The Two Dancing Blades

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This book takes place in the same world as Kingdom Conquered by the Golden Dragon and A Queen Disgraced, but once again, the characters and setting are different, so there is no direct connection between them. This is a completely independent story, so feel free to read it even if you have not read the others. (But if you find you like this world, then I would appreciate it if you did read the others as well.)

This story focuses on swordplay instead of war. Please enjoy seeing a strong young woman defeating enemies left and right and then enjoy seeing that strong young woman being fucked.

The news section of the 2D Dream Novels website mentioned an author being in a lot of trouble after getting so hooked on a major video game they missed their deadline. Well, that was me. I confess. (But I only played it for 20 hours. …Because I was playing another game too.) *Editor’s Note: That’s not an excuse.

So I would like to apologize to the editors, everyone else involved, and to B-RIVER who drew such wonderful art for this book.

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