The Two Dancing Blades

Chapter 6 - Escape
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Chapter 6 - Escape

“Pant, gasp, pant.”

After escaping Vloodvane’s grasp in a stroke of good luck, Irene and Millia left the castle and ran toward the village at the foot of the mountain.

The half-naked girl and woman raced through the mottled sunlight filtered through the forest leaves. Some might have mistaken them for fairies of the forest, although they were dressed quit provocatively for fairies.

Millia only wore a black evening dress as she ran. Thanks to the torn hem and the way her feet kicked up behind her, her healthy thighs came into view and sometimes even her jiggling ass was exposed.

Irene wore an open-cup bra, an open-crotch thong, long gloves, and long boots, so her shapely bare breasts jiggled as she moved and her crotch was exposed to the wind.

All they could do was run and run and run while praying Vloodvane did not catch up to them.

They had already challenged Vloodvane with their swords and lost. Plus, they did not even have their swords now. If he caught up, they knew they had no chance of winning a fight. And once they were recaptured, they would be “trained” once more. And another chance at escape would not be so forthcoming.

They had to get away from that castle and put together some kind of plan. Once in a village, Vloodvane would not be able to do anything too crazy. Then they could summon the swordswomen of Beatrice and burn down Carell Castle.

Irene decided to forget she was wearing sexy lingerie, but that was easier said than done.

Her large and beautiful breasts danced with her every move and the wind tickled her labia. This was a first for her, so she could not help but feel worried.

The thought of someone seeing her like this embarrassed her so much she thought her body would ignite. If she ran across a hunter and he raped her here, he was bound to insist she had been “asking for it”.

“Pant, gasp, pant.”

And her heavy breathing was due to more than the exertion of running. The aphrodisiac made from banshee flower nectar was still in effect.

A sensual tingling would occasionally race maddeningly around her body.

That caused her to lag behind Millia who was running with all her youthful energy.

“Are you okay, Irene? Should we take a break?”

Millia gave her a worried look.

“I-I’m fine. Th-this is nothing…pant, gasp, ahn, pant.”

It was obvious she was putting on a strong face in front of Millia.

She was usually so calm and composed, but her cheeks were flushed to a feverish extent and her legs were shockingly unsteady for such a skilled swordswoman. But more than any of that, her toxically sexy lingerie meant her erect nipples and crotch glistening with love juices were visible for all to see.

Millia knew all too well what was happening to Irene’s body

“Okay.” Millia kindly pretended not to notice. “But once we get to the village, let’s take a bath at the inn. Washing off that drug should help.”

“Good idea, nhh.”

Irene gave a brief response, but she could run no longer. She slowed almost to a stop while rubbing her inner thighs together and wiggling her butt side to side.

Her head was pounding and her mind was cloudy.

Unable to take another step, she leaned against a tree.

“Nh, pant, gasp, nhh.”

She closed her eyes, breathed deeply, and tried to suppress the heat in her body.

She had endured this intense desire all night long. No, she had been forced to. The chains on her arms and legs had kept her from masturbating, so she had had no other option.

But her arms and legs were free now.

She was dumbfounded when she looked down at her crotch. The translucent open-crotch panties were so wet they only functioned as a decoration for her hips.

The sight was unbelievably sexual.

She felt so pathetic running away in fear of pursuit while dressed like this. She looked up in an attempt to suppress the tears, but they dripped down her cheeks regardless.

She gulped and released an undeniably heated breath.

She could not help it. She knew this was not the time or the place, but she could not move another step until she had masturbated to her heart’s content and orgasmed at least once.

(But what if Millia sees me doing it here?)


Irene’s willpower was said to be as strong as steel, but it succumbed to her carnal desire here. She focused on those shameful thoughts while reaching a trembling hand to her heated crotch. And she touched it.


It felt good. Nothing more than her fingertips touching her labia blanked out her mind and brought her to heaven.

And with no thoughts remaining in her head, she could only obey her instincts and continue masturbating.


After running on ahead, Millia realized Irene was not following her and turned back. She found the woman leaning against a tree, groping a breast with one hand, and fingering herself with the other hand.

“Pant, pant…I’m sorry, Millia. Just…just give me a little time. If I…if I cum just once, I should calm down enough to keep going.”

