The Two Dancing Blades

Chapter 2 - Encounter
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Chapter 2 - Encounter

“Ahh, this feels great. I’m so glad I took this journey.”

As Millia climbed a mountain path surrounded by dark green trees, a field of flowers came into view.

She innocently rejoiced and immediately flopped down into the flowers where she sprawled out in the bright sun.

Her eyes were as deep a blue as the summer sky and her youthful cheeks were adorable. Anyone would agree she was an attractive girl, but her grooming and clothing worked against that.

Her hair would have glowed like gold if she only combed it, but she left it lazily cut at shoulder length, she did not look after it beyond washing it, and it looked like not even a comb could tame it. She used a wrapped cord around her forehead to keep it out of her eyes.

She wore a faded sleeveless outfit with only a leather protector over her chest. The short skirt gave a view of her plump legs and the soft cloth covering her crotch came into view when it fluttered in the wind.

Millia preferred that loincloth to anything as fancy as panties. She liked how she could tighten it to help focus herself on a task.

Her only weapon was a midsized sword at her hip and her only armor was the leather protector over her chest. The stomach was a weak point for a human, or any animal, but she left hers unguarded as a sign of confidence.

She wore a leather cape on her back and leather hiking boots on her feet. She had wrapped some hemp cloth around her arms to help guard them, but her healthy upper arms and thighs were left exposed.

It all gave her a rough appearance, but that was exactly who she was. That may have made her a stereotypical female mercenary.

She was lightly equipped for a warrior, but almost all female warriors were lightweight fighters. They could not hope to match the men in pure strength, so they made up for it with speed. That forced them to be equipped more lightly and a lot of them also used magic to fight.

“Hm, hmm, hm. Ahh, this is the life.”

She raised her clasped hands overhead and stretched while breathing her lungs full of the floral aroma.

She looked boyish, but she was still a girl. She loved being surrounded by grass and flowers.

She was not in a hurry, so she liked the idea of taking a nap here.


She lay there enjoying the breath of nature for a while, but she had always had trouble sitting still.

Once she started feeling restless, she brought her hands to her chest and slipped them below the protector there.

She did not like how large her breasts were, but she still enjoyed how they felt in her hands.

The sun was too bright, so she shut her eyes and focused on her own body as she slowly massaged her breasts. Once the nipples grew stiff and erect, she pinched them and rolled them around.


Anyone who knew her would have doubted their ears at how sensual and feminine her sighs sounded.

Back at home, she was known as a strong-willed girl who would be more interested in food than sex. That was certainly one side of her, but it had been quite a while since her first period.

Once a girl had their first period, they would not remain a pure and innocent little thing for long. That was a sign that they were growing up. And as they grew, so did their sexual desire. She sometimes forgot all about that desire while training her sword technique, but it never went away. The smallest thing could bring it rushing back.

“Ahh, ahn, Irene.”

Her ideal partner was someone stronger than her who would always protect her.

That was not asking for much, but not many people could provide it. The only person she knew stronger than her was Irene.

After fondling herself for a while, she moved the hand on her left breast down to her lower body, lifted up her skirt, and stuck her fingers into the soft cloth within. Her fingers immediately found a sticky sensation.

She seemed to produce more love juices than average, so it did not take long for it to trickle out like she had pissed herself.

“Ahh, the sun…the sun is so bright~”

The light shining through her eyelids made her feel like the sun was watching her masturbate. Her entire body burned with embarrassment, but that only sped up her fingering.

She had pushed the chest protector partially out of the way as she massaged her right breast and she had nearly removed her loincloth as she rolled her clitoris around in her fingers. Before too long, her hips thrust up high and trembled.

It was very unlike a swordfighter, but all of her focus was gathered on her own body and she had shut out all information from the outside world.

The scene in her mind as she lost herself in masturbation was not sex with a man. Her ideal partner was and had always been Irene.

She recalled Irene’s gentle kisses and warm embraces as her fingers moved more intensely, her breathing grew heavier, and an endless series of heated sighs escaped her lips.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahn, ahh, ah, ah, hh, hh~ Nh, ahhh!”

Her moaning grew more excited and her mouth hung open as her hips thrust even higher than before and convulsed. The loosened loincloth came undone and fell away.

Her nectar-soaked vulva glittered in the strong summer sunlight.

“Sigh~, I did it again.”

Once the orgasm faded and her hips dropped back down, Millia held her wet fingers up in the sunlight and fell into some light self-hatred.

How long had it been since she learned how to finger herself? When had she started masturbating whenever she had some spare time? When she was done, she always swore never to do it again, but she was always right back at it before long. It made her feel like a dog in heat.

