The True Young Miss Is A Spoiled Boss

Chapter 29
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Chapter 29: Taking Care

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Xing Jiuan and Qin Ge looked at each other.

“She is not a celebrity, and she is not debuting. Thank you for asking.” Qin Ge protected Xing Jiuan and prepared to leave.

“But the two of you are so good-looking. Can I have your autographs? Can we take a picture together?”

“No.” When faced with strangers, the difference between how she treated strangers and Xing Jiuan was significant.

She had always been an unrestrained and unruly girl. Today’s clothing made her aura stronger and she looked a little fierce. When her expression turned cold, it was a little scary.

“No pictures, no autographs,” Xing Jiuan added.

The girl left regretfully.

“What’s the point in being so good-looking? You’ll just fool around.”

Xing Jiuan looked confused and innocent.

Is it my fault that I’m good-looking?

After buying a bunch of fruits, Qin Ge sent Xing Jiuan back.

“Have a good rest. I’ll come find you again tomorrow,” Qin Ge said as she followed Xing Jiuan to help bring up the fruits, ice cream, and snacks they had bought.

“Also, please eat less ice cream. Okay, babe?”

Xing Jiuan remained silent.

Qin Ge sighed helplessly and unloaded the items for her, not letting Xing Jiuan do anything at all.

“It’s late. You can go back first. I can unload by myself.”

“Don’t move. Just chat with me.”

Xing Jiuan took a box of ice cream and dug into it with a spoon.

“If you take care of me like this, I won’t know how to do anything anymore.”

“You don’t have to do anything. I’ll take care of you.” Qin Ge put the ice cream in place and put the chips, jelly, and other snacks into a small cabinet at the side. All the fruits were then placed in the refrigerator.

“Don’t always eat fast food. I’ll arrange for someone to deliver food to you every day from tomorrow onwards. If you eat like this every day, you will upset your stomach.”

“It’s not always, just occasionally.” f𝑟e𝙚𝒘𝗲𝚋𝚗oѵ𝘦𝙡. c𝒐m

“Do you think I don’t know you?!” Qin Ge ignored Xing Jiuan’s defense.

To Xing Jiuan, it was only occasionally. But in Qin Ge’s dictionary, Xing Jiuan’s definition of “occasionally” meant that it was “often.”

Qin Ge had always taken care of Xing Jiuan. However, it was because she was too busy at times that she could not often take care of her. Otherwise, she would have covered Xing Jiuan’s clothes, food, and lodging.

Xing Jiuan did not care much about her daily lifestyle. Although she was very picky about her food, she could eat anything and only picked her food based on the situation.

After all, Xing Jiuan was only three years old when she was abandoned. She’d been so hungry that she could even eat the fallen leaves on the ground.

Later, when she was brought back by the Master, her senior brothers and senior sisters treated her extremely well. They gave her all the basic necessities and accommodation, allowing her to eat whatever she liked. It was fine even if she was picky.

After that, when she followed Mu Qing, there would be many clothes sent over every quarter. They would also practically eat every meal together and would not let her eat food that she did not like, let alone fast food that was not nutritious.

Xing Jiuan did not really care about her lifestyle. Perhaps it was because someone had already planned everything for her, so she did not need to care much about it.

Usually, if she didn’t go out with Mu Qing and the others and she didn’t want to go out to eat, she would just eat casually. Her culinary skills were very limited. She couldn’t even cook an egg properly.

Since she wasn’t good at cooking, she would often eat quick-freeze dumplings, instant noodles, and whatnot.

Because of this, Mu Qing had also nagged her about it. If she was hungry and did not want to go out to eat, she should get someone to deliver some food. But Xing Jiuan was unwilling.

Previously, when she went abroad alone, Mu Qing had adamantly found a butler to accompany her.

“Strawberries spoil easily. Don’t forget to eat them.”

“Alright.” Xing Jiuan nodded obediently.

Qin Ge looked at her for a while and could not help but put her hand on her shoulder, smiling helplessly. “I’m not used to you being like this.”

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