding anything out of the ordinary using his spiritual sense. However, despite not finding anything using the spiritual sense, he continued his progress to go deeper into the room to explore it more carefully.

In the same room behind one of the shelves, Rin who was still concealed, after seeing the man's move, turned towards the northern part of the room while thinking (I have to hurry up)


Meanwhile, in the Royal Palace, Fray was still discussing the night of the royal party with the Queen and the others, as they had entered the third important topic which was about the old man who took Ferritt's body, the information that was mentioned about this mysterious man were very little as Fray said He allowed the old man to take Ferritt only because he felt that the old man was very strong, while Queen Fozya said that she actually did not know anything about him either, as she only met him on one of his trips and that she felt that he was very strong, perhaps even stronger than her, and decided to invite him to the kingdom To know more about him, but as the Queen Fozya said, that man is very mysterious and secretive, so even though he stayed in the royal palace for months, he did not let out any information about him except that his name was Mohal.

"So it was an isolated space," Fray said in a calm voice as he looked at Queen Fozya

"Yes, we were all confined in an indestructible dimension. We were only released after the trial ended," Alexander said in a serious voice.

After the angel removed the strongest guests from the party, he imprisoned them in a secluded dimension so that they would not interfere with the trial. This is the reason why help arrived so late, after all, the people outside the court did not notice the barrier.

"So, is that enough ?" Fray asked in a calm voice after finding that he had already explained everything he could about that incident.

"Yes, Mr. Parada, thank you for your honesty. The skill you requested will be given to you tomorrow morning, is that good with you general?" Queen Fozya said, looking at Foran.

"Ah! Yes, Your Majesty, I will send the skill to the Parada family's mansion tomorrow morning," Foran said in a slightly frustrated voice.

"So what's the second topic you wanted to talk about?" Fray asked calmly, after remembering that the Queen had said that she wants to discuss, two subjects with Fray, and since the first subject was over, it was time for Fray to finish the second subject and leave this annoying present.

"Let's continue our conversation at the dinner table, it seems that the food is ready," said the Queen, after noticing that dinner had already been put on the table.

After saying this, the Queen get up from her place, which made all those present, including Fray, follow her steps and get up from their seats as well. Before they all left the room and entered the next room where the dinner table was located, leaving behind all the knights, as they were not allowed to enter the dining room, even the leader of the royal guards, who is considered the second most important person in the kingdom, did not enter the dining room because he attended the occasion as a knight and not as a guest

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