The Sword Deity in Tokyo

Chapter 32: The Debt-Laden Girl, Furuhashi Akino
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Chapter 32: The Debt-Laden Girl, Furuhashi Akino

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“Ohashi, look, isn’t that Furuhashi Natsui? It seems that it’s true that she’s now Kimura-Kun’s girlfriend since they’re even sitting together.”

“It can’t be... Is it actually true? I’m so jealous! But why... that Furuhashi girl just started school a few days ago, but Kimura-Kun is already her boyfriend?”

“It’s not that surprising since she’s pretty.”

“Uemura-Kun, I heard that you are pursuing Furuhashi Fuyuno? I’d suggest that you give it up...”

“Head of Department Kimura’s girlfriend is Furuhashi Natsui, not Furuhashi Fuyuno. Me courting Fuyuno has nothing to do with him.”

“Haha... Furuhashi Fuyuno does not like you. You better watch your back just in case she asks Head of Department Kimura to beat you up.”

The murmuring of students exchanging gossip around them made Furuhashi Natsui feel so gleeful. Even the food in her mouth felt a hundred times tastier.

The same was true for Harunaka and the rest of the Furuhashi sisters. They had gained popularity as soon as they entered school. After all, twins were rare enough, but they were still relatively commonly seen in daily life. Quadruplets, on the other hand, were on a whole new level.

Additionally, all four of them were pretty. It was only natural that a guy would fantasize. Some even thought that if they could capture the heart of one of them, then the rest of the sisters would also fall into their hands.

In the end... all of them failed terribly.

Despite that, they did not give up. The guys assumed that as long as they kept trying, there would still be hope.

This situation had created more than a few headaches for the Furuhashi sisters. These boys were different from the perverted otaku back in public school. Although they were relentless, they were still relatively well-behaved and were not as disgusting as that otaku.

The boys in Sakura Kyu just wanted to talk to them. Sometimes, they passed a few admiring notes in class. The sisters could not really do anything about it, as these boys were still polite and disciplined. Some admirers did confess their feelings, but after they were rejected, it ended there.

However, some boys didn’t want to confess, they just wanted to converse with them. The Furuhashi sisters could not reject them right away, as these boys did not make their intentions clear. If the girls had expressed their disinterest right out, the boys might reply that they just wanted to be friends, which would make things very awkward.

Now, everything finally worked out. The Furuhashi sisters could just sit here every afternoon while accompanied by Kazuki. As time went on, the boys in Sakura Kyu would have no choice but to leave them alone.

However, this came at 50,000 yen per month! Furuhashi Akino was probably the only one who felt that her meal was tasteless. She usually stared at her phone while eating, but now she did not even have the energy for that. Although the cost was shared between all four sisters, it would still drain her of 12,500 yen per month.

I’ll have to find a way to get out of this debt!

Meanwhile, Kazuki was mentally calculating his finances while eating. He had to spend every possible moment honing his skills and physical fitness. 40,000 yen a month, plus 10,000 yen fee for having lunch with them, would add up to a total of 50,000 yen. It seemed like a substantial amount on the surface, but it would only pay off about 10 days worth of food, not even including his rent.

He still lacked money, even more so in the future. After ascending to a more advanced spiritual state, his appetite would grow even more significant.

For now, 150,000 yen a month could guarantee his survival and training. But as for the future...

While thinking up to this point, Kazuki looked at Natsui. “Furuhashi-san.”

All four Furuhashi sisters looked toward him in response.

“Senior, you can just call us by our first names. Otherwise, we would assume that you are talking to all of us,” suggested Furuhashi Harunaka mildly as she smiled.

Kazuki nodded. He was not someone who liked to beat around the bush, so he asked bluntly, “Natsui-san, I heard that you have been referring to yourself as my girlfriend?”

Kazuki’s bluntness led to Furuhashi Harunaka and the other two to look at Natsui with complicated expressions on their faces.

