The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness

Chapter 1015 - The Safety Rune Mother Shen Left to Dai’er
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Chapter 1015: The Safety Rune Mother Shen Left to Dai’er

Feng Tianlan glared at him with a playful pout. She gave a light snort when she saw him trying to hold in a smile. She lifted her foot to lightly kick the bulge of his calf as she said, “Who’s your mother-in-law? Fabricate more lies to make fun of me and I won’t marry you.”

“Lan’er is also very dexterous to have hand-made the concentric knot,” he said.

“Give it back to me if you think it’s ugly,” Feng Tianlan said with her cheeks puffed out as she stared at him angrily.

Si Mobai chuckled softly and replied, “I like it ugly. I will never return it.” He hid it away like a treasure.

Feng Tianlan lightly snorted and continued, saying, “I was very conflicted after my father and mother died. In particular, before Mother left, she gave me the safety rune. Because of that, I hid it myself.”

Si Mobai reached out and rubbed her head.

“Mobai, help me put it on.” Feng Tianlan handed the safety rune to Si Mobai.

Si Mobai took the safety rune and held it in front of him to evaluate it. The two sides were embroidered with words of blessing. Moreover, the material of the safety rune had a silky and cool touch to it. It basically did not have the texture of normal woven fabric.

“What’s going on?” Feng Tianlan asked curiously after she noticed him staring at the safety rune.

“I actually do not know where this piece of cloth came from. It’s surprisingly good,” Si Mobai answered, unable to resist touching it more, wanting to know what kind of cloth it was.

Feng Tianlan also shook her head and said, “I don’t know either. Our house had not used this kind of cloth before. Only this safety rune is made of it.”

Si Mobai made a soft sound of agreement and then touched the safety rune a little more. He could not help but put it in front of his eyes to carefully look at the seal. He then said, “I feel that this seal seems to be sealed with Spiritual Force.”

“No, it can’t be.” Feng Tianlan peered at it. It looked very normal to her eyes and did not appear to have Spiritual Force.

“I’m probably making too much of it.” Si Mobai smiled and then came forward to put the safety rune around Feng Tianlan’s neck. He added, “You said Mother-in-law left it you before leaving. Did she ever mention anything to you?”

He thought that for Lan’er to be so conflicted about it, it must have been the last time Lan’er saw his mother-in-law. A safety rune could have been given normally. Why did she have to give it to her before she left? He could not figure it out.

Feng Tianlan played with the safety rune hanging around her neck and thought carefully for a bit before saying, “Mother asked me not to take it off, lose it, or give it away. She even said...”

Si Mobai reached out to help her smooth the cord of the safety rune. The moment he reached out and his hand touched it, he felt another chill and was even more confused. It was a slim cord for the safety rune, but it also appeared not to be so simple.

“Mother told me to go to the Shang Institution after I underwent the ceremony upon reaching marriageable age.” Feng Tianlan thought for a long time before she remembered that. Thankfully, she was already four years old at the time, so she still had some memory of it.

Si Mobai frowned and said, “You were only four years old at that time, but Mother-in-law actually briefed you on what to do after the ceremony. Lan’er, don’t you think that’s strange?”

“Well...” Feng Tianlan stared blankly. She had not thought about it before. Now that he brought it up, it did seem a little strange.

“I’ve never seen the fabric and cord of this safety rune, which vaguely hold some Spiritual Force. Also, don’t you feel cold wearing it?” he asked.

“No, it feels normal.” Feng Tianlan looked at him, puzzled. It felt normal to her touch. Although it was a little cool, this type of cool feeling felt wonderfully pleasant in the hot summer.

“It feels icy cold to my touch and yet you don’t feel anything.” Si Mobai’s brows furrowed and he said seriously, “Lan’er, I feel that when Father-in-law and Mother-in-law left, they must have been mentally prepared to leave and not come back, so they left those instructions for you. And that’s why they gave you the safety rune at such a time.”

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