“I bet these things got so big because I’m always doing this.”

She looked down at the needlessly large mounds that fueled her inferiority complex. Even while lying on her back, they almost entirely kept their shape and their prominent form felt like an eyesore to her.

The other girls were always jealous of how busty she was, but they only got in the way of her sword fighting. How many times had she grabbed them, wishing she could just tear them off?

She hated being seen as a woman. She wanted to continue living as a child who did not have to think about sexuality at all, but her body constantly reminded her she was well on the way to adulthood.

“I wonder if Irene does this too.”

Irene was so unbelievably beautiful, but she was never seen spending any time with men. There were rumors of a tragic romance with a prince during her time serving in Ralfint’s royal palace, but no one knew if that was true.

Millia had never seen Irene masturbating, but no matter how above-it-all she might seem, she was still a woman and she would likely be plagued by the same sexual desire Millia was.

And when she thought about it, you did not let someone see you masturbate even if you were as close as sisters. Millia did not let anyone see her masturbate either.

She tried to imagine Irene masturbating night after night, but she gave up because it seemed out of character.

“She’s perfect, unlike me, so I bet she can resist the urge. Yawn~”

After reaching that conclusion, Millia succumbed to the pleasant scent of the flowers, warmth of the sunlight, and post-orgasm exhaustion. She yawned and drifted off to sleep with her top still pulled up above her breasts and her skirt lifted up.

“Kyah! Someone! Someone help!”

Millia had been enjoying some peaceful sleep with drool dripping from her mouth, but her eyes blinked awake when she heard an ear-splitting scream. Waking up quickly was one of her special skills. She was a true swordswoman in that sense.

She quickly wiped the drool from her mouth, pulled her chest protector back into place, and lifted her head from the flower field.

A village woman of about 20 with snow-white skin was being pursued by men who looked like bandits.

With a group of bald and bearded men chasing a pure maiden, it was obvious who was in the right here.

True courage was to act when action was necessary. Millia had a strong sense of justice and she tended to act before thinking.

Light filled her eyes as she drew her sword and rushed from the flower field.

“Help has arrived, miss!”

The bandits were surprised by the sudden intrusion, but they clearly underestimated her when they saw how young she was. In fact, they seemed overjoyed to have another target. The fleeing woman must not have expected someone looking like Millia could save her either.

One of the bandits reached out a thick arm to snag Millia as she ran toward him, but she easily dodged it. And a moment later…


The bandits and the woman doubted their eyes.

A superb kick sank into the man’s face. Her momentum caused her skirt to rise up and show off her plump legs.

While the rest of the bandits stared in shock, she threw an elbow to the right and a roundhouse kick to the left to bring down a second and third.

“She’s tough! Don’t let your guard down! Take this seriously!”

On the instructions of the eyepatch man who appeared to be their leader, a large, burly man rushed at her with a scimitar raised and tried to cut her down. He was certainly powerful, but his sword technique was that of a complete amateur. Millia easily dodged it and hit him in the side with the back of her blade.

Killing highway robbers was fair game, but the difference in skill was so great Millia felt like she was bullying them and she held back.

The fact that she had never killed someone before may have played a subconscious role as well.

The brawl had begun as six against one, but Millia incapacitated all of them in no time.

“Well, had enough!?”

After tying them up, Millia crossed her arms and struck a bold pose in front of the eyepatch man.

She really should have left them with a local vigilante group, but she had another idea.

Banditry was of course a bad thing, but she could not judge them too harshly given the current state of the Ralfint Kingdom. A lot of people had gone broke and become wanderers after their fields were ravaged by the long war and it was common for them to resort to a life of crime.

The elders of her village had raised her to hate the sin and not the sinner.

“You were stopped before doing any real harm, so if you swear you will never do something like this again, I will let you go.”

The bandits stared blankly up at her when she made this unexpected offer.

“So. Learned your lesson?”

She leaned forward to match their seated eye level while maintaining a threatening pose, but it was not the threatening look on her face they focused on. Their eyes were drawn right to her boldly exposed cleavage. They could not help but audibly gulp.

“Hey, my eyes are up here, you pervs!”

When she realized what they were looking at, she sent a merciless blow right into one man’s face. He collapsed onto his back with blood flowing from his nose.

“Men are so disgusting.”

She repeatedly stomped on the eyepatch man’s face, but he looked oddly happy even as his face twisted in pain.

She had completely forgotten to put her underwear back on when she woke up, so the bandit’s viewpoint from below gave him a full view of her bare pussy.