When Irene saw Millia there, tears welled up on her flushed face and she pleaded with the girl. And her hands did not slow down as she did so.

The uncertain look on Millia’s face filled Irene with guilt which only heightened her lust.

She was giving into her desire in front of the adorable student who trusted her so thoroughly. This was different from being defeated and raped or being imprisoned and tormented. No one was making her do this. She had succumbed to her lust and started masturbating all on her own.

This had to have destroyed all of the trust, respect, and love Millia had for her.

Irene had asked Millia to let her cum once, but she had already cum several times and her body’s throbbing showed no sign of dying down.

(Ahh, I’m so sorry, Millia. There’s no coming back from this. Abandon this shameful woman and get away from here as fast as you can.)

Irene hoped the girl would pick up on that from her behavior while she shut her eyes and continued masturbating.


She cried out in despair when something stopped the finger she was using to knead her clitoris. She looked down in confusion and saw Millia holding her finger.

Irene shook her head to tell the girl to let her continue masturbating.

“I’ll help you out.”

Millia kneeled in front of her, brushed aside the hand in her crotch, and buried her face there instead.

“Ahh, ahh, nhhh.”

Millia’s tongue felt so much better than her own fingers. What little rational thought she had left told her that moaning too loud could lead Vloodvane to them, so she bit her thumb to suppress her voice.

Millia had been forced to perform cunnilingus on Glinda countless times, so she knew how best to orally pleasure a woman. But now she used that technique to satisfy her beloved teacher as an act of love.

She licked up along and inside Irene’s slit several times.

Millia kept her body between Irene’s smooth thighs, pumped two fingers in and out of the woman’s vagina, and drank of her beloved teacher’s nectar.

Before long, she had stuck her hand below her cocktail dress to finger her own crotch while moving her tongue so vigorously.

“Ahh, Millia…”

The pleasure was so great that Irene could not support herself against the tree and her knees gave out. Then she pulled Millia’s head in close and sucked at those lips that were sticky with her own love juices.

“Was that enough to satisfy you?”

Once the kiss was over, Millia wrapped her arms lovingly around Irene’s neck.

“Yes, I’m feeling much better thanks to you. But what about you? How are you feeling?”

Millia had swallowed Irene’s love juices and that would have included the banshee flower nectar rubbed into Irene’s crotch.

“Ah ha ha. This is nothing. I can handle it.”

“Don’t push yourself too hard, Millia. You don’t have to act tough for me, okay?”

After that, Irene rolled onto her back and pulled Millia’s hips toward her face.


When Irene buried her face in the girl’s crotch, Millia’s body jumped in response while she closed her eyes and moaned.

Irene was a little hesitant to lick at another woman’s vulva, but once she started, that faint resistance vanished and she started making lewd wet sounds as she licked.

“Ahh! Irene, you’re so good at this.”

Milla trembled with joy. Vloodvane and Glinda had superior technique, but when it was her beloved Irene doing it, the pleasure was so much greater.

They eventually situated themselves in a sideways 69 position and used each other’s thigh as a pillow while eating each other out in the mottled sunlight filtered through the leaves.

But this moment of newfound peace was not to last long.

“Hey, check this out.”

It was a lovely afternoon. After losing their leader, a group of five bandits were seriously considering turning over a new leaf.

Seeing a single warrior woman so easily take out so many large men had been a shock. If it had happened once, they could chalk it up to being unlucky and running across an incredible enemy. But that did not work when it happened twice.

When one of them called to the other four, they looked over and their jaws dropped.

They thought they were dreaming at first. Two half-naked women were in the 69 position and entirely focused on each other’s crotches.

The women were getting more and more into it while unaware they were being spied on.

“Wait, I recognize them.”

Once of the bandits told the others what he had realized. That was the girl that had captured them and let them go and the woman who had cut down their leader and abandoned them.

“No fucking way!”

They all thought that, but those two had left an indelible impression on them. But why were they engaged in lesbian sex out here in the woods?

Normally, two half-naked women having lesbian sex would look like an excellent target to the bandits, but they knew all too well how absurdly strong these two were.

They felt like dogs forbidden from eating the delicious food in front of their eyes and they stared greedily at what seemed like a midday mirage.


