The True Young Miss Is A Spoiled Boss

Chapter 14
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Chapter 14: Will You Not Want Me Anymore?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

It was as if she had returned to the days when she was brash and unrestrained. Although Xing Jiuan had not driven a car for a long time, she was not unfamiliar with it.

The moment she began to drive, it seemed to have awakened the memories deep within her. On the highway, she was the only one driving. Round after round, she began to drive faster and faster.

Xing Jiuan should have been nervous, but she was calm and even sped up once again.

It was only then that she realized that she truly had been reborn.

She had returned to the summer when she was nineteen. The time when nothing had happened yet.

She was still carefree and could do anything she wanted.

Bai Jing stood at the same spot and waited for Xing Jiuan to return. However, he did not expect to see two people.

“Why are you guys here?”

It was Mu Qing and Lu Mingxi. The two of them didn’t answer Bai Jing and just looked at the red car speeding away.

Bai Jing seemed to have realized that he had said something stupid. There was no need to wonder why these two would come here.

It was certainly because of one young lady.

Bai Jing had known a long time ago that Mu Qing regarded Xing Jiuan as an extremely important person.

Xing Jiuan didn’t play for too long in the end. When she finally felt a little tired, only about an hour had passed.

She originally thought that Bai Jing had already left, but when she returned to where she started, there were now three people instead of one.

Mu Qing came over with a bottle of mineral water and handed it to Xing Jiuan. Xing Jiuan was overwhelmed by the favor and took it.

Then, she remembered that her current senior brother was the same as the one who’d treated her especially well in the past.

Xing Jiuan took a small sip of water as Mu Qing helped her put on a coat.

Although it was summer and Xing Jiuan was already wearing a jacket, she still shouldn’t be careless.

The air temperature here was low and she had been beset by the wind for a long time. It was better for her to go back and take a hot bath.

On the way back, Lu Mingxi drove the car while Xing Jiuan and Mu Qing sat in the backseat.

Bai Jing went back by himself. Since Xing Jiuan didn’t need him anymore, he didn’t want to disturb them any longer.

As an underling, he was very tactful.

“Jiuan, are you angry because Senior Brother didn’t bring you a gift this time? I’m…”

“No,” Xing Jiuan said, interrupting him.

Mu Qing was a little puzzled. Then, he said sadly, “Then why… are you so cold to me?”

Xing Jiuan’s fingers trembled. “I just want to be more obedient. I didn’t want Senior Brother to feel this way.”

It could be said that Mu Qing watched Xing Jiuan grow up. How could she possibly want to be cold to Mu Qing?

Mu Qing was Xing Jiuan’s family!

“I’m not trying to be cold toward Senior Brother,” she added.

“Jiuan…” Mu Qing seemed like he wanted to say something, but he didn’t know how to bring it up.

“…Senior Brother, you’re so good to me. If I keep being… disobedient, will you abandon me?”

Thinking back to her previous life, when the two of them parted ways in the end, Xing Jiuan had felt especially terrible.

Lu Mingxi was driving in front. It was as if he couldn’t hear the two people behind him as he stared straight ahead.

As the car drove past one scenic view after another, Mu Qing sighed. His heart ached and he felt helpless. “Why would you think that way? Did someone say something?”

Then, he spoke as if he was making a promise.

“Jiuan, I will never treat anyone this well again.

“I watched you grow up. You should know that Senior Brother would never abandon you.”

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