That said, she could easily kick him to death if he sat there enjoying the view for long, so he got up on all fours and apologized.

“Yes, we have learned our lesson. We will never again do anything like this.”

“Good. I will forgive you just this once, so live an honest life from here on out. Besides, just because life has gotten a little rough is no excuse for trying to steal from other people.”

Millia planted her feet wide apart to strike a bold pose as she started lecturing the bandits, but just then, a mischievous and oddly persistent gust of wind sent her skirt fluttering up.


The captured bandits quietly celebrated amongst themselves.

Now all the bandits were blessed with the same view as their boss. And they were not being kicked in the head, so they could take their time and enjoy the view.

The blonde hair on her head was discolored by exposure to the sun, but her pubic hair had much less sun exposure and its beautiful golden color fluttered in the breeze.

Also, her pubic hair had yet to fully grow in, so her labia remained almost entirely visible.

The fleshy lips were fully closed at first, but whenever she shifted her weight from one foot to another, they opened a bit and gave a glimpse of the beautiful pink within. The bandits stared intently to never miss a glimpse and that unintentional teasing sent their lust boiling.

“Banditry simply is not worth the effort. Even if you manage to steal a lot of money, you can’t use it in town. And if you get hurt, no one will be willing to heal you and you might end up with a lifelong disability because of it.”

Millia never would have dreamed a total of 12 eyeballs were focused on her bare pussy, so she was pleased to see how focused they were on her lecture and she even swung her sword around to accentuate some of her points. Afterwards, she untied them.

“Now let this be a lesson to you. Go live an honest life.”

“Thanks so much. We will never forget this.”

The bandits had not listened to a word of the girl’s shallow lecture, but once released, they bowed deeply and made themselves scarce.

Millia watched them go, convinced she had done a good deed, but their thanks had been for more than just sparing their lives. If anything, they had been even more thankful for the eye candy.

“Thank you so much for rescuing me.”

Once the bandits were gone, the previous woman walked over and thanked Millia.

“Oh, glad to see you’re okay. My name’s Millia.”

“My name is Glinda. Um…”

The woman looked like she wanted to say something, so Millia followed her gaze down. Just then, another gust of wind caused her skirt to flutter up and she saw her own crotch.


She blushed and jumped up in surprise before belatedly holding down the skirt and running back to the flower field she had napped in. She snatched up her loincloth and put it back on while loudly making an excuse.

“Ha ha. I happened to be relieving myself when this all started.”

Even a girl as bluntly honest as Millia was not going to come out and say she forgot to retighten it after masturbating.

When she recalled how oddly excited the bandits had been, she clenched her fist so hard it shook.

“They definitely saw it. They are getting such a butt-kicking next time I see them!”

“Excuse meee! Is anyone herrrre?”

In the faint light from a sliver of moon and the twinkling stars, Millia climbed a steep mountain slope and peeked inside the small castle at the peak.

She had rescued a woman named Glinda during the day and she had turned out to be the daughter of the Carell region’s lord. A strange mage had apparently moved into this mountain castle recently, so she had been searching for a warrior or mage to hire and have that unwelcome mage removed.

The minor clan in the region normally lived in the flatlands, but if they would be caught in a battle, the entire clan would hole up in the castle prepared in the mountains. It was a serious problem for someone to be illegally occupying that castle.

Millia had only just made her debut as a mercenary and wandering warrior, so she was delighted to accept the job.

She was not one to waste time, so after being treated to dinner at Glinda’s mansion, she set off to hunt down the evil mage.

“My, my. What an adorable little guest.”

Once she crossed the lowered drawbridge and set foot inside the castle, someone appeared from within.

“Eh!? You’re the mage living in this castle?”

“I am. Is that a problem?”

Millia made no attempt to hide the confusion on her face and the mage smiled as he responded.

“But…you’re just a child.”

Millia sounded stunned even though she was a child herself.

She never thought about anything too hard and her poor imagination had assumed a mage would be very old. Nevertheless, the person in front of her was a gentle-looking boy younger than she was. He did not look any older than 15.

He wore a loose robe and a woman with a taste for young boys would surely have started drooling while staring lovingly at him. Millia, however, did not share such refined tastes.

“One quick warning: you should not judge a mage based on their appearance. I know I do not look it, but I have lived for more than a century.”

“A-a century!?”

Her eyes grew wide.

“My name is Vloodvane. Does that perhaps ring a bell?”

“No, never heard of you.”

“Is that so? And here I thought I was fairly well known among those in your profession. Yet nothing…”

The boy named Vloodvane could not hide his shock at Millia’s honest reaction. He looked a little peeved.