The bandits grew intensely aroused as they watched. How could they not with two sexy women going at it in front of them?

“I can’t just watch like this.”

The youngest of the bandits stood up.

“Wait, hold on.”

“I’m going too.”

“Tch. Let’s do this then.”

Once the first bandit walked out, the rest soon followed. All five of them ended up approaching the women focused on their outdoor lesbian sex.

Two of the men circled behind the women, pulled out their dicks, grabbed the women’s asses, and penetrated them without any foreplay.



Millia and Irene had been so focused on licking and fingering each other that they had not noticed the men until this very moment. They suddenly saw a penis in front of them and then a different one penetrated their labia.

They were both already wet, so the penises easily plunged deep inside them.

Irene and Millia were unsure what had even happened until they saw a hard cock pumping in and out of the vagina in front of their eyes.

After about ten thrusts, the intruders came. The shafts throbbed and the women could feel a sticky liquid pumping inside them. They could feel the image before their eyes also happening to their own lower body. And once the penises were pulled out, a milky liquid dripped out and onto their faces.

These bandits had been easily defeated by these swordswomen before, but apparently third time’s the charm when it comes to sexual assault.

“What are you doing out here, ladies?”

“Looks like fun. Mind if we join in?”

Irene and Millia looked around to see ten male legs standing there.


Surprised and panicked, Irene and Millia tried to stand up and fight, but their hips were too weak. The hips were the foundation of so much in human life and not being able to move them was devastating for martial arts.

Before they could get up, different men from before grabbed them from behind and thrust into them despite the cum already inside.

Irene could not believe she had been careless enough to allow these men to get close enough to penetrate her before she noticed their presence. Especially when she was so afraid of Vloodvane pursuing them.

She raised her head while on all fours with a man’s hands on her hips and dick in her vagina. She was defenseless now, but she hoped she could steal this man’s weapon and escape this crisis.

“Not so fast. Try anything funny and I’ll stick you with this.”

To Irene’s surprise, the sword held in front of her face was her Raiment Render.

“Eh heh heh. Nice sword, ain’t it? First we find this thing and then some half-naked chicks stick their asses out for us. Our luck is really turning around.”

Untrained bandits threatening a Master Swordswoman with her own blade was such a ridiculous sight that it would have brought tears to the eyes of Jelcrinas, the master swordsmith who had presented her with the blade. But knowing that old man, the sexual part of the scene might have made him watch on with delight instead.


Irene groaned with regret and stayed down on her hands and knees. But not because she had succumbed to the metal sword held threateningly in front of her. She had succumbed to the pleasure from her vagina.

This was apparently what her body had wanted. Millia’s tongue had been incredible, but it was no match for a solid cock.

“Heh heh. That’s a woman for you. Stick a sword in her face and she’ll do whatever you say.”

The bandit brandishing the weapon was satisfied with their superior position. He was wrong about the reason, but Irene did not have it in her to explain right now.

The bandits did not have the technique Vloodvane had used to teach her the pleasures of her body. These were rough and unrefined movements. But that roughness was exactly what her aphrodisiac-affected body wanted. She wanted to become a mere animal while she was fucked rough and hard.

Since she was on all fours, her breasts looked bigger than normal and those white masses jiggled each time the cock pounded into her from behind.


Once the bandit came on his own, he pulled out his flaccid penis. Then a different bandit entered her with no concern for the previous bandit’s sticky cum inside her.

“Ah, ah…”

She wrinkled her brow while bearing with the pleasure of being fucked from behind like an animal and the bandits were shaken by how sexy that expression was.

Her coldhearted expression from their previous meeting had been seared into their minds, so this one looked all the more seductive to them.

Meanwhile, Millia was also being fucked by a thick flesh sword, but things were a little different there.


She was surprised to suddenly have a penis inside her, but she looked even more surprised when she saw the rustic man doing it.

“Ahh, you!?”

“Eh heh heh heh. Nice to see you again.”

The bandit scratched his head apologetically when he realized she recognized him.

“You saw me down there last time, didn’t you? I swore I was going to punch you the next time I saw you and this isn’t exactly changing my mind. I hope you’re ready! Ahh.”

Millia bravely swung up her fist, but the bandit picked up her small body and placed her down in his cross-legged lap to stop her.

