The Two Dancing Blades

Chapter 4 - Thunder
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Chapter 4 - Thunder

“I would rather you did not kill Glinda. I care for my student just like you do yours.”

Some storm clouds had appeared in the sky.

The sky was dark, the clouds were low, lightning flashed within the clouds, and thunder rumbled both near and far.

It was midday, but the world grew dark as night with the occasional flash of lightning to light things up.

The lightning illuminated Irene.

Her hair blew violently in the powerful wind.

With long straight black hair, angular eyes carrying a refreshing shine, an elegant bridge of the nose, and youthful lips, she had a very feminine silhouette for such a well-trained body.

The composed and beautiful swordswoman seemed to carry herself in a graceful and soft way, but there was a coldness hidden there. She gave off an aura similar to moonlight.

She faced a small figure wearing a robe as black as ink.

“Knave! Who are you? Name yourself!”

She spoke in a graceful, rich, smooth, and dignified voice similar to the ringing of a silver bell.

“My name is Vloodvane.”

Irene narrowed her eyes suspiciously at that boy who looked no older than a teenager, but she did not respond any further.

A fierce light glittered in her dark eyes.

“Oh? You are the scum named Vloodvane? So we finally meet.”

She immediately took a fighting stance that resembled icy snow blowing in the wind.

The lightning reflected off of her sword’s blade.

“You might be a legendary mage, but you must pay for making an enemy of my school.”

Irene raced toward him like the blowing wind.


It was a splendid approach, but the boy dodged it by flying gently through the air. They swapped positions.

The thunder rumbled.

With a sweep of Vloodvane’s arm, a bundle of arrows formed out of light and shot toward Irene one after another. She made three backflips to adroitly avoid them all.

Rain began to fall and eventually grew into a proper thunderstorm.

It was hard to tell in the darkness, but Vloodvane appeared to be laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh, I was just looking forward to the moment when a proud woman like you abandons her self-respect, begs for mercy, and ultimately becomes no more than a slut who shakes her own hips to ask for more.”

“Keep dreaming,” spat out Irene while moving in close again.

Vloodvane responded with magic.

A Master Swordswoman and a legendary immortal mage exchanged attacks in the rain that would surely have killed any lesser fighter.

“Pant, pant, pant…”

Irene would attack with her sword and Vloodvane would counterattack with his magic. How many times had that process repeated at this point?

Eventually, Irene was soaked by the pouring rain and her shoulders were rising and falling with her breathing.

Her clothing had soaked up so much rain and sweat that it clung to her skin and revealed the curves of her body.

“What’s wrong? You’re out of breath.”

“Pant, pant, pant. Nh, I don’t need…your sympathy, pant….”

Irene herself was confused by the change to her body. She had lost her usual edge. No, this went beyond that. Her body was oddly warm.

She thought she might have caught a cold from the rain, but that did not seem to be it. She was confused because she did not want to believe what she was feeling.

She could not afford to let anything distract her in the middle of a deadly battle. Something like sexual arousal was completely out of the question.


Irene raised her voice to focus her mind and drive out the intrusive feelings. She began attacking Vloodvane with movements too quick for the eye to follow.

But it was all for naught. She failed to hit Vloodvane and she failed to drive out her body’s unwanted feelings.

Her nipples were inexplicably erect below her clothes. With every move she made, they rubbed against the inside of her clothing, which only made them grow harder and throb.

She could also tell her panties were wet. She wanted to believe it was only the rain, but the rain would not feel so warm and sticky.


She stopped attacking for a moment and observed the mage’s movements instead.

She refused to accept that the changes to her body were caused by sexual arousal, so she decided it had to be some kind of sorcery Vloodvane had cast on her. However, she could see no signs of him using magic.

“Hee hee. Looks like you’ve finally noticed.”

“…What did you do?”

Irene kept her voice low as she questioned Vloodvane.

“It’s nothing fancy. More a kind of sleight of hand than proper magic. I knew none of my magic could hit a warrior as skilled as you, so I went with a second-rate sort of trick.”

Irene frowned at his answer.