“You’ve never heard of Master Vloodvane? What an ignorant girl.”

A voice and a light appeared behind her. It was a magic light.


She grimaced at the unexpected brightness and held a hand in front of her eyes.

She heard the drawbridge rising.

Once her eyes had finally adjusted, she looked back to find an intellectual woman with a glossy silver cascade of hair behind her, a well-defined and narrow face, cool and mysterious eyes, and glistening red lips.

She wore a black evening dress that contained her large chest and showed off her bodylines with its skintight fit. There was a large slit on the left that rose up to the top of her hip, so her beautiful white leg was in full view. She wore a magic jewel on a necklace.

The combination of the intelligent beauty on her face and the sex appeal spilling from her body and dress was sexier than if she had simply been nude.

“Master Vloodvane is known as history’s greatest mage. And his greatest student would be me, Glinda the Witch.”

“Eh!? Glinda?”

Millia was surprised anew. She had not expected to see Glinda here, but the difference in her presence and clothing made her look entirely different from earlier in the day.

“Hiii, Millia. Good evening.”

While Millia blinked in confusion, the woman waved and gave a joking greeting.

The villager from before was gone and this was clearly a witch.

“What are you doing here, Glinda???”

“During the day, I was hoping to use those bandits as human subjects for some new magic I’m working on. So it was really them you saved and not me. Ohhh ho ho ho.”

Glinda laughed loudly and happily while clearly enjoying the confusion on Millia’s face.

“Also, I sent you here because I thought Master Vloodvane would want an energetic little thing like you.”

“Mh. You mean you tricked me?”

That summed up Millia’s simple understand of the situation.

“You could say that, yes.”

Upon hearing that, Millia drew her sword and raised it without hesitation.

Vloodvane stood before her and Glinda cut off her escape route. She would have to fight her way out.

“And I take it I can’t leave unless I defeat you two.”

“That’s right. What a smart girl you are.”

Glinda spoke like she was praising a small child.

That was all Millia needed to hear.

“Then prepare yourself for Millia, top student of the Shooting Star Flower!”

Even as she spoke, Millia moved to cut down Vloodvane.

She had never fought a mage before, but she had been taught how to do it. The trick was to never be on the defensive. It was best to slay them with the first attack so they did not have time to cast any magic.


Millia made her attack with a sharp cry, but Vloodvane dodged it by a hair.

She was stunned by the skill demonstrated in that movement, but there was no rule saying a mage could not also use martial arts.

She refocused herself and made another attack before he could cast any magic, but he easily dodged her second and third sword strikes. He even commented on her technique.

“Oh? Yes, this is definitely the Shooting Flower. And you use it well. I see. Glinda was right: you would be useful if I had you working for me.”


She sharply clicked her tongue and altered the timing of her attacks.

She pulled three kunai from her hip and threw them toward Vloodvane one after another. Of course, these would not hit someone at his level. He easily dodged them. But at the same time, she gripped her sword in both hands, made what looked like a slash from the lower right, and converted it into a jab toward the gut.

She felt the dull tactile feedback of a hit.

“Master Vloodvane!”

Glinda’s scream rang in Millia’s ears.

She had done it. Millia shut her eyes. She had killed someone for the first time.

He had known some martial arts, but it was only surprising given her low expectations for a mage. Millia was the number two swordfighter in a village of them, so she had plenty of ways to defeat him if she put her mind to it. But when she used those methods, she could not hold back and her sword stabs would be deadly.

She knew this had been inevitable as long as she remained a swordfighter, but taking someone’s life was still incredibly unpleasant.

“Oh, well done, well done. I didn’t at all expect a jab from there.”

Millia looked up in surprise when she heard a voice. Her sword had pierced Vloodvane from stomach to back, but the boy looked perfectly calm. In fact, he was grinning.


How was he alive? She could not believe the reality before her eyes.

“I said Master Vloodvane is history’s greatest mage, didn’t I? Why would a measly old sword be enough to kill him?”

Glinda did not look remotely concerned, so her scream must have been for show. With this and her flight from the bandits, she seemed to have a thing for theatrics.

Still surprised, Millia decided to pull out her sword and split the boy’s head open this time. Even a monster would die if his head was destroyed, right? But she found herself unable to remove the sword. It remained lodged in the mage’s stomach. While she started to panic, he casually raised his left hand.

At first, she had no idea what he had done, but…


Her chest protector was split down the middle and fell to the stone floor.

His mysterious power had cut only her nearly skintight clothing without leaving a mark on her skin.

Her melon-sized tits bounced out into view.