“You gave us quite a show back there. Your pretty pussy is burned into my mind and that image got me through some lonely nights.”


He seemed to mean that as a compliment, but she had trouble taking it that way.

“You want this, don’t you? This has gotta feel a hell of a lot better than a woman’s little tongue.”

“Irene’s tongue is a million times better.”

The bandit ignored her and pulled down her evening dress. Since she was not wearing any underwear, her healthy boobs spilled right on out.

“Whew, that’s what I’m talking about. Your tits are as big as your heart.”

The impressed bandit grabbed her large breasts in his hands and massaged them.

Irene and Millia were both being raped by the bandits, but the bandits were treating them very differently.

They were mercilessly fucking Irene while only interested in getting off, but they worked to pleasure Millia to make sure she did not feel any pain.

“Enjoying yourself?”

“I was until…ahh…you showed up.”

The bandits had not turned over a new leaf like Millia had asked them to, but they had not forgotten that she had saved them either. In a way, they had fallen for her. Of course, if they truly cared for her, they would not have been doing this in the first place. They told themselves they would stop if she resisted, but she was still too weak and traumatized from her kidnapping to put up a fight. But the bandits took that lack of resistance as a desire for their cocks, so they happily thrust inside her and stirred her up inside to pleasure her.

“Kh, you’ve got a ton of folds inside you and you’re so damn tight. I’ve never felt such a great pussy.”

“Th-thank you.”

Millia politely responded to the compliment without thinking, which only made the bandits love her even more.

“We’re all in love with you and we lost our last boss, so how about you be our new boss? We’ll do anything for you. And we’ll all work hard to pleasure you, so you’ll never spend a night alone again.”

“That sounds like hell. And I don’t like doing bad things anyway.”

“How could this be hell?”

The bandit massaged her breast with one hand and lowered the other. His rough fingertips searched out her clitoris.

Millia’s clit was her most sensitive point, so she climaxed in no time.

“Ahh…stop that. That’s too sensitive.”

“We won’t stop. Not until you agree to be our new leader.”


Millia’s body was unbearably sensitive after what Glinda had done to it. Her large clit naturally poked out of its hood and the man’s thorough rubbing of it was too much for her.

Meanwhile, the rape of Irene was growing even worse. The bandits were at least making a misguided attempt at pleasuring Millia, but they simply pounded their hips roughly at Irene from behind.

They were dead set on thoroughly fucking the proud and coldhearted woman who had killed their leader. Doing it from behind was probably meant to be more humiliating for her.

And since they felt none of the fondness for her that they felt for Millia, they were more aggressive in every way.

Their powerful thrusting eventually caused her hips to completely give out, so she collapsed flat on the ground. But she was not allowed much of a rest before they forcibly picked her up and placed her on the penis of a man lying on his back.

One bandit spread her legs and lifted her by the back of the knees, but he stopped before the penis left her vagina and moved her in a slow circle to widen her vaginal opening.


The visual was incredible. A mixture of love juices and semen flowed endlessly from her labia and down the penis.

When they saw that obscene image, Irene’s eyes widened, Millia was dumbfounded, and the bandits gulped.

The man below her reached out to pinch and massage her clitoris.


“My arms are getting tired, so start moving your own hips.”

The man holding her from behind suddenly let go, so her hips naturally dropped down along the penis inside her.

“Ah, ah…nh…nh, ah! Ahh, ah.”

It almost felt like the dick had penetrated her from the opening of her vagina to her brain, so her eyes widened and waves of orgasm washed over her.

She subconsciously moved her hips so roughly the bandits were taken aback.

She moved her full body weight up and down with such force they wondered if she was trying to crush the man beneath her.

“Ahhh, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming again!”

Her unfocused eyes looked up into the sky, her black hair clung to her beautiful white skin, her breasts danced in the summer sunlight, and her flying sweat glittered like jewels.

“Whew, I’d heard proud women were great in bed, but this is more than I ever imagined.”

The bandits waiting their turn gulped at how sexual Irene was acting.

“Grab this.”

“Mine too.”

They had Irene hold and stroke a cock in each hand.

The bandit below her released his cum inside her orgasming body.

“Is this what you wanted, you horny slut!?”

Horny and slut were so far removed from Irene’s usual image, but not even she could deny it fit how she was behaving.

