The Two Dancing Blades

Chapter 5 - Prisoner
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Chapter 5 - Prisoner

“Nh, nhh…ah.”

When Irene awoke, she found herself in a dreary stone room.

She was only wearing her long gloves, her stockings, and her garter belts. Those must have caught on something because they all had large holes torn in them.

In that half-naked state, her hands were pulled up by chains dangling from overhead. She sat on the floor with her legs out in front of her, she had shackles on her ankles, and those were attached to the wall. That prevented her from bringing her knees together.

This appeared to be a dungeon. There was a small, barred window near the ceiling for ventilation.

How much time had passed? She could see the night sky out the window, so it had likely been half a day since her battle with Vloodvane.

Where was this dungeon located?

She did not know how large Vloodvane’s forces were, but she doubted they had that many facilities with a dungeon like this. It was most likely Carell Castle, the mountain location the mage was currently using as a base.

She moved on to checking her own condition. The chains restricted her movement, but she seemed able to use her arms and legs. Her lower stomach still felt strange, though.

She tried standing up, but she gave up when she realized her hips were still too weak for that.


She breathed a gloomy sigh all on her own.

She had been proud of her undefeated history and gone by the title of Master Swordswoman, but now she had been helplessly defeated and had her chastity taken. And now she was imprisoned in this dungeon while barely dressed.

She was unable to move and only had the dreary dungeon to look at, so she naturally ended up thinking about what had happened.

Recalling the circumstances leading to her current predicament made her feel pathetic and depressed.

Lowering her head brought her crotch into view and she noticed the smaller petals sticking out from the outer lips a little. That was normal enough, but when she thought about how a man’s thing had been in there roughly stirring everything up, she could have sworn those petals looked red and swollen. Although she may have been imagining it.

Finally, she sensed someone approaching and stopping in front of the metal door.

When she looked up, a powerful light returned to her eyes. She had lost the one battle, but she swore to herself she would escape here and have revenge. Resolve filled her lovely features.

Just like Irene had half-expected, it was Vloodvane and Millia who entered the dungeon cell.

Robed Vloodvane had a gentle smile on his face and nude Millia looked ready to cry at any moment.

“Oh, good. You’re awake. I was surprised when you pissed yourself and passed out after I came. I’m glad I could make you cum so hard when it was your first time.”

He tore into her scars with an angelic smile.

No one would believe that gentle-looking child was the one who had defeated and raped Irene. She had trouble believing it herself, but he was not the age he appeared to be. He was an unaging immortal monster.

He leered at her body for a while.

Her almost divine appearance created a decadent beauty when chained up like this.

There was an indescribable sex appeal to the lines leading from her skinny neck to her slender collarbones and shoulders. Her breasts and hips had decent size for her overall slender build and her waist was beautifully thin. Her long legs drew wonderful curves from her thick thighs to her fit ankles. The color and brightness of her skin were superb as well. But the greatest sensuality was found in her large white breasts and lower stomach.

Irene squirmed. Being observed like this was uncomfortable. Especially when she could not close her legs and her most secret place was exposed.

“Lady Irene, I have no intention of treating you as a prisoner.”

“Could’ve fooled me,” she said while rattling her chains.

“Yes, well, none of my men can hope to stop you, but I am far too busy to watch over you at all times. I will remove those eventually.” He gently ran a hand through her black hair. “The title of Master Swordswoman is not just about skill with the blade. It is only given to someone with the appropriate personality. You are known for your divine beauty and your noble personality, so no one deserves the title more than you.”


“You are skilled as a swordswoman, but you were not blessed with a master and never offered your sword to anyone. You only ever raise it in order to protect those close to you. That is praiseworthy, but also a waste. Offer your sword to me.”

To offer someone your sword meant to make the Oath of the Sword. Both swordsmen and other warriors would make the Oath of the Sword to declare someone their master for life and pledge them eternal loyalty. It was a very holy ceremony.

“If you want me to make the Oath of the Sword, then you had better kill me and make my corpse do it.”

Vloodvane must have predicted her immediate response because he continued stroking her hair without speaking a word.

A mage of his level could magically make Irene his puppet like Glinda had with Millia, but that would rob her of her human emotions. The skilled swordswomen of Beatrice would not obey her then.

Now it was Irene’s turn to ask a question.

“What is your goal here? Taking over the world?”

“It takes a variety of traits to be a conqueror, but unfortunately, I do not qualify. If that northern barbarian Lorent wishes to control the entire continent, he can have it for all I care. I intend to forever rule this continent’s history from behind the scenes. But that requires pawns. Skilled pawns.”


“The rulers of all the kingdoms see war as no more than crashing large armies together, but political power is what they should really be focusing on. I do not know who will ultimately unify this continent, but I will be the one ruling the world from behind the scenes afterwards.”