She simply stared down at her bared breasts in disbelief.

The skin of her chest was far less tanned than her limbs or face, which were normally exposed, and two round balls of flesh stuck out. The areolae swelled out with an almost translucent pink and the nipples poked out with the somewhat deeper color of wild strawberries.

“Oh? Your breasts are much larger than your childish face let on.”


When she heard Vloodvane’s thoughts and noticed his rude gaze upon her, she let go of her beloved sword and covered her breasts with her hands. That was the natural reaction for a girl of just 16, but in this case, it left her wide open. She had effectively abandoned the fight.

Vloodvane casually moved his hands below her skirt, grabbed her loincloth on either side, and pulled up.


He demonstrated unbelievable strength for what looked like a young boy and her feet left the floor.

She panicked again, but she also realized now was not the time to hide her chest. She frantically tried to pull another kunai from her hip and slash at the mage’s face, but she found her hands had been shackled behind her back at some point. That was thanks to Glinda who had walked up behind her.


Millia was truly panicked now that both her hands were bound. She had no idea what to do. She could still move her legs, but she could not brace herself against the floor and thus could not throw a proper kick.

The loincloth supported her full body weight now, so it dug mercilessly into her crotch.

Where the cloth had formed an upside-down triangle before, it now formed a T and looked more like a rope than cloth. It of course split her plump butt cheeks apart, but it also parted her feminine flesh dumpling, forcing the labia out into view.

“Kwah, stop, stop! It’s digging in!”

She struggled in pain, but Vloodvane kept her suspended like that as he walked further into the castle, entered a thick door, and placed her into a chair with a back and armrests.

She breathed a sigh of relief at being freed from the crotch-splitting agony, but he lifted up her right ankle and placed the back of her knee on the armrest. Glinda firmly bound her thigh there.

Her left leg was tied to the other armrest in the same way.

“What do you think, Master Vloodvane? Quite the find, isn’t she?”

Millia was awkwardly bound to the chair with her hands shackled behind her back, her legs spread, and her hips pushed forward. Glinda narrowed her eyes lovingly as she viewed the girl and sought her master’s agreement.

The girl had sapphire blue eyes, warm skin, a small and shapely face, and a slender and well-balanced body.

Anyone would have considered her a lovely girl.

She had been dressed for a journey. It had always been a fairly revealing outfit, but it included a cloak and boots. The only thing missing was the chest protector. But the contrast between her boyish face and her large breasts inspired certain desires in those who saw her.

She clenched her teeth in humiliation. The humiliation overpowered even her embarrassment. That reaction betrayed her innocence. She was mostly ignorant of sex, so she failed to imagine anything in that direction.

“She requires work, but I am sure she will shine once polished. Her skill with swords is sure to be of some use to you, Master Vloodvane. Will you please leave her training to me?”

“Very well. You found her, Glinda, so do with her as you wish.”

“Ahn, thank you. I promise you I will remake her into a faithful warrior for you.”

“As you heard, I have Master Vloodvane’s permission.”

Glinda walked toward Millia with a smile on her face.

“Wh-what are you going to do…?”

“Hee hee hee. You’re scared, aren’t you? But, Millia, I quite like you. That is why I let Master Vloodvane meet you and got his permission. I won’t treat you badly. In fact, I will give your life purpose.”

Glinda reached out, took Millia’s chin, and then gently kissed the girl’s plump cherry-red lips.

A kiss from a woman was not going to shock Millia. She lived in a group of women and kisses were used as no more than greetings. Still, it had caught her off guard.

Glinda moved kiss to Millia’s left ear, sucked at her earlobe, stuck her tongue in her ear, and moved it stickily around.

“S-stop that. It tickles!”

Millia cried out without meaning to and her shoulders jumped from the ticklish sensation. Meanwhile, Glinda’s hand moved from Millia’s chin, down her neck, and to her breasts.

“They really are ridiculously big. Did they suck up all the nutrients that should have gone to your brain?”


“Hee hee. Not just big but sensitive too. Here, I’ll massage them. Let’s see if you can cum from your boobs alone.”

Glinda admired the giant breasts that Millia resented and she also massaged them as if milking them. The more she massaged, the firmer they became and the greater their volume grew.

Next, Glinda lowered her head, extended her lewd tongue, and licked all around Millia’s large areola. She persistently licked circles around the nipple instead of attacking it directly. Then she did the same to the other one, but with her fingers instead.

“Ahh, ahh, ahn. Stop that.”

Millia had a habit of masturbating, but since she was impatient, she would quickly grow frustrated with only breast stimulation and start working at her clit. And when she easily achieved climax like that, she would fall asleep satisfied. Her sexual habits were as simple as her straightforward personality.

