The True Young Miss Is A Spoiled Boss

Chapter 7
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Chapter 7: Is Kinship Important?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She liked to eat strawberries and would buy some from time to time. These strawberries were very fresh and big. They looked delicious.

While she was picking strawberries, she remembered that living in the Huo family’s house in her previous life had indeed been awkward for her.

The Huo family had a daughter who was the youngest. She had suddenly appeared and was known as Young Miss.

However, no one really liked her.

Once, for some unfathomable reason, she went to the kitchen to wash some fruits in an attempt to curry some favor.

The second brother of the Huo family suddenly walked in and asked with a cold voice, “Who let you in here?”

“I wanted to wash some fruits for all of us to eat.” At that time, Xing Jiuan seemed a little nervous.

She had just arrived at the Huo family residence, so she probably wanted to become closer to them.

“You don’t have to wash it. No one will eat it.”

With that, he walked out. Xing Jiuan took a look at the fruits that she was almost done washing. She still finished washing them and placed them on the table.

Then, she left the house.

She was also very busy. Even after returning to the Huo family, she’d still had to go out and handle her own matters.

It was a very embarrassing and awkward situation. Now that she thought about it, Xing Jiuan found it extremely ironic.

She clearly already had a lot under her possession. She’d never tried to please anyone since she was young.

Xing Jiuan, who was doted on by her senior brothers and sisters, was also a very fortunate girl. She did not need the status of being the youngest daughter of the Huo family to bring her any benefits.

However, it was as if she had gone mad. On the surface, some of her relatives ignored her or spoke ill of her.

Secretly, that fake daughter kept setting her up, causing her to be hated more and more by everyone.

Even at the end, the crazy man she saw in the driver’s seat was also a suitor of that fake daughter.

She had suffered under the Huo family for two years!

She must have been crazy!

That kind of person was not like Xing Jiuan at all.

“Jiuan, are you in a bad mood?” Sister Lin asked softly as she stood beside Xing Jiuan.

Xing Jiuan nodded.

“Can you tell me? Maybe I can help you.”

Xing Jiuan liked Sister Lin a lot, so she asked her when she heard her words, “Sister Lin, do you think kinship is important?

“Does everyone like the children they raised from birth?”

Sister Lin looked at her child. It was a little girl wearing a pink dress. She looked very cute.

“There’s no absolute answer to that,” Sister Lin replied gently.

“But in my opinion, kinship is as important as raising a child.”

“I see…” Xing Jiuan was silent for a while. After picking some strawberries, she looked at the watermelons.

Xing Jiuan didn’t really know how to pick those. To pick strawberries, all she had to do was look at their appearance and see if they were rotten or not. It was very easy to pick them, but with watermelons, it depended on luck.

When Sister Lin saw that Xing Jiuan had stopped talking, she stopped asking as well.

Xing Jiuan paid for and brought the strawberries and watermelon home.

Her house was not far from Nan Xun, and she could arrive there quickly. Xing Jiuan went to wash a few strawberries and sat on the sofa to eat while she played with her phone.

Her memory was really good, but two years had passed after all. She couldn’t have remembered everything.

Something seemed to be happening around this time.

Xing Jiuan looked at the memo on her phone. She was used to noting down important matters on her phone.

In two days, she’d have a competition.

It was organized by the racing club she had joined previously. In her previous life, she had just returned to the Huo family and didn’t attend it.

Xing Jiuan took a deep breath. Since she was in a bad mood, she now had a place to vent.

Xing Jiuan made a call and got someone to prepare her car. It had been a long time since she had raced, so she’d need to practice a little.

“Boss, you want it today?” The person on the other end of the line seemed surprised and asked again, “Isn’t the competition in two days?”

“Just get it prepared.”

“Alright! You’re the boss. I’ll listen to you.”

Xing Jiuan couldn’t help but laugh when she heard the other party’s words.

“I’ll look for you tonight.”

“Sure. I’m available anytime.”

After hanging up the phone, Xing Jiuan sat for a while more before leaving the house to head to Nan Xun.

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