“You are familiar with magical lifeforms, I assume? One of those is known as slime. I hid some of that in the rain to get it on your body.”


Dumbfounded, she looked down at her body.

“But it’s transparent and you’re soaked with rain, so I doubt you can notice anything with the naked eye.”


She had not noticed because of the rain, but she could tell what had happened now that he had been given the answer.

There was indeed an overly sticky feeling in her clothes. Once she noticed it, she could feel the slime’s rhythmic crawling movement caressing her entire body.

The slime was spread thin to crawl across her thighs, breasts, butt, stomach, and everywhere else below her clothes. Worse, it was starting to enter her body through her labia and anus.

The indescribable feeling made her hair stand on end.

She wanted to call him underhanded, but she swallowed the words. Underhanded methods were how you achieve victory in this age of war. Anything she said would only be the complaints of a sore loser. She had to win by any means necessary and survive this.

“I created that slime with my magic. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? No human can provide quite the same stimulation, so a lot of women keep one at home for their own enjoyment.”

Magical lifeforms never grew tired. They simply repeated the simple action they had been commanded to. In this case, that meant groping Irene’s body.

Irene rubbed at her body like mad in an attempt to peel the slime from her, but her fingers only slid smoothly across her skin.

“It is no use. There are only two ways to kill a slime: burn it with fire, or remove it with magic.”

Irene stopped moving when she heard Vloodvane’s explanation.


She raised her voice without warning, opened her angled eyes desperately wide, rushed toward him, and made a horizontal slash with lightning speed. When she saw him dodge that, she kept the attacks coming without even pausing to breathe.

Her situation was not going to get any better. In the very near future, her body would succumb to the slime’s attack and she would be rendered motionless. So she had to defeat him while she still could.

Irene used all of the Shooting Star Flower’s hidden and secret techniques for a rapid series of attacks that entered an almost divine realm.

The tip of her sword caught Vloodvane several times, but never enough to be fatal. In fact, she was the one in trouble here. Every time she used a major technique and each time she took a large step, she ended up spreading her legs. The sticky creature did not overlook that opening and invaded further into her vagina.


She pulled off one of the Shooting Star Flower’s ultimate techniques: the Comet Drop.

Raiment Render sank deep into Vloodvane’s left shoulder.

Her rush of attacks ended there.

She kept her sword at the ready and her eyes on the enemy, but her legs were turned inward like she really had to pee.

It was not that she had simply stopped moving. She could no longer move.

“That was an impressive onslaught. I would have been killed if not for the whole immortality thing.”


Her blade had definitely sliced through his heart, yet he seemed perfectly fine. In fact, a single stroke of the wound and it vanished altogether.

Irene felt fear for the first time in the battle. A stiff scream escaped from deep in her throat.

She felt despair even more strongly than the rubbing of the slime on her body.

All the jumping around she had done for her attacks had allowed the slime into the most important part of her female body. The wriggling movement in there was nearly impossible to bear.

The slime had started out cold from the rain, but it had been warmed by her body heat. And it was keeping her body warm at the same time.

Irene did not masturbate often. She did have a libido, but she generally sealed it away through sheer force of will. When it was too much for that, she usually distracted herself with training. Those efforts had made her a Master Swordswoman at a very young age.

But that restraint had become a weakness here.

The slime’s stickiness clung tightly to her skin. It got into every wrinkle and fold of flesh and continued its unique rhythmic wriggling.

“Kh, khhhhhh…”

The tip of her sword trembled and that tremor soon spread to the rest of her body.

“Oh? You seem to be enjoying the slime very much indeed. But I am impressed you can keep such focus in your eyes and a sword in your hands while the slime crawls across your entire body. A normal woman could never manage that.”

Irene desperately resisted the approaching orgasm, but the slime did not seem bothered at all as it continued to torment her body.

She could not stop the trembling of her sword, arms, shoulders, and knees and she crouched down a bit like she had to pee. Vloodvane slowly walked over to her and snatched away the sword she held.

Her knees gave out at the same moment. Or it looked like they would. Just before then, her right leg flew toward the back of Vloodvane’s head.