That meant her breasts had never before been tormented this persistently. She had never known her nipples could be such a sensitive erogenous zone.

It was frustrating and agonizing, so her female instincts soon had her thrusting her hips the best she could while bound to the chair.

Losing a battle was bad enough, but tears of humiliation and sorrow filled her eyes when this sexual teasing was added on top of that.

“Ah, ahn, ahh, n-no, stop, ahhhn.”

She could no longer hide her sexual arousal. Her large chest rose and fell as she breathed heavily and sweat poured from her body. Only then did Glinda rub at the thoroughly erect nipples with the back of her hand, pinch them between her fingers, and flick them with her tongue.

“Kh, ah…ahhh…”

“Feels amazing, doesn’t it? Just leave it to me.”

Millia could not believe her eyes when she saw how hard and erect her own nipples were.

Yet Glinda’s nipple torture was not over yet. She rolled them in her palm, kneaded them, rubbed them up and down between her fingers, and vibrated her hand with them in her grasp.

As a woman, Glinda knew all the secrets of a woman’s body. The nipples grew truly sensitive only once they had grown erect.

Finally, Glinda took one of the stiff and throbbing nipples into her mouth and sucked while rapidly rolling it around with the tip of her tongue.

“Eee, ahh…n-no, I can’t take it anymore…ahhh~!”

Millia tilted her head back and looked up in the air, which exposed her throat in a way a swordfighter never wanted to do. Then she convulsed.

“Oh, dear. You really did cum, didn’t you? Hee hee. I thought you would last a little longer than that.”

A bewitching light glittered in Glinda’s pale eyes and Millia tearfully pleaded with her.

“Stop, stop, please stop.”

Millia had chosen the dangerous life of a swordfighter, but she had been raised with Irene and the other girls as her family. That had left her a na?ve enough believer in the good of humanity to let the bandits go when they simply promised to turn over a new leaf.

She had heard that defeated female warriors were sometimes used as a man’s tool of pleasure and she had thought she was prepared for the warrior’s life, but actually facing that reality was another matter entirely. In fact, she did not fully understand the reality before her.

“Quit whining, you bitch!”


Millia gasped, cowered down, and shut her mouth when the woman suddenly berated her.

Glinda knew from experience just how easy it was to break female warriors or witches who were sexually na?ve but also skilled enough to have never experienced true defeat.

She put on the expression of a cold and heartless dominatrix and pulled up the chaste girl’s skirt. There she found the soft fabric wedged between the girl’s labia.

Instead of removing the loincloth, Glinda only pulled it to the side.

This revealed the wet lips, the perineum, and the anus.

Since Millia’s legs were spread, the outer labia were opened enough for the inner labia to peek out.

No one had ever inspected that area before, so Millia blushed out to her ears and trembled with embarrassment.

“Hee hee. Look how wet you are, Millia. What a horny girl~”

“I-I am not horny.”

Millia pouted her lips at Glinda’s comment.

“Oh, really?”

Instead of insisting the girl was wrong, Glinda stroked a long, slender finger up the exposed vulva.


The alluring witch’s finger worked its way along each petal of flesh and finally pulled back the flesh bud’s hood. The girl’s lovely face was beet red and so hot she thought it would burst into flames as she shook it in protest.

“Hee hee. What a beautiful pussy. Are you the only one who has ever touched it?”


The captured swordswoman heard a lewd sticky sound coming from the gentle dance of fingertips at her soft feminine flesh.

“Ahhhh, no, no, no, stop!”

“Millia, are you still going to claim you aren’t horny?”

Glinda’s finger technique was quite skilled and it left Millia writhing in her bonds.

After gathering plenty of love juices on her fingers, Glinda stroked the large flesh pearl she had bared earlier.

“Ahh, ahhhhhh, aghhhh…”

“Hee hee. You want to cum, don’t you? Well, go ahead. Cum for me.”

The alluring witch’s laughter guided the healthy girl to a world of illicit sexuality.

The muscles twitched in the thighs up on the armrests and her toes curled inside her boots.


She cried out like she was about to foam at the mouth and then her youthful body really did burst.

Liquid flowed from the center of her spread legs.

She must have been holding it in for a while now, but the dam had finally burst.


She struggled, but she could not stop the stream of piss.

“My, my. Wetting yourself at your age? How adorable.”

Glinda punctuated her statement with a pinch of Millia’s clitoris.


Millia’s lower body trembled even as the piss continued flowing out.