Upon hearing this, Natsui’s cheeks flushed red. Feeling awkward, she started to stab mindlessly at the egg in her bowl with her chopsticks. It was clear that she was feeling anxious. Nevertheless, she collected herself fairly quickly and forced herself to remain calm as she said, “Don’t worry, senior. I will clarify this after those guys stop harassing us.”

After saying that, she felt both relieved yet disappointed. Her ambition in high school was to become the leader of a gang of girls and dominate the school. Unfortunately, that had never happened.

These two days, through riding on Kazuki’s coattails, she finally got a taste of that power and had enjoyed it immensely. Now, she had already gathered several followers in the first year of high school and had even formed Kazuki’s Fan Club.

Sigh, who knows if Komiya and the rest would quit if they knew that she was not actually Kazuki’s girlfriend. At this moment, Natsui’s mind was a mess.

Kazuki was dumbstruck by what she said. He had no choice but to ignore it, he was okay with her referring to herself as his girlfriend. In fact, he did not mind being the ‘boyfriend’ of all four Furuhashi sisters to shield them against further harassment. He could even go one step further and accompany them home every day because it was undoubtedly dangerous for beautiful girls to walk around outside by themselves. Of course, this would come with a catch- extra payment for his protection. After all, many girls from other schools had already used his name as a deterrent for unwanted attention. Since he already had so many ‘girlfriends,’ just four more would not be that much of a problem.

However... Natsui had obviously gotten the wrong message. Kazuki lamented a lost opportunity, but outwardly he nodded mildly.

Hopefully, the job recommended by Ms. Sakura would have better pay. Despite this, he was not overly optimistic about it, as he was just a regular student in his teacher’s eyes.

If it really weren’t enough, then he would just work some extra jobs.

While thinking about it, Kazuki had already emptied his plate. After giving the nod to the four Furuhashi sisters, he picked up his tray and left.

After Kazuki left the cafeteria, all four Furushashi sisters breathed sighs of relief. They had only met Kazuki twice before, so frankly they did not know him very well. Therefore, while Kazuki was sitting there, they could not really eat in peace. The conversations were also awkward and stilted.

They believed that after getting to know each other, the feeling of distance and unfamiliarity would dissipate.

Right after Kazuki left, Akino snorted and said, “From this moment onwards, the three of you can eat with Senior Kimura. I will find myself a place to eat.”


Furuhashi Harunaka grinned beatifically as she retorted, “Akino, I recall that you still owe me 50,000 yen, right? Since you are no longer eating with us, that means our friendship is over. Please return my 50,000 yen right now.”

“And my 35,000 yen.”

“You owe me 20,000 yen too.”

The debt-laden maiden, Akino, rubbed her face and then said sycophantically, “Just kidding! Let’s all contribute our share and deliver the 50,000 yen to Senior Kimura tomorrow.”

The four sisters got 10,000 yen each as their monthly allowance, but Akino was the only one who would spend it all every month. As she was a gamer, playing games would inevitably require certain funds, especially mobile games. As a result, any money in her debit card would fade from existence in the blink of an eye.

10,000 yen every month was still not enough for her to spend on games.

As opposed to paying back Harunaka and others, which would make her lose over 100,000 yen instantly, it seemed better to give Senior Kimura 12,500 yen every month. However... something seemed off about this arrangement.

“You shouldn’t be so unhappy about it,” laughed Furuhashi Harunaka as she knocked lightly on Akino’s head. “Weren’t you annoyed at those boys who were disturbing your gaming time during recess? Now that Senior Kimura is here, it can be guaranteed that no one will harass you in the future.”

“Really?” Akino was dubious as she was the only one who had never seen the video. Therefore, she was unaware of Kazuki’s power and notoriety in their school. As an internet-addicted teen, always with her head buried in games, she was naturally the slowest to catch up with reality.

Seeing that Natsui and Fuyuno both nodded, Akino had no choice but to accept it unwillingly.

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