(This is the drug’s doing. It’s all the drug. So there’s nothing I can do. I can’t stop my hips from moving or my crotch from throbbing.)

Irene desperately tried to convince herself of that while she devoured the penises.

The combination of the ecstasy on her face and the rubbing of her hands sent lots of cum shooting from the two bandits receiving handjobs and their hot semen splattered all over her body.

And a different liquid sprayed into the air as well.

“Oh, wow. Did you see that? This woman just squirted.”

“Yeah, I saw it. It really flew, didn’t it? I’ve never seen a woman squirt before, but I had heard it was only the really horny women that do it. Guess that’s true.”


The bandits’ discussion made Irene blush.

Vloodvane had made it so she could no longer climax without squirting.

And that squirting only ignited a further flame of lust within the bandits.

“C’mon, do it again, Lady Squirter.”


Master Swordswoman Irene was known as the Sword Dancer, the Blade Ballerina, and the Moon Slicing Princess, but now it seemed Lady Squirter had been added to the list.

That horribly indecent name brought tears of shame to her eyes, but she could not argue with it either.

“Okay, Lady Squirter, let’s make use of that other hole.”

She felt someone grab her hips from behind without warning and then a dick pushed into her ass.

“Ah…ah, ahh.”

“Oh, Lady Squirter, this is pretty great. You act all proper, but you like it up the ass, don’t you?”


The man’s penis was smaller than the dildo Millia had used, so her anus swallowed it with ease. That said, she was still not used to the odd feeling of having something in there.

Cold sweat soaked her body and her strength was sapped from her.

“Okay, you can suck me off.”

Another was shoved deep down her throat like the man had mistaken her mouth for a vagina. And when he came deep in her throat, she gagged and had to swallow it.

“Oh, she’s squirting again. Fuck, I can feel the warm liquid on my balls. It’s like just my nuts are soaking in the bath.”

Ecstasy covered the bandit’s face.

“Is it really that good? Let me try. C’mon, get squirting.”

Another bandit entered her vagina, lifted up her thighs, pounded on her cervix, and generally violated her body so violently she thought he was trying to break right through her.


Irene squirted again. Now it may have just been her body crying out in protest by urinating, but the provocative image was enough to satisfy the bandits.

“Oh, that is great. I never knew sex could feel like this.”

After that, they each entered her and thrust their hips as hard as they could to try and get her to squirt.

She was in an appalling state as a woman, but it had an irresistible charm for the bandits. They sensed a masochism in her not found in Millia and it drew out their sadism.

All of the bandits had incredible stamina. Like Millia had pointed out, bandits were on the bottom rung of society. And if they were not making much money, they would have no chance of getting laid. They were all pent-up as could be.

“Wait, stop that! Don’t be mean to Irene!”

Millia pleaded with them, but the bandits were too ruled by desire to listen.

They made some effort to pleasure Millia, but their own pleasure was their only concern when it came to Irene.

“Oh, I get it. Coldhearted Lady Squirter over there must have tricked you and forced you to do that lesbian stuff with her.”

“What? No! That isn’t even close to true, so leave her alone!”

Millia earnestly begged them, but the bandits had no interest in the truth and continued to torment Irene. In fact, their invented scenario made them treat her even worse.

With a dick thrusting into Irene’s vagina, anus, and mouth all at once, they moved their hips with no concern for her wellbeing and pumped their semen inside her.

“Ahh, no. If you keep this up, Irene’s going to die. She’s really going to die. Irene, Irene! Are you okay!?”

It was unclear if Irene could even hear Millia’s voice because her expression had grown blank while the men raped her. Only unwanted pleasure could be seen in her eyes.

“If you agree to be our leader, then you could order us to stop.”

“No, Irene wouldn’t like it if I became a bad guy. Oh, but if I don’t do it…”

Millia knew how dashing Irene looked in action, so it was far too sad to see the woman soaked with cum and repeatedly pissing herself.

The bandits were continuing to rape Millia in turn as well, but she was more worried about making them stop attacking her teacher. When one came inside her, another would soon enter her. They were gentler than with Irene, but that was the only real difference.


“Hell yeah! She just squirted again. But not as much this time. Is she almost out?”