After watching the girl wet herself and orgasm simultaneously, Glinda held up her hand. The slender fingers were sticky with both golden water and a maiden’s dew.

“Now, Millia, lick my hand and learn your own flavor.”

“Nhh, no, stop, nhhh…”

Millia shut her mouth and shook her head to escape it, but the sexy witch showed no mercy.

“Weren’t you taught as a child not to be a picky eater?”

She pinched Millia’s small nose shut. Once the girl had no choice but to open her small mouth, Glinda shoved her glistening fingers inside. Those fingers pinched Millia’s tongue, rubbed at her gums, and otherwise toyed with the inside of her mouth before pulling out.

“Delicious, isn’t it?”

“It is not! Please, stop this!”

Millia tearfully pleaded her, but neither Vloodvane nor Glinda were the type to feel pangs of conscience.

“Hee hee. If you insist, I will end the foreplay there. You’re plenty wet, so we should be able to move onto the next phase.”

Millia’s body was finally free of Glinda’s fingers, but that was only a brief respite. Glinda pulled a brutal-looking dildo seemingly out of nowhere.

“Hee hee. Impressive, isn’t it? You get the privilege of enjoying every bit of it inside you.”

Glinda lovingly kissed the thick dildo.

“Ahhh, ahhhhh… H-how…how can you do this?”

The young swordswoman realized what the witch was planning to do. Her thighs were still bound to the chair, so all she could do was shake her head.

Millia knew girls normally lost their virginity to a boy they had feelings for and she had assumed the same would happen to her eventually. An interest in boys had never developed in her, but she still had a general idea that it was wrong to lose your virginity to a mere toy. Especially in circumstances like these.

Sobs of despair escaped her throat and tears spilled from her large eyes.

Glinda gave her an almost sympathetic look and lightly slapped her cheek with the brutal thing.

“Then again, this is your first time, so this might be a little much. So I will give you a choice: this dildo or Master Vloodvane’s real penis? Which one do you want to take your virginity?”

The answer was obviously neither, but she had to choose the lesser of two evils here. She compared the brutal object on her cheek to the young boy standing calmly in the room. Vloodvane returned her look with a smile.

She knew what her choice had to be, so she hesitantly opened her mouth.


“Yes, I expected as much. I would feel bad for you if you had your hymen broken by a nonliving object.”

Glinda smiled in triumph at Millia’s answer.

Millia of course knew that Glinda had guided her to that answer, but she did not really have a choice in the matter when it was obvious the witch would do something even worse to her if she did not play along.

“Okay, now ask Master Vloodvane for it.”


“Oh, falling silent now? You cannot expect him to give you his love if you do not ask him properly.”

When Glinda whispered that in her ear, Millia responded with surprise and then anger.

“No! Why should I say anything of the sort!?”

“Hee hee. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. But then we will find out if your pussy can survive the size of this dildo.”

Glinda feigned a look of disappointment like she was hurt by Millia’s refusal and she placed the tip of the brutal thing against the exposed entrance to Millia’s vagina.

Millia paled and trembled at the sight.

“No, stop!”

“Then will you ask him?”

At Glinda’s prompting, Millia threw out her shame and repeated the words the witch whispered in her ear.

“Master Vloodvane, please penetrate my horny pussy with your manly cock. Do that and I will be your faithful servant.”

“Hee hee. Well said.”

Glinda pulled back the brutal object, gently kissed Millia’s nervously tensed cheek, and stepped aside for her master.


Vloodvane silently pulled back his robe to real a penis that did not at all belong on the body of such a young boy. It was clearly the well-used dick of an adult man.

The head was large and swollen and thick veins throbbed along the shaft.

The sinister looking male organ was nothing but a target of fear for Millia, but it was the ideal size for an experienced adult woman. In fact, Glinda looked like she was about to drool as she stared at it.

Glinda’s slender fingers spread the entrance to Millia’s secret garden.

“Now, go ahead. It may be somewhat wet with piss, but it is yours to devour, Master Vloodvane.”

With Millia as the ingredient and Glinda the cook, Vloodvane only had to dig in by penetrating the girl. The wet pussy might as well have been served to him on a silver platter.

“I think that is exactly what I will do.”

He walked calmly toward the captured hare and placed the tip of his dick against Millia’s spread labia.

He gathered his strength and thrust into her crotch.

The thick penis spread her hymen and sank in just a bit.


Millia definitely felt something inside her tear as the thick spear broke through.

Once the head was fully inside, the rest was smoothly taken inside her.

She felt extremely warm inside and the squeezing pressure of her vagina was as strong as one would expect from a trained swordswoman.