She knew she had him. Or she wanted to believe she did. In all her martial arts experience, no one had ever dodged a kick thrown with this timing.

However, that perfect kick did not have the speed she had expected, so he easily stopped it with a hand.

He lifted her almost artistically beautiful leg overhead and looked to its base.

“Yes, yes. A splendid view.”

Past the dark blue stockings and garter belts plastered to her white thigh, he saw her dark blue panties.

She had chosen that color of underwear for the journey for the practical reason that stains would not be noticeable, but its contrast with her white skin accentuated the skin’s sensuality.


Spreading her legs that wide did not hurt her because she was flexible, but the enemy’s eyes on her crotch brought psychological pain. Plus, this pose spread her labia, allowing the slime easier access to that sensitive area.

An indescribable feeling washed across her body, her supporting leg trembled, and Vloodvane lightly swept it out from under her.


Unable to catch herself, she collapsed pathetically to the ground.

“Your sword technique can slice through steel, but it would seem a slime was beyond your skill level.”

Vloodvane smiled softly while climbing on top of her. She resisted, but he had her pinned down before long.

He held her hands to the ground and her wrists strained in protest. He twisted them upwards and it felt like the bone would crack.


She clenched her teeth and tilted her head back to bear with the pain.

“Just stay where you are and I will fill you with pleasure.”


Still clenching her teeth, she glared at the mage like some kind of demon.

His tone was soft, but he had essentially announced he was going to rape her.

The mage kissed the resisting lioness he was forcibly pinning down.


Irene’s eyes widened in surprise and Vloodvane persistently kept up the kiss. He sucked at her lips and licked along the edges.

After pinning both her wrists with a single hand, he lowered the other small hand to skillfully slip it below her chest armor and began groping her breasts over the clothing.

“Wh-what do you think you’re doing!? Stop tha-…”

Irene started to protest, but he pressed his lips harder against hers to silence her.

Her resistance was in vain thanks to his great strength. He kept working her mouth further open, forcibly found her tongue with his, licked all through her mouth, sucked up her saliva, and made her drink his.

Irene was known as a sword made flesh and she had never known defeat or humiliation. Such a proud woman could never bear being violated in such a vulgar manner. Some women like her might even take their own life afterwards.

But that would be meaningless.

Men and women interacted based on a set of rules different from sword fighting. No matter what Irene might think of Vloodvane, she would eventually succumb if he tormented her day in and day out. He would keep at it until he broke her will and she offered her body and soul to him.

This first step was crucial if he was going to do that. He had to thoroughly violate her so she succumbed more quickly.

Once he began massaging her breasts, heated breaths started leaving her mouth. Not even she knew whether that was due to asphyxiation or sexual arousal.

Irene’s leather chest armor doubled as a bra, so if you slipped your hand below that, you would be able to feel the nipples through the thin cloth below.

The chest of her thin clothing grew wrinkled from his groping.

He pressed a finger against her nipples and rolled them around in a circle. The sensitive nipples responded by growing hard enough to see through her clothing.

Vloodvane’s hands crawled along her entire body. He felt the smooth but muscular sensation of her well-trained body.

He brought a hand around to her butt, rubbed that, and slipped a finger into the crack.

He also slipped a hand under her pareo, enjoyed the gentle sensation of her thighs, and then moved his hand up to her crotch.


He initially rubbed his hand in a gentle circle around her feminine lips through the panties, but he eventually started rubbing up and down the slit and made sure to stimulate the clitoris and inner labia as well.

With her legs and vulva spread, her legs trembled in vain.

Vloodvane suddenly let go, stopped kissing her, and raised his head.

“That calmed you down a fair bit.”

The crawling sensation of the slime had vanished at some point. He had likely removed it with his magic, but that did not mean Irene could manage anything now.

She was only a swordswoman. She was a martial artist who specialized in the sword. Remove the sword and a swordswoman was just a woman.


Now that she could breathe again, she sucked in a deep breath. Vloodvane used that moment to lift up her pareo.

Her lower body was now revealed. Dark blue garterbelts covered her legs to halfway up her thighs and dark blue panties covered her crotch.

