The Sword Deity in Tokyo

Chapter 29: Kazuki’s Fan Club
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Chapter 29: Kazuki’s Fan Club

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

As Kazuki walked down the path, the sophomores were gazing at him in awe. Some girls were looking at him adoringly. Apparently, Kazuki had a large number of female fans in Sakura Kyu because he was respected by the students and was supported by the teachers.

The entire Class One of the sophomore year went quiet as Kazuki stepped into the classroom. Then, they started to discuss in hushed tones.

Kazuki was also a student from the Class One of sophomore year. They had been in the same class since junior year. Thus, even though they treated him with respect, they could still joke around him.

As soon as Kazuki took his seat, Komori Tera, the class representative walked toward him with a notebook in his hand.

“Chief, here’s the course notes for the past two days. I have marked the important points on page eight, nine, and ten.”

“Thanks for your hard work.” Kazuki accepted the notes and placed it on the table, intending to have a look at it after school. Then, he looked at Komori Tera and said,

“There will be a school opening test next week, right? Gather all the members of the Sword Believers’ Club in two days for a spot-check. The sophomores need to achieve the grade’s average while the seniors need to score 20 percent above the average. I will increase their workload if they fail to achieve their requirements. I will supervise them in person when the time comes.”

Komori Tera took a breath, he was confident that the members of the Sword Believers’ Club could attain the average score. They had undergone specialized training by Kazuki throughout the year.

However, the senior year members would definitely be stressed out.

“What about the newly joined freshmen?”

“The results of the rebellious freshmen have been terrible. Basically, they got the lowest class rank. Some of them even failed to master the knowledge from junior high,” Komori Tera said.

This issue had been giving Kazuki headaches. He thought for a while and said, “Leave their results aside. I want you guys to focus on educating them. After a week, if they are still going against the rules, I will carry out collective punishment.”

Listening to his speech, a cold shiver ran down Komori Tera’s spine, but he did not complain.

Previously, some members of the Sword Believers’ Club had been complaining about the implementation of collective punishment. They did not have the guts to go against Kazuki due to his prestige. However, their mindset changed instantly after seeing that the seniors managed to get into their dream universities. They worshipped Kazuki now.

After all, no one was born a bad person. There were only a minority of rebellious teenagers that liked to commit wrongdoings. Who would want to be a rebellious teenager who would turn out to be a scum of society if they had the option to get into their dream university?

Thus, after the seniors got into university, the current sophomore and senior year members of the Sword Believers’ Club started to take his words seriously like imperials.

After Kazuki had done giving instructions to him, Komori Tera wanted to say something, but he held it back.

Kazuki was curious, so he asked, “What is it?”

“Chief, a new association was established yesterday,” Komori Tera said after clearing his throat.

“What association?” Kazuki did not disregard Komori Tera as there must be a reason for him to inform him.

Kazuki was stunned after listening to the name of the association. He gazed at Kimora Uta and asked, “Did Izumi approve that?”

Yanagawa Izumi was a member of the Sword Believers’ Club. He was also the president of the student council. Thus, the establishment of a new association must get past him first. If the association failed to pass the review of the student council, it could not be established.

“He wanted to approve it at first. But, he knew that you would definitely disagree and you would beat him up if he approves it. So, he rejected a few times.” He continued with a bitter laugh, “However, the freshman named Furuhashi Natsui called the principal over...”

Student councils of senior high schools in Japan are quite influential as schools gave student councils power. Hence, ordinary students dreaded student associations.

The student council of Sakura Kyu Academy had even higher power because of Kazuki. This was because the president of the student council was a member of the Sword Believers’ Club. Hence, Kazuki was indirectly the president of the student council. In Sakura Kyu, every word said by Kazuki carried weight. Even the Director of Student Affairs must give him face.

Of course, Kazuki would not go against the Director of Student Affairs. In fact, they were pretty close. To be exact, all the teachers, including the Director of Student Affairs, were on good terms with Kazuki.

But, there was still a person who could affect him. The principal.


Kazuki had a headache.

Is the headmaster insane? Even the name of the association is indecent. Why would he approve it?

Moreover, the person who wanted to establish the association was Furuhashi Natsui. She really is crazy. Does she think that I wouldn’t beat girls up?

A year had passed since he time-traveled and there were more than ten girls who had been beaten up by him. He would not mind adding Furuhashi Natsui into the list.

“Is the association established?” Now that he has returned, if the association was not established yet, he would definitely not let it pass even though the headmaster was involved.

Komori Tera scratched his head and said, “It was already established yesterday. But, the association only accept girls.”

Listening to this, Kazuki sighed in relief, “Ask Izumi to abolish this association by relying on the excuse that there are insufficient members.”

“Chief...” Komori Tera did not know whether he should laugh or cry. “The association managed to recruit more than 15 members in a day. Besides, I have heard that many girls are planning to join this association after they quit their previous association.”

“Why? Why do they want to join this association?” Kazuki asked as he frowned.


He was the most rebellious teenager of Kinbun District. Are these girls not afraid of him? Moreover, he was not good-looking.

Komori Tera was out of words. If it were six months ago, no one would have created such an association. But now, Kazuki had gained popularity, and he was the peacekeeper of Sakura Kyu.

The Sword Believers’ Club was Kazuki’s sword. In Sakura Kyu, anyone who went against the school rules would be punished accordingly.

The ordinary students had always been well-behaved. Thus, the Sword Believers’ Club was actually safeguarding the interest of these students. As time went, their adoration toward Kazuki overpowered their fear.

Moreover, many of the girls started to realize that Kazuki could give them a strong sense of security as his academic results were also always the first. Thus, he was the most promising student of Sakura Kyu to get into the University of Tokyo.

With his excellent academic performance and his sense of security, those innocent girls began to realize Kazuki’s good qualities.

Therefore, more people were joining Kazuki’s Fan Club.

Kazuki was speechless. He wanted to speak, but the bell rang. Hence, he waved his hand as a gesture to ask Komori Tera to get back to his seat.

After consideration, he decided to talk to the principal since he had to go to his office after class.

It seemed like he needed to teach not only the headmaster but also Furuhashi Natsui a lesson.

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