The Venerable Swordsman

Chapter 759 - The Son of an Old Friend!
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Chapter 759 The Son of an Old Friend!

Hearing the Great Elder’s words, Jiang Wu gave him a cold look, “You are such a moron!”

The Great Elder looked stunned, “Patriarch...”

Jiang Wu looked at Tianjiang City below and whispered, “Don’t you know how powerful the Northern Realm is? These strong men in the Northern Realm are enough to deal with our Tao Sect, not to mention the people behind Ye Xuan. Moreover, although Ye Xuan looks casual and jokes around, he is very cruel. We didn’t help them before, but we want benefits from them. He is already a little upset. If we make a move against them, he would wipe out our Tao Sect.”

To wipe out the Tao Sect!

Ye Xuan couldn’t do this before.

But the Northern Realm could do that!

Moreover, Jian Zizai and Zui were already a headache for the Tao Sect, let alone the mysterious woman.

The Great Elder said in a deep voice, “We’ll just give up like this?”

Jiang Wu shook his head, “We won’t give up, but we can’t use force. We have to be soft and find a breakthrough on Qi... We’ll wait for her to come out of her confinement!”

With that, he turned around and disappeared.

The Great Elder glanced at Tianjiang City, then turned around and left.

Just after the two left, a woman suddenly appeared on the site.

It was Qiao Tian’er.


Qiao Tian’er looked in the direction they were leaving with cold eyes.

A moment later, she turned around and left.


Ye Xuan was dashing on his sword at the end of the distant starry sky. Zui and Guan Jun were beside him.

Ye Xuan didn’t know where he was. He followed Guan Jun all the way here and found that he was very easy-going. Guan Jun almost answered all his questions.

And he gained a lot.

At this time, Guan Jun suddenly said, “Little bro, you have the supreme treasure from the Five Dimensions World?”

Ye Xuan looked at Guan Jun and said with a smile, “You know that treasure?”

Guan Jun nodded, “I’ve heard of it.”

Ye Xuan smiled, “I indeed have that treasure.”

Guan Jun looked at Ye Xuan, “It’s not a simple treasure. Many people want it. You...”

Speaking of this, he seemed to think of something, and shook his head with a smile, “If they come to you, they would overreach themselves!”

The woman in plain dress!

Guan Jun had some lingering fears at the thought of that woman.

Those people who came to mess with Ye Xuan would only get themselves killed if Ye Xuan had that woman as his backer.

He didn’t have any resentment for being defeated by the woman in plain dress. On the contrary, he was a little grateful.

After fighting with her, he understood that there were always people who were stronger than him!

After that fight, his state of mind had completely changed.

Before, he was like a full glass of water, but now, this glass of water had been emptied by him.

This was a new beginning!

Guan Jun came out of his trance and asked, “Little bro, is she from the Five Dimensions World?”

Ye Xuan shook his head, “No!”

Guan Jun nodded slightly and was about to say something. At this time, he seemed to notice something. He looked up and saw that there stood a towering ancient tree in the starry sky at the end of the distance. The tree was huge and covered all over the starry sky, covering all the sky.

This ancient tree stood in the starry sky silently, emitting a strange breath.

Guan Jun whispered beside Ye Xuan, “Here we are!”

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, “What is this?”

Guan Jun whispered, “Tree of Life!”

“Tree of Life?”

Ye Xuan looked at the ancient tree, “I’ve never heard of it!”

Guan Jun said with a smile, “It’s normal. Only a few people know it. This tree is not simple, because it is the earliest tree in our Four Dimensions Universe!”

Ye Xuan was a little surprised, “It’s the earliest tree?”

Guan Jun nodded, “This tree is not simple because it had the Spring of Life, which can heal all the injuries in the world. I’m here to find the spring and use it to repair my physical body and divine soul. I hope I can find it!”

With that, he walked towards the distance.

Ye Xuan was about to follow him. Guan Jun suddenly said, “No, just stay here. You are no match for this tree!”

Ye Xuan nodded and then stepped back.

Guan Jun suddenly appeared in front of the Tree of Life. Then the tree suddenly wriggled, and a monstrous force directly dashed towards Guan Jun.


The surrounding space bubbled like boiling water, which was extremely frightening.

Ye Xuan turned grave instantly. This tree was so powerful!

Guan Jun waved his right hand, and a powerful force directly blocked the pressure.

Guan Jun looked at the Tree of Life, “I just want a little Spring of Life. Please do me this favor, and I will repay it in the future!”

At this time, an old tree face suddenly appeared over Guan Jun’s head. It looked at Guan Jun with a cold look, “Leave my territory!”

Guan Jun pondered slightly, “Can’t you just do me this small favor?”

The tree face showed a scornful look, “Small favor? You human beings are greedy. Will you be satisfied after just getting a little?”

Guan Jun said in a deep voice, “I just want a little to heal my wounds!”

