The Villains Need to Save the World?

Volume 6 Chapter 371: The Final Victor Of The Battle Royale Between The Alien Giant Dragons In Rain And Thunder
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Volume 6 Chapter 371: The Final Victor Of The Battle Royale Between The Alien Giant Dragons In Rain And Thunder

Translator: The Light

Edits by Kenny

The palace lobby within the Imperial City was located in the capital of the Manasvir Empire. The two masterminds were currently watching the broadcast. As they were using other methods from the other flying-type demonic beings for the magical broadcast, so they were not affected at all when the flying-type demonic beings were killed.

“Diablo... you’re too impatient. Kriss is a warrior who traveled across dimensions. Your underlings...”

“Hades, you’re far too slow. I have no faith in that Human strategy of yours. My Scourge Legion was built specifically to deal with Saviors.”

“Are you sure? There seems to be a problem with that Grand Duchess Baize. The New Moon Demonic Dragon and Crystal Dragon that she had summoned were no less powerful than your Emerald Dragon and Gem Dragon. Furthermore, her Thunder Dragon and Sea Dragon did not join in the battle this time. I think it would be in your best interests to listen to me, retreat first...”

“I have my own arrangements. Do not interfere. We will do this separately. After all, there are no eternal friendships, only interests. We have been working together for so long, it’s about time.”

One of the black figures got up and instantly disappeared into the darkness. The remaining black figure stood silently at the same spot for some time. In the end, he let out an exasperated sigh and turned off the broadcast. Unlike him, the other guy did not consider the potential consequences at all. He had to come up with a way to cover up the lie. A “wild monster” with such power had appeared within the competition arena. If the empire’s Emperor did not make an appearance to clear the air, it could potentially lead to fear and panic. At the very least, he still had to maintain the role of the Emperor.

The broadcasting room outside the imperial city was already surrounded by a large crowd. Although the empire had already issued a statement regarding the sudden disruption in the broadcast, giving the reason that the flying-type demonic beings had met with a sudden attack and couldn’t provide any further images, most of the spectators were not convinced. They were now requesting the organizers to replace the previous flying-type demonic beings to continue broadcasting the competition.

This was a battle royale amongst five Alien Dragons that were above S-grade. As Alien Dragons were even rarer than the traditional Dragons, it would be an absolute waste to miss out on the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a battle of such epic proportions. Unfortunately, the Manasvir Empire did not release any further official information. This meant that at the moment, no one knew what was happening within the competition arena.

Bella had unintentionally stolen the thunder again. As everyone’s attention was now entirely on the battle royale between the Dragons in the skies above the forest, no one cared about what was happening in the other competition areas. This made the other male Saviors, such as the God Chosen Knight Scott, seem extremely foolish. They had initially intended to make use of the final stage’s broadcast to boost their popularity, in hopes of gaining another beautiful female fan.

In the end, the crowd’s full attention was on Bella. Furthermore, her opponent was female too. However, the worst thing was that it was inappropriate for them to show their displeasure. Although the screen that had been showing Bella’s side was now black, the crowd around it refused to disperse, as though they were waiting for the image to return. If not for the fact that the competition arena was out of bounds for everyone except the competing students, there would already be a handful of curious people requesting to view the battle in person.

However, there was one thing for sure. No matter the result of the battle, both of Bella’s identities within the Human continent would definitely be in the limelight. She had caught the attention of not just the various Human empires, but the Dragon Race and its other branches as well. Although Bella’s steed was basically an Alien Dragon, it was still a part of the Dragon Race’s bloodlines. To be awarded the title of a Dragon Knight, the steed needed to have Dragon blood.

In the skies above the thicket competition arena, the battle of the five Dragons continued to rage on. Although the “Dragon Knight” on both sides had appeared, the fight was still between the various steeds. Typically, when a battle between Dragon Knights occurred, the steeds would be the ones engaging in the fight as their Dragon Knights would only make an appearance if it came to a close fight.