“O-ow! That…that hurts! My crotch is tearing apart!”

Her tear-blurred vision saw Vloodvane’s thick rod thrusting into and pulling out of her crotch.

When it reappeared while tugging at her inner flesh, she saw it was wet with both love juices and fresh blood. There was no denying her virginity had been taken.

“Hee hee hee. Isn’t that great, Millia? Now you are a woman and we are like sisters. Let’s serve Master Vloodvane together, okay?”

Glinda announced that from behind Millia and she also reached out to toy with the girl’s breasts.

Millia had been trained as a swordfighter from a very young age, so she may have developed a tolerance for pain. The pain of being deflowered quickly faded and only pleasure raced around her body.


“Hee hee. Oh, Millia. This is your first time, but you’re already enjoying it that much?”

Millia could not deny Glinda’s mockery. While she did not agree with the word “enjoy”, she did feel pleasure. Glinda fondling her breasts while Vloodvane penetrated her felt unbearably good. Everything she had believed in fell away and nothing but pure pleasure ruled her body.


When she finally climaxed, Vloodvane did the same.

Semen pumped deep inside her soft flesh like hot magma. Millia felt it filling her while she orgasmed.

The heat bursting in the depths of her body filled her with so much fear…no, so much pleasure she thought her body would fall apart. And she shouted something at the top of her lungs before passing out.


“Hee hee. Dumb girls are so very cute. And this one is especially cute.”

Glinda looked lovingly down at Millia’s unconscious form like she was a beloved pet.

“That’s fine, Glinda, but did you notice that?”

Vloodvane walked up behind her, stuck his small hands inside the chest of her dress, and grabbed the soft flesh there.

“Ahh…notice what?”

“This Millia appears to have someone who acts as a psychological support. Women like that can be very difficult to break. And even when they do break, they are often too mentally unstable to be of any use.”

“Nhhh~ Then what are you suggesting?”

Glinda happily let Vloodvane have his way with her.

“Well, in cases like this, it is best to break that psychological support along with them. But…”

Glinda smiled when she realized why he was so hesitant.

“That is an excellent idea. We use Millia to lure in Irene, Master of the Shooting Star Flower. Then we can make a Master Swordswoman into your pawn. Do that and I am sure Millia will gladly cooperate. Also, taking Irene means taking the village of Beatrice where she teaches the Shooting Flower. That makes her even more valuable than two birds with one stone.”

“I have another pressing matter to attend to, so I leave this in your hands, Glinda.”

“Ahhn…y-yes, there!”

One of Vloodvane’s hands had descended to Glinda’s crotch. She began writhing with pleasure in no time. Her master knew her every weak point.

“Are you sure you can handle this? Irene of Beatrice is known as a Sword Dancer and she has earned the title of Master Swordswoman at a very young age. Do not let your guard down.”

“I won’t. When I deliver that Master Swordswoman to you, she will gladly spread her legs for you, so that is something you can look forward to. …By the way, Master Vloodvane, I am more than ready.”

Glinda grabbed his small teasing hands to stop them and turned her damp eyes toward him.

“Ready for what?”

The look in her eyes contained such raw sex appeal that most men would have immediately given in to their desire, but Vloodvane gave her a look of boyish innocence and asked her to clarify.

“…Won’t you put it in me?”

Even she was embarrassed, so she blushed a little and spoke quietly.

“Heh heh. You’re in no position to tease Millia about anything, Glinda.”

He stuck his little finger inside her soaked vagina.

“Ahn, I-I am your bitch, Master Vloodvane, so p-please give your faithful bitch some love…”

Glinda was not the only woman to offer her body and soul to him and swear to faithfully serve him.

There were countless numbers of them: a member of the royal harem, a female general, a woman working in the royal court, a superstar commoner who worked as an actress for a well-known troupe, and many, many more. Glinda knew she was but one of many, but she was also fiercely proud of her position as his #1 student in the art of magic.

But because she was always by his side, he had thoroughly trained her body and may have grown tired of her because he had not been having sex with her lately.

When she had seen Millia, she had honestly wanted to introduce this skilled female warrior to Vloodvane, but she had also been hoping for a reward.

Vloodvane had of course noticed her ulterior motive there. He made sure to tease her good and long before finally thrusting his manly penis inside her.


“I look forward to what you accomplish with Master Swordswoman Irene.”

“Ahh, I will not disappoint you, so please love me lots tonight.”

She utterly adored Vloodvane, yet she also had to prepare more and more new women for him. But she had learned to enjoy that contradictory behavior, so she cried out in pleasure and shook her ass like mad.

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