“Utter nonsense. I’ve heard enough.”

Vloodvane shrugged at Irene’s blunt response.

“I do not need anything as crass as mind-control magic to have you do my bidding.”

“What, are you going to torture me?”

Irene glared at him with a powerful will in her coldly beautiful eyes.

With her noble spirit and indomitable pride, she would never succumb to torture.

“I am well aware that you would never fall to torture. But pleasure? That is a different matter.”

He parted her hair and blew into her exposed ear.


“Quite the adorable voice. Hee hee… But do not feel ashamed. Pleasure is something no human being can resist.”

His small hands grabbed her large breasts and groped them as if testing their weight.

“Look, your nipples are already so hard.”


Irene bit her lip, but that did not stop the rubbing of her erect nipples from feeling good.

The mage’s kisses drew a line from her ear to her neck and to the triangular depression at her collarbones.

The way he slowly fanned the flames of her sexuality felt like being strangled by silk.

The pleasure seemed to spread from her chest to the rest of her body, her marble white skin grew faintly flushed, the color of the petals at her crotch grew brighter, and she emanated the sexiness of a woman.

“No matter how calm you keep your expression, you are an animal at heart. You fight like an animal and you wish to be fucked like one too. I will reveal that true nature within you.”

Vloodvane continued his necking while whispering verbal torment.

Then the door opened again and a woman walked briskly in.

“Glinda, do you need something?”

Vloodvane asked his question without even looking back or stopping his teasing of Irene.

The witch kneeled with the expression of a dog abandoned by its master.

“I cannot apologize enough for boldly proclaiming I would capture that woman, pathetically allowing her to defeat me, and forcing you to clean up my mess. I am aware just how insolent it is of me to ask anything of you after that, but I will do so regardless. Please order me to train that woman for you. I swear I will provide you a slave who obeys your every command.”

When his apprentice practically clung to his robe to beg him, Vloodvane considered it while continuing to tease Irene’s erect nipples, but he eventually let go.

“Well, if you wish. It is true no one trains women better than you.”

Irene and Glinda seemed like the least compatible people to ever exist, but he did not always need his pawns to get along. He just needed women who swore their loyalty to him.

“Thank you very much! I will swiftly teach this conceited woman how a slave is meant to speak to her master.”

Once she had permission, Glinda rejoiced, stepped in front of Irene, and looked down at the other woman.

“Heh heh. It’s sad that anyone thought this was our generation’s greatest swordswoman.”

She wore her silver hair up, a black evening dress showed off her every curve, and long gloves covered her arms. It was almost bewitching how the thin material displayed her body’s curves. She looked like she was dressed for an evening party at a royal palace.

Her incredible beauty was more suited for that sensual dress than a village girl’s clothing.

But Glinda had not dressed up just for the hell of it. She was trying to apply psychological pressure on their prisoner.

Simply being naked while the other person was dressed was enough to make someone uncomfortable. For a prisoner, that discomfort would quickly transform into fear.

And for someone of Irene’s status, it would make them feel horribly pathetic. She could not use her appearance to cling to her pride.

But there was no apparent change to Irene’s expression. The witch scowled at the lack of the desired effect, but then she looked between the legs Irene could not close. She peered at the glimpse of pink sticking out.


One of Glinda’s cheeks rose in a cold smile.

Could anything be more humiliating for a woman? Irene’s composed features grew somewhat flushed.

“I like that look in your eyes. Yes, I love women like you.”

Glinda crouched down and grabbed Irene’s face hard enough to dig her fingers into her cheeks.

“But how long can you keep that strong will of yours? I will shatter your pride and self-respect. I will violate and torment you until you beg me to stop with tears in your eyes.”

A woman’s jealousy could be a frightening thing. After losing to Irene, Glinda feared Vloodvane would see Irene as the superior woman.

“Hee hee. But what have we here?”

Glinda looked mockingly down at Irene’s unhidden crotch.

Her long, slender fingers reached down and parted the lips while she formed a smile intentionally slowly on her own blood-red lips.

“You seem to have forgotten what happened today, so I will remind you.”


Irene grimaced because the woman had suddenly shoved her index and middle fingers into Irene’s vagina. Irene’s entire lower body trembled in response.

Glinda used those two fingers to stir up her insides.

“What might this be?”

Glinda held up her fingers to show the white goop covering them and she spread them to show off the sticky strings it formed between.


“Seems you remember now. You moved your own hips and cried out in pleasure. And then Master Vloodvane was kind enough to give you so much of his seed.”

Glinda lewdly extended her tongue to lick up the remnants of Vloodvane she had extracted from Irene’s body.

Irene had to wrinkle her brow in frustration at this undeniable evidence that she had lost to Vloodvane and been raped.

