The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Chapter 704 - 704 Assassination in the Night
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704 Assassination in the Night

“According to Lin Deshan, four months ago, his granddaughter had found the milkvetch flower and offered to sell it to my auction house in order to get temporary protection. It was also his granddaughter’s condition, so his granddaughter must be someone extraordinary.”

If he made an enemy because of his greed, his 30 to 40 years of friendship with lin Deshan would be cut off. It was a wrong choice.

Zhou Xingfa immediately said, ” Butler, go and mobilize six guards to secretly protect brother Lin’s safety!”

“Yes, master!” Seeing that the old master had thought things through, the Butler was also very pleased.

He didn’t want his master to ruin his decades-long friendship with Lin Deshan because of a moment of greed. He also didn’t want to make an enemy of Lin Deshan. No matter how he thought about it, it wasn’t good for the Zhou mansion.

When Lin Xuxing and Lin Xuming returned to the roof of Lin Deshan, they obviously found that there were more people in the West courtyard. Looking at their actions, it was very likely that they were here to protect Lin Deshan.

Lin Xuxing pouted and said, ” Hmph, that’s more like it. I thought the person the old master wanted to help was really a cruel and unscrupulous person.”

Lin Xuming said, ” you go and rest. I’ll keep watch for the first half of the night!” Even though Zhou Xingfa had sent six guards, without them to personally supervise, he would not be at ease.

At the official post house, Yuwen Feiye and his three advisors were excited the entire night. It was as if they had seen the rare thousand-year-old ginseng.

None of them could sleep. They were in the study, waiting for the two guards to secretly bring Lin Deshan.

However, they waited for an entire night and did not see the royal guards return. Similarly, they did not hear any news of the Zhou family.

“Your Highness, something’s not right!” advisor Ma said, puzzled.

The other two advisors nodded in agreement. “The two guards that His Highness sent out did not return, and there’s no news from them either. According to the reports from the people monitoring the Zhou family, everything is normal in the Zhou family. Lin Deshan is even having breakfast with Zhou Xingfa!”

The royal guards had to go through harsh and brutal training to become royal guards. The guards of ordinary families could not even compare to them.

But now, there was no news of the third Prince’s two guards, and everything was normal in the Zhou mansion.

How could it be that it was impossible for the Zhou family’s guards to defeat the Imperial Guards?

The third Prince, Yuwen Feiye, was feeling frustrated.

He had never thought that the originally foolproof operation would suddenly be ruined. Moreover, they had no idea why.

However, just as they could not figure out how the royal guards had failed, one of Yuwen Feiye’s men suddenly came to report, ” Your Highness, bad news!”

“What is it?” Yuwen Feiye asked, suppressing his anger.

“Guang juyuan auction house has sent out a message saying that they will be auctioning off the most precious thousand-year ginseng in three days!” The person reported.

Yuwen Feiye was furious.



“Your Highness, please calm your anger!” Everyone in the room knelt down, their hearts trembling with fear.

Yuwen Feiye was enraged. “calm down, calm down. How do you expect me to calm down? Zhou Xingfa is actually so bold to auction off something that this Prince is interested in?!”

These people didn’t dare to make a sound.

The news that there was a thousand-year-old ginseng being auctioned at Guang Juyuan auction house had already spread, so they could only buy it at a high price. This was a huge difference from what they could get for free, so how could they not be angry?

Advisor Ma looked at the furious Yuwen Feiye and frowned slightly. Then, he said, ” Your Highness, since Guangju Yuan’s boss has already spread the news, we can only buy it. However, we can still buy it at the lowest price!”

“The lowest price? ” Yuwen Feiye asked, confused.

Advisor Ma said, ” Your Highness, the auction house only auctions things, but they are not the owners. Thus, we will directly look for the person who has the item, reveal our identity, and then buy it at the lowest price. I believe that no one would be able to reject the authority of the royal family!”

After hearing advisor Ma’s words, Yuwen Feiye toyed with the Emerald ring on his thumb with one hand. He seemed to be considering the feasibility of this method.

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