The tree face was expressionless, “No, I don’t have any!”

Guan Jun narrowed his eyes slightly and clenched his right hand slowly.

The tree face said coldly, “Human, even if you are at your peak, you can’t hurt me, let alone you are already injured. If you don’t want to get injured again, you’d better leave now.”

Guan Jun clenched his hands silently.


Guan Jun said in a deep voice, “Only the Spring of Life can heal my injuries. If I give up, I will only die slowly.”

He was implying that he was going to take the Spring of Life by force!

The tree face stared at Guan Jun, “Try me!”

Guan Jun nodded slightly, “Sorry then!”

With that, he suddenly disappeared in situ. Then, a powerful force swept towards the Tree of Life.


The space surged violently in the distance.

At this time, the branches of the Tree of Life suddenly stretched towards Guan Jun. Guan Jun was wrapped up by them instantly, and explosions were heard constantly.

Ye Xuan and Zui looked extremely grave. The Tree of Life was much more powerful than they thought.

At this time, a sudden explosion sounded in the distance, and then a shadow was forced to retreat violently!

It was Guan Jun!

Soon, Guan Jun stopped, and a trickle of blood slowly ran down the corner of his mouth.

He was defeated!

Guan Jun stared at the Tree of Life in the distance with strong fears in his eyes.

At this moment, he understood why no one had ever tried to subdue the Tree of Life!

The tree was powerful enough!

The tree face glanced at Guan Jun, “Bye-bye!”

At this time, it looked at Ye Xuan, and a trace of surprise flashed across its eyes, “Human, why do I feel a familiar breath on you?”

A familiar breath?

Guan Jun and Zui looked at Ye Xuan, and Ye Xuan was a little confused. A familiar breath? He was not familiar with this guy!

At this time, the tree face suddenly approached Ye Xuan, and Ye Xuan was startled. Fortunately, this guy didn’t seem hostile to him.

The tree face stared at Ye Xuan, “You have her breath on you!”

Ye Xuan hesitated, and then asked, “Who?”

The tree face asked in a deep voice, “Do you know a fluffy little white girl?”

Ye Xuan was stunned, and then hurriedly said, “The little girl who likes Tanghulus very much?”


The tree face nodded, “Yes!”

Ye Xuan said seriously, “Yes, I know her!”

The tree face glanced at Ye Xuan, “You are very familiar with her?”

Ye Xuan said seriously, “Of course. I bought her Tanghulus.”

The tree face kept silent for a moment, and then asked, “Who else is around her?”

This guy didn’t believe him!

Ye Xuan said, “A sword cultivator in green gown and a little girl with long horns on her head, right?”

The tree face looked at Ye Xuan silently.

At this time, Ye Xuan suddenly asked Ling to take out the sword of the man in green gown on the top of the tower. When the tree face saw the sword, his expression suddenly changed, “You... You actually have his sword!”

Ye Xuan nodded, “Yes, we are close to each other!”

The tree face kept silent.

Ye Xuan hesitated and said, “Senior, my friend was injured. If it’s convenient, could you give him some Spring of Life?”

Hearing Ye Xuan’s words, Guan Jun was slightly stunned. He glanced at Ye Xuan silently.

The tree face kept silent for a moment, and then said, “No problem, it’s just a little Spring of Life!”

Guan Jun looked at the tree face and was speechless.

At this time, two drops of emerald liquid suddenly floated to Guan Jun.

Spring of Life!

Ye Xuan was surprised at the sight of this. The energy contained in these two drops of Spring of Life was so pure.

If he absorbed them, it would definitely do him good!

Guan Jun glanced at the Tree of Life and gave a palm-fist salute, “Thank you!”

With that, he put away the Spring of Life, and then looked at Ye Xuan, “Little bro, thank you so much. I’ll remember your kindness!”

Ye Xuan said with a smile, “Don’t mention it!”

Guan Jun nodded, “Should we leave now?”


At this time, the Tree of Life suddenly said.

The three people looked at the Tree of Life, and the latter looked at Ye Xuan, “I want to invite you to the Tree Palace!”

Ye Xuan asked, “Me alone?”

The tree face nodded.

Guan Jun frowned slightly. At this time, the tree face said in a deep voice, “I won’t hurt him. I bear him no ill will.”

Guan Jun thought for a while, and then sent a message to Ye Xuan through Occult Qi, “Little bro, this might be your chance. Just go with him. Let me know if you are in danger.”

Ye Xuan nodded, and then followed the tree face towards the distance.

Zui suddenly said, “Will he encounter any danger?”

Guan Jun shook his head, “The tree face probably won’t play any tricks...”

With that, he looked at Ye Xuan’s receding figure and whispered, “He’s not simple!”

Zui nodded in agreement.


Soon, Ye Xuan followed the tree face to the center of the tree, where there was a tree house.

At this time, a voice sounded in the tree house, “I didn’t expect to see the son of an old friend here!”


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