That underwear was soaked and plastered to her and the center was caught between her labia. This was of course thanks to the rain and some moisture that was definitely not the rain.

He had already touched her through the panties. Her solid pubis bone had been evident even through that underwear.

Meanwhile, his lips began sucking at her throat, he stuck his head under her arm to lick her armpit, he sucked her breasts through her clothes, and he sucked at the nipples in particular.

His attack through the thin cloth was horribly accurate.

“Ah, kh, kh, nh, nnh.”

She tried to resist the storm of petting through her clothing, but she could not stop herself from writhing maddeningly on the ground.

When the mage’s lips finally reached her lower body, he kissed the dark blue garter belts contrasting her white skin and his tongue crawled from there to reach the dark blue panties located between her thighs. After kissing her through her panties, he persistently licked and sucked her there.

Some balls of fuzz had formed on the crotch, making it look like the panties wanted to open up and let the caress through.

Doing it through the thin fabric may have been an intentional act. Irene was unaccustomed to sex, so a thorough tormenting of her weak point would have been more painful than pleasurable. But through the fabric, the persistent caress felt good.

Vloodvane peeled the panties away like the thin shell of a boiled egg and he pulled them down while tearing the garter belts.

A lightning flash reflected off of the sticky threads connecting down to it. That fluid had been secreted from within Irene’s body.

“Hee hee. Try to look composed all you like, but you are soaked down here.”


“Oh, but don’t take that the wrong way. I think it’s lovely. It’s just like a bitch in heat.”

He reached for her wet lips and enjoyed how they felt.

“Yes, nice and sticky.”

After rubbing the outside of the slit for a bit, he finally stuck a finger inside.

The pink petals had been sticking out a bit, but when he pushed her plump thighs apart to spread her legs, her labia spread open as well.

Another flash of lightning illuminated the contents of her spread pussy lips.

She was so wet that threads of love juices connected the spread lips as well.

Vloodvane used what little sunlight made it through the clouds and the occasional lightning to carefully observe her vulva.

Past the petal-like folds of flesh was her vagina.

Her small urethra was located a bit above that and a hood the size of her little finger’s tip stuck out above that. Her smooth, pearl-like clitoris just barely poked out from there. It was smaller than Millia’s.

Vloodvane buried his face there.


Not feeling embarrassment was simply not possible.

Plus, this mage looked like an innocent boy in his early teens. Having her 22-year-old body teased by a young boy put her in a horribly perverted mood.

She instinctually held his head between her muscular thighs.

He did not hesitate to shove his nose into her mound and take a whiff.

He took several deep breaths of the sweet aroma of sweat, urine, and love juices to enjoy her sexual scent while rubbing her with his nose.

Then he extended his tongue to her slit.

He licked the softly protruding petals and gradually pushed his tongue inside.

His tongue tip was soon surrounded by warm and sticky flesh and he started licking like a dog.


Irene’s crotch hopped up and she moaned.

He kept stirring her up with his tongue to enjoy the flavor of her nectar and the sensation of the flesh.

His tongue gradually licked across every part of her down there before reaching the clitoris.


Her lower body shook like it had been struck by lightning.

His tongue tip focused its attack on her clit.

“Nh…nhh…nh, nhhh…”

She bit her lower lip in a desperate attempt to restrain her voice, but she could not stop her inner thighs and lower stomach from shaking.

He held her hips in his hands so her rising and falling crotch could not escape and he persistently kept his tongue crawling. Her convulsions reached their peak.

“Nh, kh, khhh…”

Her entire body flopped madly like a fish out of water. She bit her lip to keep any moans from escaping, but she could not hide the cunnilingus-induced orgasm.

Irene continued to twitch from the lingering waves of pleasure, but Vloodvane spread her legs wide, spread the labia with his fingers, and shoved a finger into her honeypot.


“Oh, what’s this? No hymen. I assumed you had dedicated yourself to the sword, but have you had a man in here before?”

He sounded surprised and he pushed another finger into her flower garden.


“But you do not seem all that experienced. Has it been a while?”

His two fingers stirred up her vagina.


“No, that isn’t it. There is no hymen, but this hole is unused.”