“Hee hee. It would be interesting if you got pregnant from this. I mean, I bet I wouldn’t even need to train you then. Not even a coldhearted woman like you could kill your own child’s father.”


Irene chose to remain silent, so Glinda rubbed her cum-soaked fingers on the woman’s composed face.

“Hee hee. Eat it. It is delicious.”

The semen that had been inside Irene’s body was now rubbed against her lips. She kept her lips clenched shut, so Glinda forcibly parted those lips, shoved her fingers in, and rubbed them on the gums and elsewhere.

After having the man’s cum forced inside her mouth, Irene spat toward Glinda’s face. It splatted onto the snow-white skin next to the witch’s nose and dripped down.

What Vloodvane had done to her had been her punishment for losing that battle, so she could accept it. But she had won her battle against Glinda.

She refused to accept this treatment from someone who had lost to her. That feeling was probably part of Vloodvane’s plan here, but rage flared within the woman acting in his name.


Glinda silently pulled out a lace handkerchief, wiped off her face, and stood up. Then she pulled up her long skirt, lowered her silk panties and spread her legs while standing above Irene.

The shape of her labia matched her slender build. She went on to spread those labia with her fingers to expose the pink flesh within. Irene did not feel much of anything seeing this woman’s vulva. She only found it odd.


Finally, the flesh within twitched a little and then seemed to push out. A moment later, urine began flowing out.

Quite a bit came out. It poured down on Irene’s black hair, flowed down her forehead into her eyes, got in her ears and mouth, flowed down her chin to reach her neck, chest, and stomach, and finally arrived at her lower body.

Once she was finished pissing, Glinda pulled up her panties and lowered her skirt. She stood there as a perfect lady again, as if nothing had happened.

The only sign of the deed was the chained woman dripping with warm liquid and the unique scent hanging in the area.

“Ohhh ho ho ho.”

Glinda held the back of her hand to her mouth and laughed happily while looking down at piss-soaked Irene.

This was such a shock to Irene that she simply sat there in a daze, unsure what happened, but once her understanding finally caught up, she spat out what had gotten in her mouth and glared up at Glinda.

That look seemed to please Glinda and she lifted the chains attached to Irene’s arms. Irene’s hips were still weak, so she had no choice but to stand up. The chain stopped when she could just barely stand on her toes, so she was forced into a nude Y-pose.

A harsh sound rang out.

Glinda had slapped Irene’s cheek even as it dripped with pee.

“Heh heh. Bear with it while you can.”

Glinda reached toward Irene’s labia again.


“I have won over countless women for Master Vloodvane already.”

Her fingertips gently massaged the flower petals.

She attacked around the clitoris, rubbed and pinched the outer lips, rubbed and massaged the entire vulva with her palm, and even poked at the anus.

Irene had no way to escape this fingering, so she simply gripped the chains and endured.

“And several of those were very proud women much like you.”


Glinda rhythmically massaged the clit through its hood, peeled the hood away, and teased the extremely sensitive flesh within.

“But in the end, they all swore their loyalty to Master Vloodvane and became his faithful fucktoys.”

Glinda’s fingers reentered Irene’s vagina, which was wet this time.

“Heh. That’s the thing about pleasure: no one can fight it.”

“…! Kh…hh…mh, ahh.”

Irene’s eyes widened and sweat poured from her entire body.

Glinda gave a meaningful smile while she intentionally produced a lot of wet noises.

Love juices dripped to the floor.

“See? Look at you already.”

Glinda held up her fingers again to show all the sexual juices coating them.


Glinda laughed and Irene shut her eyes and grimaced to bear with the shame.

Satisfied with that look of embarrassment and humiliation, Glinda gave an order to Millia who waited behind her.

“Millia, your beloved Irene is rather filthy with all that piss on her. Lick her clean. Yes, how about you start with her boobs? You know how, don’t you? Just do it like you do in your fantasies every night.”

“…Yes, ma’am.”

Millia walked toward chained Irene, grabbed the woman’s breasts in her hands, and massaged them while sticking her face between them and under Irene’s arms to lick all over that general area. Once Irene’s chest was soaked with saliva, Millia began sucking at the nipples like a child hoping for milk.

“Ahhn… Millia, wait, that tickles…”

Irene arched her back, writhed, and called out in a quiet voice, but Millia’s oral torment continued. When the girl finally lightly pressed her teeth against the erect nipples, Irene could not help put moan and twist her body.

“Irene… It’s easier if you just give in.”


Irene was left speechless by the pained look on Millia’s face.

“Heh heh. Now lick her pussy.”

After getting both of Irene’s nipples as erect as could be, Milla obeyed Glinda’s instruction by making a trail of kisses down to Irene’s lower body, burying her face in the woman’s crotch, and spreading the flesh slit there.