The Emerald Dragon and New Moon Demonic Dragon continued to fight in the air. As the Emerald Dragon’s metal-type magical attacks were more deadly, the New Moon Demonic Dragon, although magical, had no choice but to utilize the Earth-type magical attacks against her opponent instead. The issue was that the New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea was not well versed in Earth-type magical attacks as her specialties were dark-type and some psychological-type attacks. Right now, she was keeping up with the Emerald Dragon and was just slightly behind.

On Bella’s side, the Gem Dragon was furiously making attempts to attack the Thunder Dragon Queen Geleman. Fortunately, the Purple Crystal Dragon managed to jump up in time, knocking the Gem Dragon away from the Queen. However, as the Gem Dragon’s exterior was much harder than Purple Crystal, the crystal scales on her body began to show signs of damage. It seemed as though she could not hold on much longer.

“Your Dragon is pretty impressive. Such a pity, the exterior of my Gem Dragon is the hardiest as no other Dragon would dare to attack her head-on. Just give me the Crystal Dragon, and I will not make things difficult for you. What do you think? After all, we are all from the same...”

“The same camp as you? Do you really think that I’m out of options? Oh, it’s finally here...”

Bella did not react to her opponent’s attempt to convince her to surrender. The skeleton soldiers on the ground were nearly suppressed by the Dark Nursery Rhyme’s Doll Army, and the latter was about to emerge victorious from the battle on the ground. This meant that it would be quite unwise for Bella to give up the battle in the sky at the moment. Furthermore, the reinforcements that Bella had been waiting for had finally arrived. Dark clouds began to gather in the sky as the Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth’s figure approached the battle.

On the other side, the team consisting of the Grand Duchess Bellina and the Priest Isaman had already won ten rounds in a row and had progressed in advance. Fortunately, they were not too far away and rushed over as reinforcements. When the remaining competitors saw that Bella’s team had such a powerful Dragon steed, they immediately threw in the towel and left to seek out another opponent, which meant that the competition did not last long at all.

The moment the Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth appeared, the skies in this area darkened and began to pour. The sudden torrential rain instantly drenched every single Dragon that was present. As the rain came down extremely quickly, even Bella and Kriss were not spared and were fully drenched as well, including their clothes and armor. Fortunately for them, the parts of their outfit that were covered by armor didn’t absorb water. Otherwise, they would run the risk of revealing themselves. Bella looked around, on high alert. She was afraid that the flying-type demonic beings that were responsible for providing the feed for the broadcast would suddenly appear to secretly record the competition.

“Geleman, use the Apocalyptic Thunder, and at the highest power level. Make it so powerful that it could even injure you if you got hit.”

“Mistress... but... there are four of us here, and two on the other side...”

“We have no other choice. The Gem Dragon is far too difficult to deal with. I have my ways to make sure this works. If we do not do this, we won’t be able to fight this battle efficiently. Don’t worry about the other Dragons, I will explain them on your behalf.”

The Thunder Dragon Queen Geleman suddenly rose into the air and absorbed a large amount of electrical energy. This was clearly an incredibly large charge as an intense surge of electrical energy flowed through her body as the air around her crackled with power. As it was raining, it only contributed to electrical energy. Judging by the Thunder Dragon’s actions, it seemed as though she would attack everyone, including herself.

“You crazy woman, do you want us all to perish together? Don’t try to hold us back...”

“None of you are leaving this place. You will all remain here to bask in the thunderstorm!”

The demonic being on the Gem Dragon’s back shot out petrification rays in an attempt to turn Bella and the Thunder Dragon into stone while they were still in midair. However, it was disrupted by Bella’s precious tool. Bella’s right hand transformed into a mask that had an engraving of Medusa’s image on it by using the powers of the Basilisk, one of the Abyss Demonic Kings. When the petrification rays collided, they canceled each other out.

Purple Crystal leaped up from the ground and grabbed onto the Gem Dragon’s claw, preventing her from flying away. On the other side, the Emerald Dragon was still tussling with the New Moon Demonic Dragon and could not fly away either. Once she saw that the Demonic Thunder Dragon Queen’s attack was about to descend upon them, Bella took Kriss’ hand and jumped off Geleman’s back.