It was common for women who engaged in intense physical activity to break their hymen before losing their virginity.

“Hee hee. Did you break your hymen while training with the sword? Sounds about right for a Master Swordswoman.”

Once he arrived at an explanation he found satisfactory, Vloodvane pulled out his fingers and breathed an exasperated sigh from his nose.

“So both you and Millia were virgins. Where is the fun in a life dedicated to the blade? It is a tragedy for a woman to reach the age of 22 without knowing the pleasures her body can bring her.”

“Pant, pant. Nh, I don’t care…ahh…what you think…ahh.”

“You have plenty of time to change your mind once I show you those pleasures. I hope you enjoy it.”

Now that he was done observing her vagina, he pulled up his robe to reveal a brutal penis that looked entirely out of place on that gentle boy’s body.

That curved flesh sword easily rose past his navel.

A flash of lightning illuminated it. For Irene, this brought more fear than the bandits’ scimitars, the ninjas’ wild weapons, Lavancio’s radiant sword, General Daist’s dual spears, Millia’s magic sword, Glinda’s magic, or Vloodvane’s magic.


She tried to crawl back on her hands to get away, but that was not possible with her legs spread and her thighs held in place.

The male protrusion pressed against her exposed female hole.


She clenched her teeth, but her body refused to do as she said.

Thanks to the thorough stimulation from the slime and Vloodvane, her body had produced more lubricant than ever before and the penetration occurred smoothly.

She lost the chastity she had preserved for 22 years.


Her spread legs trembled from the pain and she tried to escape, but Vloodvane held her hips in place and pushed even deeper inside.


She nearly stopped breathing as the hard rod of flesh entered her feminine honeypot.

She had not had a hymen and the pain was not as bad as she had expected, but it felt weird having something in there for the first time.

Some of her black hair got in her mouth, she squeezed her eyes shut, and she attempted to bear with the unpleasant feeling of him entering her.

“I knew the pressure in there would be intense. And so many folds. Oh, what an incredible pussy.”

Once balls deep inside her, her labia acted as a sort of lid and he stayed motionless to enjoy the movement of her vagina.

Muscles provided the squeezing of a vagina, so anyone could have predicted that the well-trained body of a Master Swordswoman would squeeze tightly.

But the other aspects of her vagina were a gift from heaven. She had been gifted with talent as a swordswoman and simply as a woman.

And as much as she did not want it at the moment, a tight vagina was also more sensitive and more easily brought to climax.

Vloodvane held her arms down above her head and placed his body weight on her hips to press his pubis bone against hers while he slowly began to move.

Instead of some violent thrusting, he slowly and rhythmically moved inside her hole.

He had over a century of experience, so he knew all the weak points of the female body. If he took his time like this, the stimulation would eventually become pleasurable whether she liked it or not.

Irene instinctually realized that. Losing a battle and being raped was humiliating enough, but feeling pleasure from it threatened her dignity as a warrior and as a woman.

She tried gathering strength in her pinned arms a few times. As a trained swordswoman, her arms were very strong, but she could not even budge the boy’s slender arms. And all the while, his soft back and forth movement sent melting pleasure into her internal flesh.

Since she had not felt much pain from losing her virginity, she was assaulted with pleasure even though it was her first time.

She was known as a Master Swordswoman, but she looked like she could not endure this.


No one who knew the fearsome look on her face when she wielded a sword could have imagined the sensual look slipping onto her face now.

“Does it hurt? Yes, I imagine it does.”

Vloodvane asked an intentionally kind question. He lifted his upper body to observe how her flesh lewdly pulled out somewhat as he pulled back.

Irene trembled with embarrassment when she realized he was watching.


A moan escaped her lips.

The way the male object spread her vaginal flesh as it sank inside her was far more maddening then she had expected. Even her womb seemed to be throbbing.

She had tried to lie to herself, but her 22-year-old body had long desired a man. The mind and body were separate, so no matter how much she loathed the man, the penis inside her brought maddening levels of pleasure to her body.

This was entirely different to the sensation of the slime tormenting every part of her. She could tell being penetrated by this hard thing was exactly what her body had wanted.