“Wow, you’re as pretty as I’d imagined down here, Irene. Oh, and it’s twitching too. Good, you really do feel lust. With how above it all you tend to act, I was afraid you’d never get wet for me.”


Irene was shocked by her cute student’s overly blunt thoughts, but then she felt like her brain was being fried.

Millia licked her lips and used her tongue the best she could to pleasure her beloved teacher.


She started slow and grew more rhythmical with time, but she was also very thorough. Millia’s tongue and lips attacked every last part of the Master Swordswoman’s vulva. She did not miss a single response to her tongue’s movement throughout.

“Hh, khh…Millia, stop this. I appreciate the thought, but now is not the time for this!”

“Heh heh. Look at you writhe, Miss Master Swordswoman. Millia’s tongue is a miracle, isn’t it? I taught her how to do that myself.”

While exposed to her student’s sexual tongue technique with her hands chained, Irene eventually realized her hips were moving. She tried to stop them, but she could not. Turning her knees inward was the most she could manage.

Millia was entirely focused on licking Irene’s honeypot like a cat lapping up milk.

“Well, how does your beloved Irene’s pussy taste?”

“Like a dream come true.”

Millia did not hesitate to answer with her face still buried in Irene’s crotch.

“Then whose pussy tastes better: hers or mine?”

Millia knew what answer Glinda wanted, but she could not bring herself to say it and attempted a compromise.

“Th-they’re both good?”

Immediately, a whip slapped the girl in the ass.


“Really, there must be something wrong with your sense of taste if you think that woman’s rotten pussy is in any way comparable to my pure and beautiful pussy.”

A few more lashes of the whip struck Millia’s butt.

“Ahh… Your pussy tastes better, Lady Glinda.”

“Of course it does.”

With her butt red and swollen, Millia caught her breath while answering. Glinda finally stopped whipping her and brushed back her sliver hair in satisfaction.

“Heh heh. That is enough of that woman’s rotten pussy. Lick her filthy asshole now.”

Millia buried her face in Irene’s butt as ordered.

The butt looked small and tight at first, but it did have a feminine roundness and softness to it.

Millia spread the butt cheeks to reveal the light pink bud in the center.

She pressed her nose against it, but could only detect the scent of the sweat that had built up in that valley.

Up close, Irene’s anus looked like a flower bud made of fine folds and its adorable appearance turned Millia on quite badly.

(Even Irene’s asshole is pretty.)

When she touched it with her tongue tip, it tightened up.

She enjoyed the wriggling feeling she felt at the end of her tongue.

She licked a bit to get it wet with saliva and then pushed her tongue tip in.

The folds spread our and pushed in a little before Millia could feel the stickier flesh within.

“Ahh…stop that, Millia. That’s dirty.”

“No, this is your asshole, so it isn’t.”

Irene quietly scolded her, but Millia continued licking regardless. The trembling of the exterior and the tightening of the interior were pleasant, but she was most happy that she could be doing something like this for the woman she so adored. She felt like she now knew Irene better than anyone in the world.

“Yes, loosen her up back there. Otherwise your beloved Irene will suffer.”


As Millia thoroughly licked her, more whitish nectar flowed from Irene’s front hole.

“That is good enough, Millia. Now, put this on.”

Glinda held out a glistening black piece of leather underwear. But unlike normal underwear, it had a double-headed dildo attached to it.

Glinda forcibly put it on Millia.

That toxic-looking male shape rose menacingly up from Millia’s girly and curvy body.

“Heh heh. It looks fantastic on you, Millia. You want to use that impressive thing to fuck your beloved Irene, don’t you?”

The witch circled behind Irene’s cute student and began stroking the black rod rising from Millia’s lower stomach.


Shaking one end of the double-headed dildo naturally moved around the other end buried deep inside the girl. Love juices dripped down her plump thighs.

“Then go ahead and fuck her all you like. Fuck her until she’s begging for me.”


“But fuck her in the ass.”


“Isn’t this wonderful? You get to take your beloved Irene’s anal virginity. You should really thank me for my generosity.”

“Okay, I will be the first one to use Irene’s asshole.”

Millia held the thing rising from her crotch, stood behind her beloved teacher, and placed the tip of the dildo against Irene’s ass.

“Milla, stop this nonsense at once!”

Irene rattled her chains and struggled, but it was no use.

“Don’t struggle, Irene. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you feel good.”


Millia was also an expert martial artist, so she knew how to tell when someone had relaxed their body. Immediately after Irene exhaled, the tip of the dildo pushed inside her.


The anal penetration widened Irene’s eyes and forced a breath from her lips.