The sun had fully set, but the bandits were still taking turns raping Irene and Millia. The five men had each cum four times inside both of them.

They had started a campfire, cooked some meat, and started drinking.

They enjoyed cheap drinks and snacks while watching Irene being tormented by one of their fellow bandits. It seemed like the insanity would continue forever, but it met a sudden and unexpected end.

The bandit raping Irene was decapitated at about the exact same time as the one raping Millia was decapitated.


The drunk and partying bandits were shocked, but the rest of their heads started flying off into the air while blood sprayed out.

“Honestly, I didn’t realize the two of you were into orgies.”

Vloodvane stood with his back to the moon and a bitter smile on his lips while five gruesome corpses lay around him.

That legendary mage was undoubtedly the one to have killed the bandits.

They had been given a second chance and chosen to rape instead, so this was their just deserts.

But at the same time, Irene and Millia had lost their last chance at freedom.

This was about the worst timing to meet Vloodvane again.

They had both just been gangraped, so their hips were too weak to stand and their physical strength was drained. No, it was their minds more than their bodies that had reached the limit.

“Master Vloodvane, give me your hot stuff.”

“I can’t wait a moment longer. Put it inside me. Please. I need more.”

Millia and Irene’s hips were too weak to stand after being freed from the bandits, so they crawled over to him, spread their legs of their own volition, and stuck out their labia as bandit cum flowed out. They begged him in that indecent pose with melted looks on their faces.


He frowned in suspicion for a moment, but finally decided to accept it.

He figured being gangraped by the bandits had left them slaves to pleasure.

Being helplessly violated by people so vastly inferior to them in skill must have been a real shock. It must have shattered their pride as swordswomen.

And being together as teacher and student must have helped a lot too. They might not have had the courage to succumb on their own, but being with each other gave them the peace of mind they needed.

(This actually saved me a lot of trouble.)

Vloodvane internally rejoiced while shrugging.

“Honestly, the trouble you put me through.”

He lifted up his robe to reveal a cock far too large for his young appearance.

“You need to be punished for running away, so you can start by sucking this.”

Irene and Millia crawled over to him with damp eyes, approached the one dick together, and breathed heated sighs as their tongue tips touched his balls.

They worked together to lick him until the wrinkly sack was coated in saliva.

Millia sucked one ball into her mouth and Irene followed her lead with the other.


Vloodvane groaned from the pleasure of having his balls tugged in opposite directions. If they had wanted to, they could have bitten his balls off right then.

He looked down at Irene, but she showed no sign of doing that. They were pleasuring him by gently applying pressure inside their mouths.

Glinda had taught Millia how to pleasure him, so Irene followed Millia’s lead.

This was probably Millia’s first time teaching Irene something. She looked a little proud and Irene worked hard to follow along.

After thoroughly tasting his balls, they slowly licked up along the sides of his shaft.

After passing the ridge of the head, they arrived at the head itself.

Precum dripped from the tip, so Irene and Millia lapped it up like a cat would milk, leaving the head sticky with their saliva. Then their tongues crawled back down the shaft.

They reached out their tongues and seemed to compete to suck, lick, and slurp the precum from his one penis.

“Good, good.”

Irene gradually grew less awkward and better at pleasuring him.

Their combination was unbelievably good.

When Irene licked up, Millia licked down. When Irene licked the tip, Millia licked the balls. When Millia sucked at the head, Irene sucked at the sack.

They had perfect coordination.

They were both experts with the sword and they had apparently mastered how to handle this flesh sword as well.

Pleased by that, Vloodvane tickled their chins as they sucked his dick.

“Hh, hhhhhhn.”

Irene responded with a sexy nasal breath and Millia with a cute one.

Irene took the tip into her mouth and Millia took the shaft into her mouth and they moved their tongues to pleasure it. Vloodvane shut his eyes to savor the direct sexual pleasure and the psychological satisfaction.

Irene took the entire head into her mouth and then moved her head up and down with a sticky sound.

Meanwhile, Millia moved down to the bottom, but when he thought she would move back up, she instead moved past his balls, between his legs, and started licking at the boy’s small ass from behind.

This was not something Glinda had taught her to do to him, so it had to have been her own idea.