Her sizable breasts bounced every which way as he thrust into her and pulled out, but then he grabbed them in his hands.

His hips moved slowly but endlessly while he fondled them. He also pinched and twisted the nipples visibly poking out through the thin fabric.

Her body suit grew wrinkled from his groping and it looked like he was going to wear a hole in the area over the nipples.

He grabbed her collar and used astonishing strength to tear down from there.

Her youthful shoulders, delicate collarbones, and massive breasts were exposed to the outside world.

The nipples and areolae adorning the peak of those ample mounds were a beautiful and almost transparent pink.

He sucked at the nipples which were already fully erect.


The lack of that one thin layer of cloth meant a dramatic change in the stimulation. An unbelievable amount of pleasure raced from her nipples and to the rest of her body.

He sucked all over her boobs. They were left glistening from his saliva.

Finally, he reached a hand down toward her clitoris. She could not bear the way he rubbed it in a circular motion. The surging pleasure forced her to scream.


Of course, that was not going to stop Vloodvane. He fully removed the clitoris from its hood while rubbing it between his fingers. Then he thoroughly tormented the flesh bean. He kept his hips moving all the while to stir up Irene’s fleshpot with an obscenely wet sound.

Her desperate cry echoed across the plain. But was that voice in response to pain or to the change she felt occurring in her body?

She could no longer identify the strange pleasure she felt in her crotch. Her body was being swept away by a new feeling.

A woman like her seducing a young boy like Vloodvane and taking his virginity may not have been all that rare an occurrence, but a woman Irene’s age being raped by a young boy like him and having her virginity taken in the process was unusual indeed.

Each time his fingers moved at her crotch, the trembling of her body grew. Her heated body was moving entirely subconsciously.

But despite the reaction of her body, her instincts led her to crawl backwards in an attempt to escape. However, this was a field out in the middle of nowhere, so there was nowhere to escape to.

She had been called a prodigy from a young age and praised as a natural swordswoman, so she had plenty of self-esteem. But at the moment, she could only sob while tears welled up in her eyes.

Once Vloodvane grew weary of targeting her weak points, he pinned her arms down again and resumed thrusting.

The mage had the experienced technique of someone over a hundred years old combined with the unlimited sexual energy of a teenage boy.

And while Irene was an expert at handling swords of steel, she was a complete amateur when it came to handling swords of flesh.

She had dedicated herself to the blade so thoroughly that she had earned the title of Master Swordswoman. She had been prepared to be pathetically raped or killed if she ever lost.

She did not fear death. She was prepared to die. That was why she could take her foes’ lives without hesitation. But she had not been prepared for pleasure like this.

If a man did rape her, she had assumed she just had to wait until he was done, but she had been wrong.

Sparks were flying within her body. She tensed up in an attempt to resist and gathered strength in her eyes to glare at Vloodvane.

“You really know how to move your hips. I would never guess this was your first time.”


Her face stiffened at his gentle comment.

Her hips were moving on their own. At some point, she had started moving her butt in time with his hips. This was of course entirely subconscious.

She worked to constantly stop her butt from moving, but that was when Vloodvane stopped his hips altogether.


“Oh, is something the matter?”


He sneered at her, so she clenched her teeth and tried to stop her hips. But her body refused to listen when she was this close to orgasm. For the first time, she experienced a temptation greater than those sweet sugar cakes.

Her body intensely desired that pleasure, no matter what her mind wanted.

She could feel the love juices gushing from her and she was overcome by the illusion that the ground below her was wet from those fluids and not the pouring rain.


When she could not resist the temptation and moved her hips herself just once, she thought she heard the sound of a latch opening in her mind.

She clung to Vloodvane’s body and thrust her hips like crazy. This was about more than just the teasing he had done. Her hips seemed hell-bent on making up for 22 years of denial.

Vloodvane calmly rode the bucking mare in heat.



Irene’s eyes widened in shock when she heard the voice of her supposedly unconscious student.

She could not move her body, so she turned just her head to see Millia sitting nude in the rain. The girl was clasping her hands and watching her teacher’s sexual display with a dazed look.