Irene’s cheeks stiffened and a cold sweat covered her body. The vagina was meant for something to enter it, but the anus was different. That was not that hole’s purpose.

“Wow, your asshole can spread so wide.”

“Ahh, stop that. Stop it, Millia. You’re going to tear me open. Stop, please take that out of me…ahhh!”

The folds of Irene’s anus were spread wide and looked ready to tear. At the same time, her angled eyes widened and tears filled them.

Glinda’s slender finger scooped up those tears of pain and humiliation.

“So how does it feel to be ass-fucked by the very student you came here to rescue?”


Irene seemed to have trouble breathing with the dildo so deep inside her ass. She moaned with her mouth flapping like a fish.

Most women would not enjoy having something so large inside their anus, but it was a necessary step in training a woman. Being penetrated there was a humiliating thing, even if it was by another woman.

“Oh? It seems your Irene is enjoying it too much to speak. Keep pounding her like that.”


It seemed to pain Millia to see Irene like this, but she could not disobey and kept moving her hips.

“Gh, agh, gh.”

Glinda reached a hand to Irene’s crotch and gently massaged her clitoris.


Irene’s body writhed while unsure whether to focus on the pain of the anal penetration or the pleasure of the clitoral rubbing.

Millia was soaked with sweat while she continued fucking Irene from behind.

Irene’s long black hair shook behind her like mad.

With a man, it was over once he came, but there was no such ending with a girl like Millia. Plus, Millia had far more stamina than the average girl. She probably outdid even Irene on that front.

(Ahh, Irene looks so sexy, beautiful, and cool from behind.)

Millia had never dreamed of fucking Irene since she had not been aware strap-ons were even a thing, but she lost herself in the action, forgetting entirely that she was doing it anally.

“Millia, that’s enough. You can pull out now.”

Irene’s head had slumped down and she had nearly passed out, but if Glinda had not stopped Millia, the girl might have continued going at it forever.

Pulling out was easy because Irene’s internal pressure helped push it out. And once the dildo was out, Irene could not immediately retighten her ass.

“Ah ha ha. Millia, look at that. Your precious Irene loved it so much her ass is gaping open.”

Even Irene had to blush at this.

“Hee hee. All those knights praise you as the Sword Dancer and speak of you like the ideal woman, but I wonder what they would think if they saw this? I bet they would be terribly disillusioned.”

Irene clenched her teeth in humiliation while Glinda laughed loudly in satisfaction.

“Kill me!”


Afterwards, Irene glared darkly up at Glinda while dangling limply from the chains.

“You should kill your enemies when you have the chance. If you do not kill me now, you will come to regret it. I swear I will take revenge.”

“Oh, how surprising. I didn’t expect you to still have such a mouth on you.”

Glinda was not at all intimidated and even flicked Irene’s left nipple.

“Agh…I swear I will kill you.”

Irene glared up with the deadly intensity of an injured animal, but Glinda only shrugged.

“Fine. If you still refuse to fall, then I will have to pull out all the stops.”

Glinda looked back and Vloodvane nodded with a smile.

With her master’s permission, Glinda happily pulled a bottle seemingly out of nowhere. It contained a beautiful translucent liquid.

“This is a very expensive aphrodisiac made from the nectar of the banshee flower. Mix a few spoonfuls into the most chaste lady’s drink and she’ll be riding the nearest cock in no time.”

Glinda poured the aphrodisiac into a glass, mixed it with some wine, and carried it to Irene’s mouth.

Irene of course squeezed her lips shut and clenched her teeth to keep that indecent stuff out of her mouth, but Glinda’s left hand pinched her nose. Unable to breathe, the swordswoman’s white cheeks grew red and swelled out. She held her breath for a while, but she finally opened her mouth for air. The aphrodisiac liquid poured in and she choked as it went down.

“Gasp, gulp, gulp, gulp…”

“Isn’t it wonderfully sweet? They say good medicine is always bitter, but a good aphrodisiac is always sweet.”

Some spilled out the corner of her mouth, but she had still swallowed most of it. She was so shaken that the strength in her eyes wavered.

She was confident in her ability to bear with any amount of physical pain, but she must have realized she had no resistance to being drugged.

Pleased by how shaken the woman was, Glinda stuck her middle and ring fingers into the bottle to scoop out the nectar.

“This I will rub directly into her filthy pussy.”

Glinda’s fingers thoroughly rubbed the banshee flower nectar all across Irene’s sensitive flesh.

“And just because I am nice, I will rub some in your ass as well.”

Irene’s anus was still loose after Millia had fucked it so hard, so it easily swallowed Glinda’s slender middle finger. She moved the finger around to rub the nectar around before pulling it out.


“Well? Yearning for something thick in there yet?”

