The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 790 - I Am Afraid I Couldnt Restrain Myself
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Chapter 790: I Am Afraid I Couldn’t Restrain Myself

She was dreaming. She still dared to go after him with such looks!

Shen Yunya watched Si Mobai leave. That straightforward rejection made her frown. She then blinked gently and regained her senses.

If Shen Qingdai insisted on opposing her and stopping her from getting married to Brother Jin, she would stop Shen Qingdai from getting married to the man she loved as well.

Since she could snatch Jiang Ying away from Shen Qingdai, she could definitely snatch the Demon King away from her, as well. If she couldn’t get married to Brother Jin, then she would get married to the Demon King.

There would be no difference in the glory and fame she would get. The only difference was that she loved one of them and didn’t love the other. However, if Shen Yunya couldn’t get what she wanted, why should Shen Qingdai deserve to get what she wanted?

After making up her mind, Shen Yunya turned around and left.

When Si Mobai returned to the Si Feng Pavilion, he saw Feng Tianlan watering the flowers. He then went forward and hugged her from behind, smelling the faint fragrance of gardenia on her. She had asked Azurite personally to make this scent.

“You’re back. Are you hungry? Azurite is preparing some dishes in the kitchen. We will be able to have our meal in a while,” Feng Tianlan said. She held his hand and looked at him through the corner of her eyes. She then continued watering her flowers.

They were like an old couple these days. Their lives were peaceful yet blissful.

“I’m not hungry. I just miss Lan’er.” Si Mobai lowered his head and kissed her on the cheek. “Did Shen Yunya bully you?” he asked.

Feng Tianlan was stunned for a while. She was thinking about the fact that he had come back right after Shen Yunya left. The timeline seemed to match. “Did you guys meet?”

Si Mobai replied with a soft ‘uh-huh,’ then put away Feng Tianlan’s ladle and brought her to the chair. He then sat down and put her on his lap. “She asked me if I could listen to what she wanted to say,” he told her.

“You must have rejected her very straightforwardly.” Feng Tianlan giggled. She could imagine the exact scene.

“What, or not reject her and listen to her badmouth you? I am afraid I couldn’t restrain myself and would just kill her straight away.” This person was the one who Lan’er wanted to kill with her own hands. How could he let her off so easily? Of course he had to save the killing for Lan’er.

Lan’er laughed out loud. “Perhaps she wanted to tell you about what happened to Jiang Ying and me.”

“Then she’s making a mistake. Our relationship won’t be instigated by that.” Si Mobai was playing with her fingers. “Take the day off tomorrow. Let me take you shopping,” he said.

Feng Tianlan nodded with a smile. She really made a mistake. How could Mobai ever listen to Shen Yunya and succumb to her instigation?

Si Mobai hung around Feng Tianlan and had lunch before he went off to get busy again. Recently, he had been restructuring the Bailan Alliance. Although he was busy, he would always have meals with her before he left.

They were like a married couple, so warm and blissful.

Feng Tianlan lowered her head and looked at the ring shaped like half of a heart that sat on a finger on her left hand. She sat in thought for a while, then got up to look for Mei’er. They had recently been staying in the courtyard for the Bailan Alliance guests of honor. They could keep staying there if they wanted to.

“Ah, ah, ah. Big Sister Lan.” When Xiao Xiao saw Feng Tianlan showing up in the courtyard, she spread her arms with excitement and threw herself at Tianlan to give her a bear hug. “Big Sister Lan, you finally thought about me.”

Feng Tianlan was wrapped in Xiao Xiao’s arms. Her cheek stuck to something soft as she tugged the corner of her mouth. “I am being suffocated to death,” Feng Tianlan said.

“There are many men out there who want to get suffocated to death.” Mei’er was twisting her skinny waist while her two long, white and slender legs shook from the bottom of her feet all the way up her thighs as she walked. She was crossing her arms, which made her cleavage even deeper.

“Like me.” Yang Zhengfei said while holding a book in his hand.

Da Da gave him a kick in the butt immediately, then walked towards Feng Tianlan and looked at her with admiration. “Big Sister Lan, I heard that you crashed the Crown Prince’s wedding?”

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