Millia herself had felt pleasure from her ass and Glinda had had Millia do this to her. Even Irene had moaned while Millia licked her ass, so it was only natural to assume the same would happen here.

She would normally never have considered doing this to a man, but even though Vloodvane was over a hundred years old, he looked like a boy even younger than her. That more feminine appearance may have helped.


With Irene sucking his cock and Millia licking his ass, Vloodvane’s body shook and a hot tingling sensation filled his brain.

And to finish it off, Irene and Millia lifted up their breasts and pressed them together with his dick in between. Then they started rubbing up and down with them.

They gave him a two-person titjob.

They massaged his rod between Irene’s large breasts and Millia’s larger breasts. They also lewdly stuck out their tongues and worked together to lick the tip.

He was at his limit and he came between that total of four boobs.

His dick throbbed, lots of white liquid shot out, and it got all over Irene’s beautiful face and Millia’s cute face.

Once it was all out, Vloodvane released a satisfied sigh.

And in that very moment, he saw two flashes of silver.

Raiment Render in Irene’s hand and a scimitar in Millia’s hand sent two slashes into Vloodvane’s body.

Apparently even someone of his level could grow careless.

Irene was only a woman without her sword, but when she did have her sword, she was the Sword Dancer and Millia was the Golden Wolfling.

Millia and Irene had been patiently waiting for this chance. Without exchanging a word, they had communicated entirely via eye contact. It was a real testament to the trust they had in each other.

Vloodvane staggered from two wounds deep enough to kill a normal person and then some kind of liquid was poured onto him.

Millia had dumped out the bandits’ drinks. They were cheap drinks, but they contained alcohol.

And more than that, Irene shoved a torch into him.

His robe burst into flames.

“The best way to kill the undead is to burn them. All the old stories say so.”

Irene smiled as she watched Vloodvane become a human torch.

“Hm. It would seem I must admit defeat this time.”

He smiled calmly even as he burned.


A sword slash removed Vloodvane’s head from his body.

“I will not let you kill Master Vloodvane.”

Glinda suddenly appeared using teleportation magic and lovingly held Vloodvane’s severed head in her arms.

“Hi, Glinda. I really screwed this one up. They completely outdid me. I did consider the possibility that it was only an act, but I apparently lose my senses when someone licks my ass.”

The severed head spoke while buried in Glinda’s chest.

“My, I wasn’t aware of that weakness. I will have to treat you to that later on.”

“Please be gentle. Of course, I don’t actually have an ass at the moment.”

“Oh, that’s right. I need to heal you up as quickly as possible.”

Glinda blushed while holding his severed head and then she activated her teleportation magic again.

“I hope we can meet again someday.”

Vloodvane’s head left that final comment before vanishing with Glinda.

The mage had not sounded all that bothered by his state of affairs. He had not even seemed frustrated. Perhaps he felt no regret after trying his best to catch them and realizing he could not.

Only the two cum-drenched swordswomen remained below the summer stars and in the chilly breeze.

“Well, that was weird,” muttered Irene.

“We’re finally safe~,” said Millia as her hips gave out.

“Millia, let’s get back to the village.”

Irene walked over to Millia, picked her up, and gently whispered to her. But surprisingly, her student shook her head.

“No, I only just started my journey. I’m sure I’ll find all sorts of fun and mysterious things if I keep going.”

She was already trying to move on. She apparently wanted to think of all this as a strange adventure she shared with her beloved teacher.

Irene rubbed Millia’s blonde hair in response.

The above is the truth of the commonly-told story of Sword Dancer Irene battling Immortal Mage Vloodvane.

In her journeys through several different kingdoms, Millia left exciting stories in all those lands and further increased the fame of the Shooting Star Flower. She was also quite successful on the sexual front, so she ended up intorducing countless women and girls the wonders of lesbian sex. She eventually became known as the Baby-Faced Demon for this reason, but her strangely innocent personality was much beloved and she became folk hero.

After returning to her village, Irene’s fame as a swordswoman only continued to grow and she became known as the person who revived the Shooting Star Flower to its former glory, but she went beyond that and played several crucial roles in the many wars of this era in history. However, that is a story for another day.

And true to his name, Immortal Mage Vloodvane was not killed by something as simple as decapitation and there are many incidents at crucial points in history that are rumored to have been his doing.

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