The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 862 - 862 Out
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862 Out

The child’s face was pale, his body was twitching, and he was on his last breath. He looked like he was about to die.

Anyone with eyes could tell that this child must have been sick for a long time.

However, Chen Xiaoqing had not come earlier. Instead, she chose this moment to bring him to Lin yuelan and she knelt before Lin Yuelan without hesitation.

Everyone in the Lin family garden was furious at Chen Xiaoqing and glared at her.

Lin yuelan stopped in her tracks, and a sharp light flashed in her eyes.

It seemed that she gave Chen Xiaoqing the feeling that she was too easy to talk to. f𝘳𝒆𝑒𝓌𝒆𝗯n𝗼𝘷ℯl. 𝑐𝚘𝘮

Previously, in order to force Lin yuelan to compromise, the Lin family deliberately made Chen Xiaoqing sick and wanted to move her into the Lin family garden. However, Lin Yuelan had cured her mother and gently dismissed them.

So, did Chen Xiaoqing really think that she could use her identity as her mother to force her daughter, who had been cut off from her, to compromise?

Lin yuelan gently turned around and slowly walked over. Everyone noticed that Lin yuelan’s expression was very, very cold. In her cold expression, there was also a trace of ruthlessness that was not concealed at all.

Although Chen Xiaoqing was crying pitifully, she looked up at Lin yuelan, who was approaching her. She also saw the fierce expression on Lin yuelan’s face, and her heart couldn’t help but skip a beat. She had a bad feeling.

Lin yuelan walked to Chen Xiaoqing and asked calmly, ” aunt Chen, I’m a doctor and can also treat this child. But what about you? what do you want me to do?”

Chen Xiaoqing and the others were overjoyed to hear that Lin yuelan would treat the child.

As long as this child entered the Lin family garden, it would be difficult to send him out.

In the future, this child could only stay by Lin yuelan’s side. Everything Lin yuelan had would be his sooner or later.

Who asked Lin yuelan to be a woman? as long as she was a woman, she would want to get married, no matter if she was a jinx.

After she got married, her assets would be inherited by her family. Lin Darong was her brother, so he was the best candidate.

It seemed that Lin laosan’s family had underestimated Chen Xiaoqing, their weak daughter-in-law. This move was more ruthless and effective than them making a scene.

Lin yuelan’s calm and cold voice rang in Chen Xiaoqing’s ears.

Her heart couldn’t help but tremble. She was a little frightened, a little scared, and even a little afraid of Lin yuelan. But all of this didn’t matter.

For the sake of her son, she had to do everything she could.

Initially, they thought that they would be able to bask in the Lin family’s glory because of Lin Dazong.

Who would have thought that Lin Dazong would suddenly be disqualified from the examination? in the future, he could only be a commoner for the rest of his life.

She was a mother. For the sake of her son, for the sake of him not to suffer with her, she had to force her other biological child.

Her actions were considered noble to her son, Lin Darong, but to people like Lin yuelan, they were despicable.

However, Chen Xiaoqing’s decision to kneel before Lin yuelan meant that she was ready to go all out.

Upon hearing Lin yuelan’s question, Chen Xiaoqing cried and said painfully, “Lan ‘Er, look at Rong ‘er. He’s already in this state, but I can’t do anything about it. So, I beg you, please take this poor child in! After all, he’s your brother!”

Lin yuelan sneered in her heart. She knew what they were planning.

Lin yuelan calmly asked, ” take him in? And after that?”

Chen Xiaoqing felt a little uneasy. She said, “Lan ‘Er, Rong ‘Er’s health has always been poor because of his premature birth. He falls sick every two or three days. Your father and I really can’t take care of him anymore. So, mother hopes that Rong ‘er will follow you in the future, okay?”

At this moment, Lin yuelan suddenly sneered, ” what right do you have to request something like that? Since I, Lin yuelan, have already cut ties with you, I have nothing to do with any of you! Then why should I support someone who has nothing to do with me?”

She suddenly paused. “Oh, that’s not right. If you want me to raise him, that’s fine too!”

Chen Xiaoqing’s eyes brightened with a strong sense of hope.

Lin Sanniu and Lin Laosan had the same look in their eyes.

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