The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 870 - When You’re in Pain, I Will Be in Greater Pain
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Chapter 870: When You’re in Pain, I Will Be in Greater Pain

Feng Tianlan stared at him with an odd expression. “You’re still saying it? Stop saying that.”

The scene just now was too embarrassing for her.

Si Mobai had a pampering and affectionate smile on his face as he filled up a bowl of soup for her. “I won’t tease you anymore. Let’s eat some soup first.”

After finishing her bowl of soup, Feng Tianlan felt full. She then noticed that her pulses were almost back to normal and she couldn’t help but exclaim, “This Vine is too marvelous! It even has healing properties.”

It grew from her heart and could only stay alive by feeding on her blood. This fact was rather dangerous.

“Although that was the case, you still have to cherish your body. Even if you don’t feel pain, I will feel pain. When you’re in pain, I will be in greater pain.” Si Mobai took the handkerchief from her and gently wiped the soup stains from the corners of her mouth.

Feng Tianlan nodded obediently while looking at Si Mobai. “Mobai, did you see that person?”

She had seen an indistinct figure trying to kill her. However, because her injury was too serious, her consciousness was blurry. Hence, she could only get a rough look and couldn’t really see anything clearly at all.

“I only saw a red figure rush by. I didn’t see anything else. I was worried about your wellbeing, so I didn’t chase after it. The person’s speed was very fast. I am afraid that his Spiritual Force might be greater than mine.” Si Mobai frowned deeply while remembering the incident.

There were only a few people whom he knew had greater Spiritual Force than him in Xuantian Continent. However, all of them didn’t match this figure he had seen.

“That’s weird. If she is stronger than you, she might at least have the Spiritual Force of a God Supreme. She could have just shown herself if she wanted to kill me. I wouldn’t have the strength to oppose her, so she could have killed me in an instant. Why did she still have to make Chen Xinlu self-destruct?” Feng Tianlan recounted what happened to Chen Xinlu that day.

Besides, Chen Xinlu didn’t even know that she would self-destruct. She had been controlled by someone, leaving her no choice but to self-destruct.

“Besides, even if you were to show up, there was nothing for her to be afraid of with her Spiritual Force. Why did she suddenly stop attacking and leave just like that?” Feng Tianlan had a lot of doubts about this incident because it really didn’t make any sense.

Si Mobai’s face turned sullen as he said in a cold voice, “She had her worries. Besides, I think the person who manipulated Chen Xinlu wasn’t the same person as the figure.”

“There were two of them?” Feng Tianlan tugged at the corners of her mouth. “It couldn’t be Shen Yunya who looked for Chen Xinlu, right?”

“I have investigated. The woman who admired you went to look for Chen Xinlu as she wanted to take her away. However, she refused to leave. Before that, Shen Yunya’s subordinates went looking for her. I don’t know what they told her. That peddler treated her very good as well. He worshiped her like a goddess.”

After listening to Si Mobai, Feng Tianlan noticed a few things. She then tugged the corner of her mouth as she asked Si Mobai, “Why must you emphasize that the woman admired me?”

“I can’t remember her name.” Si Mobai said seriously. There wasn’t any sign of jealousy in his tone.

Feng Tianlan curled her lips and chuckled when she saw him behaving this way. She then waved her hand in front of her nose and said, “Oh my, that’s sour. It seems like we can have fried cabbage with vinegar for lunch this afternoon.”

“Don’t change the subject.” Si Mobai reached out and pinched her nose after seeing her behaving like that.

Feng Tianlan nodded obediently. “Let’s let this slide for now. It is impossible for us to find the truth behind Chen Xinlu’s death anyway. It doesn’t matter if it was done by Shen Yunya. After all, our hatred towards each other has been irreconcilable for a long time.

“As for that figure, I vaguely saw a petal on her wrist. I didn’t know much since it was all too vague. However, I suddenly thought about what Tu Xiang said before. The woman with peony flower on her wrist.”

Therefore, she was wondering if that person was that woman.

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