“N-not a chance…”

“Oh, still putting on a strong face? But why are you sweating so much? And your knees are trembling and turning inwards. You want to rub your thighs together, don’t you? Hee hee. You can enjoy an entire night like this. You should be much more obedient after that.”

When Glinda and Irene glared at each other and surrounded themselves with intimidating auras, Vloodvane gestured Millia over.

When Millia obediently walked over, he pulled the double-headed dildo out of her and put his real penis in her instead.


Glinda stiffened when she heard Millia’s moan. When she heard a rhythmic noise, she looked back to find Vloodvane fucking Millia in the missionary position.

“Eh? Wh-why would you do that, Master Vloodvane? If you could not wait any longer, you could have just used my pussy.”

The female trainer’s coldhearted look was gone and she wiggled her butt while pleading with him.

That dramatic transformation caught Irene by surprise.

“You seemed busy training Irene over there. Plus, I need to leave soon for business.”

“Ahh, but…my pussy is already soaked. Are you planning to replace me with Millia? Is that it?”

Glinda held her finger in her mouth and gave the girl a jealous look, but Vloodvane only smiled bitterly.

“Well, if you insist. Okay, Glinda, stick your ass out over here.”

“Is this to your liking?”

Glinda happily stripped naked, lay down on top of Millia, and stuck her butt out toward Vloodvane.

Her labia were just as soaked as she had claimed they were.

She had trained Millia into an obedient fucktoy and ruled over the girl like a queen, but all of that melted away when she was in front of him. She was just another of his fucktoys.

Vloodvane alternately penetrated the two vaginas and enjoyed the difference between Glinda’s well-trained one and Millia’s relatively undeveloped one.

“Ahh! Y-yes. Your cock feels even more incredible than usual today.”

“Ahh… A real penis is so much warmer.”

Glinda and Millia alternatively took his dick, one of them joyously and the other reluctantly.

This confirmed Irene’s fears for what Vloodvane had been doing to Millia.

She could tell her student had simply given up trying to fight it.

(Oh, Millia. You were forced to grow up too fast.)

Irene still thought of her as a child, so this treatment was simply too much.

And yet Irene’s inner thighs were glistening like someone had rubbed butter on them.

Watching Millia had made her vicariously experience the sex the girl was having.

The effect would not have been the same if she was still a virgin, but now that she had experienced it one, her body knew what it was like to be penetrated by a cock.

Her inner flesh throbbed, her vagina contracted, and her womb cried out. A seemingly endless supply of love juices flowed out and her entire body begged for a penis as soon as possible.

If her hands were not chained above her, she would have stuck her fingers in her vagina and masturbated wildly.

Not being allowed to masturbate and being ignored while under the aphrodisiac’s effects was utter agony, so she felt intensely jealous of Glinda and Millia for getting to enjoy Vloodvane’s penis like that.

When his penis entered Millia’s vagina, he used two fingers on Glinda’s and vice-versa. That allowed him to skillfully bring both of them to climax. And he finally squirted his hot semen inside both of them.

“Ahh, how lovely!”

“No, I’m cumming!”

Glinda and Millia orgasmed at about the same time and passed out, but Vloodvane’s penis remained just as hard and erect as before.

He walked over to Irene and viewed the enchained woman from head to toe.

Her eyes were so damp she seemed to have a high fever.

Her entire body glistened with a sexual sweat, her breasts were swollen, and the nipples at the tips were painfully erect.

A look at her lower body showed love juices dripping out like she had wet herself. It had soaked her white thighs and her dark blue stockings.

And at her crotch, the outer lips were spread open, revealing the inner lips. The clitoris that Glinda had uncovered was also swollen.

“Irene, you look like you are suffering.”


She could not open her mouth. Because she was afraid of what she would say if she did.

“Make the Oath of the Sword to me and I will put this in you right here and now. And like last time, I will continue fucking you until your hips give out, your rational mind shatters, and you piss yourself.”

“…No, thanks…”

She carefully responded with just those two words, but Vloodvane appeared satisfied.

“Hee hee. Impressive willpower. But what else should I expect from a Master Swordswoman? And that is precisely what makes you worth making mine.”


“I would love to play with the three of you forever, but I am a busy man. There is somewhere I must go, so goodnight, Irene, my future loyal aide.”

Just before he left, his small fingertip lightly stroked her across her labia. That was all, yet…


She looked up toward heaven and screamed while her body convulsed in its restraints.

Her body had been ignored for a while now, so this had been like pricking an overinflated balloon with a small pin.

Drool flowed from her lips and her breasts jiggled as she leaned back. Love juices squirted from her vulva like she was urinating and her chained body shook. Once it was over, her head slumped down.

A steaming puddle of sexual fluid had formed on the cold dungeon stone below her feet.

