The Villains' Pampering Is Too Great!

Chapter 304 - 304 Side Story: Parallel World (End)
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304 Side Story: Parallel World (End)

There was also gossip in the animal world, especially among the birds. They were simply the animals that spread gossip the quickest.

A strange combination had appeared at the border between the eastern forest and the grassland. It was a wolf and a rabbit. Moreover, it was the Black Wolf King!

When this news spread, not to mention the other animals, even the other wolves felt that it was ridiculous.

Because the Black Wolf King was too powerful, many wolves who had lost their leader wanted it to join them and lead them to become stronger. Even when those beautiful and voluptuous little female wolves invited it, the Black Wolf King did not agree.

It was a lone wolf. It had never joined any pack, nor did it need to work with other wolves to live well. It was even better than a powerful pack.

But now, this powerful and fierce wolf was with a little rabbit that should be its food?

Haha… What a joke.

The wolves didn’t believe it. Neither did the other animals who hadn’t seen it with their own eyes.

However, the monkeys had something to say. That’s right, it was the group of monkeys that had been beaten up by the wolf and rabbit.

They spread the news that the wolf and the rabbit were in cahoots with each other. Other animals who had seen them before also agreed. Therefore, more and more animals believed this news.

It was just that… the rumors were more or less ridiculous.

When this news spread to the furthest west, it had already evolved into such a version.

There was something wrong with the Black Wolf King’s fertility, so it hadn’t looked for a female wolf all these years. The reason why it picked up a rabbit to raise was that it wanted to have cubs, but it was too embarrassed to look for other wolves, so it could only raise a little rabbit to comfort its empty heart.

If Fu Ye heard this news, who knew what it would think?

And some of the animals who heard the news… fell silent.

There was a very strong and belligerent lion in the west.

Coincidentally, this lion was an old acquaintance of Fu Ye’s. To be precise, it had lost to Fu Ye.

When it heard the news, it was eating a bison at a leisurely pace.

This bison was hunted by this lion named Chris alone. Generally speaking, lions would not take the risk to hunt powerful bison alone. Moreover, this was an adult male bison.

However, under the claws of some powerful lions, although it was difficult to hunt a bison, it was not impossible.

After listening to the gossip, Chris’s eyes were filled with fighting spirit. It immediately stood up.

This powerful wandering lion decided to look for Fu Ye, the black wolf. It wanted to get back the humiliation of being defeated!

After Chris left, the hyenas and vultures in the sky swarmed up to eat the bison’s corpse.

After Fu Ye finished patrolling its territory, it went to look for the rabbit. It was almost winter, and the grass and leaves on the ground had already turned yellow and withered. There was less and less food they could find outside.

Some animals who had the habit of building nests had already started to busy themselves collecting food early in autumn. Now that a few months had passed, the food in their nests might not be as much as Lu Xiaocha’s granary, but they would not go hungry for the entire winter if they portioned them well.

With the help of the black wolf, Lu Xiaocha’s granary had long been filled. However, it was addicted to hoarding and did not want to stop working until winter arrived.

Therefore, Lu Xiaocha quickly dug a second granary for itself and began to hoard food in satisfaction.

This time, it had mainly hoarded a lot of dried grass. Although it tasted bad, it could fill its stomach and fill its nest.

While the wolf and rabbit were collecting food, an unfamiliar and hostile beast aura approached Fu Ye’s territory.

The wind brought the unfriendly smell of the lion.

Fu Ye instantly entered a state of vigilance and was determined to chase the invader out of the territory. It roared in that direction.


A lion’s roar filled with fighting spirit came from the edge of Fu Ye’s territory.

Fu Ye recognized the smell and voice of this lion. It had once lost to it, but now it was here again.

Lu Xiaocha stood up and sniffed the smell in the air. Then, it threw down the food in the animal skin without hesitation and chirped.

Fu Ye squatted down and Lu Xiaocha jumped onto its back. Then, it squatted on its head and curled itself into a ball before following Fu Ye to the battlefield.

Fu Ye ran very quickly. The wind quickly blew past it, and Lu Xiaocha’s rabbit ears flew up.

However, the rabbit was still squatting on the wolf’s head.

At last, the wolf and the lion met. From nearly a hundred meters away, the lion used a tactical roar to deter the black wolf.

In the face of a powerful enemy, the black wolf tucked its tail between its legs and assumed a fighting stance, revealing its sharp teeth. There was no fear in its eyes at all.

The battle started immediately. No one knew who started first, but the two big guys collided in an instant. They used their teeth and claws, and the roars of the lion and the wolf spread for hundreds of miles.

Both herbivores and carnivores pricked up their ears curiously.

Lu Xiaocha had already come down from Fu Ye’s head to watch the battle.

It was not good for it to participate in the battle of carnivores.

Finally, the wolf and the lion were both injured. They both had many wounds on their bodies.

In the end, the invader Chris was defeated.

Fu Ye still won, but… in the animal world, there were always some shameless thieves.

The hyenas that smelled the fishy smell were the most annoying to animals. They wanted to take advantage of the black wolf and lion being injured to bite them to death to eat their meat.

However… Although the wolf was injured, the rabbit was still fine.

When more than ten hyenas were about to ambush the injured wolf and lion, the rabbit appeared out of nowhere and beat them until they doubted their lives.

Even Chris, the lion who was on guard, looked shocked.

They watched as the small rabbit moved nimbly among the hyenas, beating the hyenas dozens of times bigger than it until they could not resist at all.

In the end, it even stepped on the head of a hyena and puffed out its chest proudly.


Fu Ye, the black wolf, responded and praised it. It had never seen such a cool rabbit!

Chris was speechless.

It had never seen such a thing before.

After leaving this time, Chris never came again.

It was already no match for Fu Ye, the black wolf. Now, there was a rabbit that was especially good at fighting.

If it came again again, it would probably really die here.

Fu Ye and Lu Xiaocha’s lives returned to normal. They continued to live their lives leisurely. The four seasons rotated, and the wolf and rabbit left behind many legends. However, what did not change was that the wolf always brought the rabbit with it wherever it went.

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