“Don’t look, Millia. Don’t look at me. Ahh…Millia…”

Millia’s gaze brought a great ache to Irene’s heart, but that ache also felt unbelievably good. The masochistic pleasure only made her hornier.


“Ahh, Millia, no, don’t look…”

A girl with absolute trust in her was watching as she lost a battle, was raped, and now started moving her own hips while moaning.

(I’m so weak-willed and powerless.)

She felt so pathetic that tears spilled from her eyes.

“There is nothing to cry about. No one can resist pleasure.”

Vloodvane lifted up one of her legs, flipped her over, and started thrusting his hips with an animalistic roughness that did not suit his appearance.

This position allowed his penis to thrust mercilessly deep. She cried out as it pounded on her cervix.

“S-stop! Not so rough! Please!”

She pressed her palms against his stomach to soften the impacts as much as possible, but her resistance was futile.

Vloodvane continued his intense and merciless thrusting.

Only now did Irene realize he had been going easy on her before.

“Ahh, ahh, ahhh…”

She could only shake her head wildly and sob while reaching small and large climaxes over and over.

He would pull back until he was almost completely out of her and then thrust all the way back in again. The sharp stimulation of those long thrusts knocked all rational thought from her mind. She could only moan so loudly it rivaled the thunder.

Vloodvane had unbelievable stamina, so he kept going without any rest.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh…”

The pleasure was so great she had no idea what to even do.

“No, no, no…”

Her mind went blank and she could only desperately repeat the same word again and again.

“There is nothing to worry about. Just let this feeling take over.”

How long did his merciless thrusting continue?

Millia could tell she was seeing something incredible. That swordswoman was known across the continent and praised as the Sword Dancer, so who could have ever predicted she would be reduced to this?


“Good, good. I like the sound of your moans. Hee hee. What a horny woman you are. I like women who cum so easily.”

Irene could no longer argue with his mockery. Her thoughts were not organized enough.

“Ahh, ah, ah…”

Her throat had gone horribly dry from all the moaning.

For the final thrust, Vloodvane lifted her hips and pushed his hips forward so strongly it felt like he was going to pierce right through her body. Then he exploded. A great quantity of semen surged out within her.

For Irene, that was the final and most critical attack.

“Ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

She cried out like an animal and arched her back so far it looked like she was performing a bridge.

Then she pissed herself and stopped moving.

Vloodvane still did not release her. After she came, he gradually reduced his movement and took his time in stopping. Even after he had fully stopped and his penis had gone flaccid, he still did not pull it out of her vagina.

When he finally did pull it out, a mixture of love juices and cum flowed from between Irene’s spread legs. The quantity was incredible. It was hard to believe it had all fit inside her. But the rain washed it all away: the tears, the saliva, the love juices, the semen, and the urine. The lightning only illuminated the nude form of the thoroughly fucked Holy Swordswoman.

“Irene, Irene, Irene!”

Millia’s legs were shaking. She thought her heart was going to tear in two. Her throat was dry and tears spilled endlessly from her eyes.

She stumbled as she ran over to Irene and she shouted the woman’s name, but Irene did not even stir. She was so limp you would have thought she was dead.

Millia had never seen anything so horrific. She had no idea what to do, but then someone placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t worry. She is still alive.”

Vloodvane’s gentle assurance helped her calm down a little and she noticed that Irene’s chest was rising and falling.

“O-oh…thank goodness.”

She breathed a sigh of relief, sniffled from the ground, and then pleaded up at Vloodvane.

“Um, Master Vloodvane, I don’t care what happens to me, but please don’t be so mean to Irene. I had a rougher upbringing, so I can put up with whatever you might do to me, but Irene is…how should I put it? She’s more delicate deep down, so I think she’ll break if you do this to her.”

Instead of directly answering her, Vloodvane rubbed her head.

“You are such a good girl, Millia. I can see why Irene was willing to risk everything to come rescue you.”

“Eh heh heh.”

Millia laughed awkwardly with tears still in her eyes.

“Now, we can’t just leave her lying out in the rain. And there is another woman who wet herself over there, so let us take them back to Carell Castle.”

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