She had wet herself once more.

“Good morning. Such a pleasant day, isn’t it? Hee hee. Perfect fucktoy-training weather.”

Once morning arrived, Glinda arrived in Irene’s cell with a naked Millia following her.

Vloodvane was not with them. He must have left for whatever business he had mentioned the day before.

Glinda wore her evening dress impeccably and she was in a good mood. It seemed witches were the same as anyone else in one way: a solid round of fucking with someone you loved put you in a good mood the following day.

Irene, on the other hand, could not hide the exhaustion on her face.

The inner side of her stockings were worn through because she had spent all night rubbing her inner thighs together to bear with the carnal throbbing, but no matter how aroused her body was, rubbing her thighs together was not enough for a satisfying orgasm. It only served to make her hornier and hornier.

“So how do you feel after a night alone with the banshee flower nectar?”

“Ah, ahh, ahhh…”

When she saw Glinda’s face, Irene’s lips trembled like someone lost in the desert seeking water.

The witch was extremely satisfied by that.

“Millia, remove her fetters.”

Glinda had left the ring of keys in Millia’s care, so the girl kneeled at Irene’s feet and removed the fetters.

Then Glinda walked over to dazed Irene.

The change was instantaneous.

Irene’s beautifully long leg flew through the air.

The high kick caught Glinda in the side of the head.

Glinda did not – no, could not – resist the power off the blow and was sent flying, but that was fortunate. If she had tried to hold her ground, the blow might very well have sent her through the gates to the underworld. But Irene was not going to overlook this chance.

Both her legs wrapped around Glinda’s neck like serpents. Glinda’s nose and mouth were pressed tightly against Irene’s labia, which suffocated her.

“Kh, nhh, nhh…”

Glinda questioned herself while her mind grew hazy.

Had she grown careless? She had forced this woman to drink banshee flower nectar, rubbed it on her vulva and even her exposed clitoris, and then left her to endure the agony all night long, so how was she supposed to have predicted the woman’s legs could still move that quickly?

Glinda knew she would not have been able to think about anything but sex if that was done to her. She was confident she would have masturbated like made for three days and three nights and stuck her ass out and wiggled it around for any man she saw.

She had enough skill in magic to be proud of, but she was apparently a complete amateur when it came to martial arts. She could only struggle futilely while Irene’s legs restrained her.

But this also affected Irene. She had spent a night of neglect while under the effects of the aphrodisiac and Glinda’s face was now pressed against the vulva that had so desired stimulation. The rubbing of the woman’s long nose just about sent her to heaven.

And if she orgasmed, even Irene would relax her legs and release Glinda. Then there would never be another chance at escape.

“Nhh, nhh…”

“Ah, ahh, ahh!”

Irene did indeed cum and her legs went limp. Glinda was freed and collapsed to the floor.

Glinda had actually passed out well before this. The second half of their “struggle” had really just been Irene masturbating with Glinda’s face.

Irene blushed when she realized that, but she was in no position to just sit around. She desperately called out to her student who had watched the struggle with a blank look.

“Millia, Millia, Millia, hurry up and remove my chains!”

Some focus returned to Millia’s eyes when Irene called out to her. Or maybe she was just used to being given orders after undergoing Glinda’s training. Her expression remained blank as she found the keys for Irene’s various restraints and removed them.

“Millia, it’ll be okay now. Pull yourself together.”

Once freed, Irene hugged Millia and shook the girl’s shoulders. That finally brought Millia’s eyes gradually back into focus.

“Irene, Irene, Irene… I knew you would come rescue me.”

She nestled against Irene’s chest and sobbed like a child.

They hugged each other and felt each other’s warmth to convince each other they were safe, but they were far from safe yet.

“That bastard is gone today, isn’t he?”

“Eh? You mean Master Vloodvane? Yes, he said there was going to be a major coup among the leaders of Ralfint, so he wants to intervene to keep General Daist indebted to him.”

“I honestly don’t even care about any of that. Let’s get out of here.”

The immediate threat was gone, but it was all for naught if Vloodvane returned.

Irene stood up, walked over to unconscious Glinda, stripped off the woman’s clothes, and handed the evening dress to Millia.

“Millia, put this on. You can’t walk around outside in the nude.”

“But what about you?”

Millia took the evening dress, but did not like the idea of being the only one with clothing to wear.

“Not to worry. I can use her underwear.”

Irene immediately regretted that decision when she saw the underwear Glinda was wearing. It was sexy lingerie.

The bra was an open-cup style that did not actually cover anything and the panties were an open-crotch style that were left open there. Worse, they were a thong in the back.

That meant the underwear did not actually cover anything she wanted to cover up.

The woman had been wearing normal underwear with a sexy design the day before, so why did she have to be wearing such obscene underwear today?