Following Bella’s signal, the Priest Isaman jumped off the Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth’s back. By this point, Bella had already kept her shadow puppet. The Dark Nursery Rhyme’s Doll Army had already propped up landing pads and waited for them to arrive on the ground. Since Bella, Kriss, and the Priest Isaman had fought together in the restricted areas of Thunder Canyon, they had been carrying the Thunder Lizard’s Horn, which was highly resistant to electrical-type attacks and could withstand most of them.

Giant bolts of lightning poured down from the skies, as though a bucket had been tipped over. Every single entity there was hit by the attack as no one was spared. Among them were the five Demonic Dragons in the sky and the enormous Crystal Dragon on the ground. When Bella and the others landed, the killer dolls summoned by the Dark Nursery Rhyme swarmed upon them and covered them like a blanket. This would absorb most of Geleman’s Apocalyptic Thunder.

When the lightning came in contact with the ground, it caused a powerful explosion. The impact was so great that an earthquake shook the entire Macnadix City so vigorously that cracks began to run up the walls of various buildings as some of them almost collapsed. From a distance, a mushroom-shaped cloud could be seen above the imperial city. It looked like one of those clouds that appeared after a nuclear explosion on Earth. Other than the Manasvir Empire, the aftershocks could be felt throughout the entire Human continent as it spread from the heart of the continent.

As the thicket region was ground zero, it was reduced to practically nothing. A few muffled thumps could be heard as the Dragons in the sky dropped to the ground after getting hit by the attack. The Thunder Dragon Queen Geleman was the first to collapse. This attack was intense enough to injure her, a powerhouse of electricity-type attacks, let alone the others. Everyone else had fallen. Even the Gem Dragon, who was the strongest in physical warfare, was severely affected by the attack as well. The gem scales on her body had now lost its usual luster.

This was originally the Thunder Dragon’s ultimate move, typically used to commit suicide. With the additional support from the rain, it was twice as effective. The Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth had managed to duck underneath them in time, leaving the New Moon Demonic Dragon and Emerald Dragon above her to take the brunt of the attack. Otherwise, she would have been dead by now.

Other than the unconscious Purple Crystal, the Skeleton Army and the Doll Army had been completely wiped out on the ground. As long as the Dark Nursery Rhyme’s box remained intact, the dolls could easily be summoned again, so it was not much of an issue. Bella and the other girls crawled out awkwardly from the rubble. Kriss had the least amount of dust on her body. Bella had covered her with her body, blocking her from most of the attack.

Bella and Isaman were completely covered in dust. The Thunder Lizard’s Horn had been burnt to nothing but black soot. The Thunder Lizard’s demonic core was rendered useless as well. Bella was probably the only person who would be fearless and insane enough to take such a destructive path.

“Bella, you’re too vicious. Even your own...”

“Isaman, I still have you! Don’t I? I’ll have to trouble you this time to thank you properly when we return. Geleman and the others are fully aware of my plan and have agreed to take the risk with me.”

“I knew it... you... never mind. Fine, I’ll help you. After all, I am a priest!”

Looking at the few giant Dragons lying on the ground, the Priest Isaman was lost for a moment. Although the Apocalyptic Thunder had taken out the opponent’s Gem Dragon and Emerald Dragon, it came with a price. The New Moon Demonic Dragon, Demonic Thunder Dragon, Sea Demonic Dragon, and Crystal Dragon, who were on their side, had been knocked unconscious as well. Four of them, in exchange for two, was an extremely high price.

Bella had given them a heads up before this as the Sea Demonic Dragon Amy Beth and the others had already made some preparations of their own, which allowed them to be less passive. However, by the time Bella said anything, the Thunder Dragon Queen Geleman was already more than halfway through accumulating energy for the attack. This meant that even if they had an opinion, there was nothing they could say to change anything. Even until the end, Bella still managed to trick those who were on her side.

“Everything will be fine, Isaman. I still have one more Dragon that I have not summoned! Just wait here for a moment. Kriss, let’s go. We need to deal with those two dark demonic beings. I doubt that they’re dead yet.”

After leaving Isaman behind to administer the Healing Ray to the Dragons, Bella and Kriss got up to hunt down those two demonic beings. Soon enough, they reached the area where the Emerald Dragon had fallen and found two black figures trying to hobble away in an attempt to escape. They did not have anything like the Thunder Horn to protect them. The fact that they could hold on for this long was a testament to their power.

“Where do you think you are going? I think it would be best for you to hibernate here permanently!”

“Crazy woman, you’re actually fine? To death with you!”

One of the black-clothed demonic beings turned around and instantly shot countless prickly, vine-like tentacles from its featureless face towards Bella and Kriss. Fortunately, Kriss already had her defenses up as many floating swords materialized behind her. The moment the tentacles began its attack, the precious swords shot out as well, like arrows from a well strung bow.

Most of those tentacles did not even cover half the distance between them before they were pinned to the ground by the swords, instantly causing them to wither and die. Kriss flashed a few times and swiftly appeared in front of the black-clothed person. She then took a sword and stabbed it right into the demonic being’s empty face. The famed sword that she held in her hands was the “Dark Requiem,” a precious sword that was especially deadly against those with a dark nature.

“Impossible... I.... how could I be defeated by a... a woman...”

A puff of black smoke emerged from the featureless face as the demonic being quickly shriveled up. It pushed out a tentacle in a final attempt to retaliate. However, it dissolved before it could touch Kriss. The only thing left was a strange, emerald green pillar. Based on the color, it must have been used to control the Emerald Dragon. Once it came into contact with the aura surrounding Kriss’ sword, the pillar shattered before Bella could do anything to it. From this moment on, the Emerald Demonic Dragon had no master.

Bella had already kicked the other demonic being to the ground. As it was now sprawled on the ground as its face was practically pressed into the mud. This meant that its Petrifying Demonic Eye was practically useless as it could not see the other person at all. Bella had one foot on the back of the demonic being’s head, the sharp heel of her pumps firmly pinning it to the ground.

“Damn it, if you do this, God will...”

“I do not fear your God. Forget, it’s your time to go.”

“Wait, we... we can still...”

With a satisfying crunch, the Demon King Bella destroyed the demonic being’s head. Somehow, the stiletto heel was an extremely good weapon. This one was actually much weaker than the demonic being that Kriss had to deal with earlier. The other one could still use its tentacles to attack. As for this guy, other than the magical eye that could turn others into stone, it did not have any other offensive attacks.

Bella found the magical pillar that controlled the Gem Dragon. Without a moment’s hesitation, she crushed it beneath her foot. She never felt the need to use such tools to control her Dragon steeds. Her methods are much more intelligent than that. Bella did not find anything valuable to be kept as trophies after getting rid of those two demonic beings. It seemed like those two were “lousy” demonic beings that did not carry any treasure with them. Fortunately, they had left two sacrificial “steeds” behind, which meant that Bella did not lose out this time. After all, she had just severely injured four of her own demonic dragons.

After returning to the starting point, the Priest Isaman was beginning to feel a little weary and looked slightly pale. However, those six Dragons were basically almost healed. Other than some exhaustion, they were fine. As a cheat level Priest, Isaman was able to heal even the alien species of Metal Dragons. Her abilities were so incredible that Bella was tempted to exchange “Golden Fingers” with her.

Bella had temporarily placed the “master-less” Gem Dragon and Emerald Dragon into her personal pet space with the other Dragons who had a contractual relationship with her. She then picked up Priest Isaman and Princess Kriss, leaving the scene as quickly as she could. This large piece of land had been turned into a desolate wasteland by the lightning. If the officials from the Manasvir Empire were to turn around and pin the blame on her as the “instigator” to demand a large amount of compensation, she would not be able to afford it. This was the perfect opportunity for her to make a run for it!

By the time the Manasvir Empire’s investigative team and the flying-type demonic beings used for the broadcast arrived at the thicket region, all they found was a piece of barren land, scorched by lightning. Also, there were giant pits in the ground, as though something enormous had just crashed into it. Those demonic beings and skeletons had already been wiped out, and there was nothing left. Bella and Kriss had already run off to another arena to continue the competition. Due to this unexpected incident, they had not participated in any of the fights. Now, they had to make full use of the time they had left.

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