Irene was dumbfounded, but when she sensed Millia’s worried look, she felt the need to put the girl at ease. She stole Glinda’s underwear and swiftly put it on like it did not bother her at all.

It felt gross putting on the underwear someone else had just been wearing, but she had bigger issues to worry about.

Irene might seem above it all, but even she lacked the courage to walk into town naked.

“Okay, let’s get going.”

Irene acted confident in that extremely indecent underwear, but it was all an act.

“I-I suppose I have…no choice.”

She looked down at her indecent appearance and sighed.

As lingerie, it naturally did not try to hide her bodylines, the open bust meant her breasts were fully exposed, what little cup it did have was made of lace, and it only functioned to push her breasts forward to shape them.

The open-crotch panties left her slit entirely exposed and anyone looking at her from the front would immediately be able to tell her labia were visible. The thong back left her large butt entirely exposed.

Glinda must have been wearing this underwear so that Vloodvane could have sex with her at any time. She put in a lot of effort to keep that beloved man interested in her.

That seemed like a pathetic form of female passion to Irene. Plus, if Glinda knew Irene felt any pity for her, it would have hurt her pride and sent her into a rage. Glinda hated pity and sympathy more than anything.

Irene wore that indecent underwear with her long gloves and stockings which were both badly torn. That meant she was not hiding the parts that should be hidden and she was hiding some parts that need not be hidden.

She felt like this was even more embarrassing than being naked, yet she also felt like it was better than nothing. It was a complicated feeling.

And whether or not she liked it herself, she had the body to pull it off.

Sexy lingerie was designed to make a woman look even more beautiful than while nude and to inspire lust, so she was looking even more sexy than while nude. Plus, the way she tried so hard to suppress the embarrassment and feign calm added to her attraction.

“My god, you’re hot.”

Irene’s sexiness was just about too much for Millia who wore only an evening dress over her bare skin.

“If we wait around, that bastard will return. We need to escape before then.”

Irene tried to forget that she was wearing such a hopelessly shameless outfit and decided to first escape this castle.

“Oh, wait.”

Millia ran over to Glinda who was lying naked and unconscious on the floor after having her clothes stolen.

Irene would have preferred to finish her off, but she unfortunately did not have a blade. However, she smiled bitterly when she realized what Millia was doing.

Millia restrained Glinda with exactly the same shackles and fetters that had held Irene. She also tore off the hem of her evening dress and stuffed it in the woman’s mouth as a gag.

Speaking aloud was crucially important for magical incantations, so a gagged witch was like a swordless swordswoman.

“Heh hehh. That should do it. Now she can’t chase after us even if she comes to. Let’s get going.”

After chaining up Glinda, Milia gave a satisfied look at the witch who had tormented her and clapped her hands together to brush them off.

Irene smiled at this glimpse of Millia’s usual personality returning, but she immediately erased the smile from her face and walked over.

“Millia, that isn’t quite enough. Didn’t I teach you to be thorough in everything you do?”

Irene grabbed the dildos that had tormented them so and shoved them into Glinda’s vagina and ass.


Glinda slowly opened her eyes, likely due to the sensation in her lower stomach.

“Oh, come to already?”

Glinda was shocked to see Irene standing over her with a cold smile on her lips, so she quickly checked on her surroundings. She went pale when she realized she was chained up and Irene was free.

And Irene smiled while holding a third dildo right in front of Glinda’s face. Even Millia felt a chill down her spine at how fearsome a smile it was.

“Nh, nh, nhh!”

Realizing what Irene intended to do, Glinda widened her eyes and desperately shook her head.

Just one of these dildos was quite thick, so if a single narrow passageway had two shoved into it, there was a real danger of it tearing.

But Irene cared not a whit for the woman’s wellbeing and prepared to shove another dildo between the labia already containing one.


Glinda desperately tried to plead with her despite the gag.

What Irene was doing here was not the sort of training Glinda did; it was torture.

The intense pain felt like being torn in two from the crotch, so Glinda’s restrained body convulsed and tears flooded from her eyes.

And finally, Irene’s strength forced the second dildo into Glinda’s vagina.

Liquid exploded from the witch’s crotch and her head slumped back down.

This was the second time Glinda had pissed herself and passed out from Irene’s torment.

Glinda was naked and chained up with two dildoes in her vagina and one in her ass and her lower body was wet with urine.


Millia actually felt bad for Glinda after seeing this, but Irene shook the drops from her hands and looked back at her student like nothing had happened.

“Now, we can’t hang around here for long. We really do need to hurry out of here.”

After readily performing such a cruel action, Irene turned around. Once she and Millia left that room, they ran out of the castle.

Meanwhile, Millia made a mental note to never make Irene angry.

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