The Sword Deity in Tokyo

Chapter 25: The Truth That Year
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Chapter 25: The Truth That Year

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Ito Shunji!

Upon hearing that name, Kazuki and the rest were shocked. Is he the student who was chosen as the “Non-existent Person” among Class Two in sophomore year?

“You’re Ito Shunji? Can you prove it?”

Ito Shunji looked dazed hearing Kazuki’s words. I need to prove my own identity? He was indeed Ito Shunji. He did not know how to prove it since he was in a soul form.

But Kazuki could not be bothered. If Ito Shunji failed to verify his identity, he would slice him with his sword.

In fact, Kazuki only came over to interrogate him because he seemed unusual. If he did not reply, Kazuki would just cut him in half and left the place. He would not return to this place anytime soon.

Kazuki did not expect the ghost to have clear consciousness. Moreover, the ghost’s voice was not as croaky to the ears as the previous soul of the student in the Class Four of sophomore year.

That ghost retained the soundness of its judgment.

“I can prove his identity,” Aokiji took out his mobile phone when he saw Ito Shunji standing cluelessly.

When Kazuki fainted, Aokiji had boldly examined Ito Shunji and thought he was familiar. He did not dare to peek for long as the ghost appeared hideous and horrifying.

With Kazuki beside him, Aokiji finally dared to stare longer and found out that the ghost indeed seemed very familiar.

It was only when the ghost introduced himself as Ito Shunji did Aokiji realize. So, the ghost was Ito Shunji, the victim of the fire incident at Akichi High School.

Kazuki took the phone from Aokiji. But, Shiori leaned forward before he could read. Her curvy body unintentionally leaned on his, and her perfume wafted in the air. He could feel the bust under the baggy casual top from the touch on his arm.

Raising his eyebrows, he threw a glimpse at Shiori and decided that she did not do it on purpose. He did not bother to remind her but proceeded to study the phone.

It was five-year-old news about the traumatizing fire accident at Akichi High School, with a photo of the only victim, Ito Shunji, attached.

He zoomed in on the photo and compared it with the soul. They appeared to be very similar.

Other than the pupils that were as black as ink, the soul of Ito Shunji was entirely white. His appearance, in a whole, very terrifying. Nevertheless, Kazuki confirmed that he was Ito Shunji.

Handing back the phone to Aokiji, he shifted slightly away from Shiori. She was stunned for a moment and tucked her hair behind her ears out of habit, not saying anything.

“Do you have any unfulfilled wishes, Ito Shunji?”

Kazuki had already had brief conjectures regarding why Ito Shunji looked similar to the ghost faces.

The fire that occurred at the sports warehouse had probably fused and entangled all the souls of Class Four of the sophomore year.

Now, the souls of Class Four of the sophomore year were both individual and collective.

As an individual, it was weak, but it retained a clear, feeble mind; as a group, they were strong. That was why when they fused together as the Multi-armed Demon, their thoughts were not as clear as the time when they worked individually.

Of course, what relaxed Kazuki was, although there was also a burnt smell on Ito Shunji, it was relatively fainter. The previous student, for example, had a strong burnt smell that lingered around for a very long time.

He deduced that Ito Shunji might be a kind ghost. His current look was possibly infected by those evil ones for the past five years.

“Please banish Nakata and his gang, Sir Extraordinary Individual” Ito Shunji pleaded. “They’ve been wanting to kill Aoki Hidehiro for these past five years, only vengeful because they can’t exit the Akichi High School. Their vengeance has been afflicting me. If they aren’t wiped out, I’ll be assimilated very soon! I don’t want to be like them, monsters who only resent and kill.”

“Aoki Hidehiro?” Aokiji gasped. Seeing that Kazuki and Shiori were looking over, he quickly explained, “He is the survivor in the fire, the one who escaped from the tragedy because he was sick.”

“You’re right, it’s him. He conceived the ‘Non-existent Person’ game,” Ito Shunji stated calmly.

Had the escape of Aoki Hidehiro, the boy who suggested the game, from the fire spiked resentment, since Class Four of sophomore year was burned to death in great agony?

What a disgusting incident!

“I want to know what really happened,” staring at Ito Shunji, Kazuki asked, “Why did you slap Takashima Izumi at the beginning of school term?”

Takashima Izumi was the worst delinquent in Class Four five years ago, who was also the president of the student union in Akichi High School. In that closed school, he was the ruler, and his words were the laws, to the extent that even teachers would not want to mess with him.

According to the news, Ito Shunji slapped Takashima Izumi because he wanted to experiment if he was really non-existent.

Kazuki thought that the news was too vague. The truth must be more than that.

As expected, Ito Shunji explained upon hearing the question, “The ‘Non-existent Person’ game was far too childish. Two days after my transfer to this school had I found out the truth of this game. I didn’t confront them though, because I didn’t like to talk and was solitary anyway. I didn’t mind when they ignored me.”

“But... during the start of the school term, I discovered that Takashima Izumi raped my crush. I didn’t dare to stop him but only watch as the tragedy happened. My plan to avenge her was to slap him in a class by pulling the ‘Non-existent Person’ game as a cover, so he would lose his face in front of his classmates. ”

“I never expected Takashima Izumi to be that lunatic. He gathered the class, blocked me in the sports warehouse, and planned to set me on fire and kill me.”

Ito Shunji was calm, his tone was unvarying and indifferent as if he was talking about something irrelevant to him. Apparently, the five years had cooled him down toward that incident. For now, he only wished to escape from Takashima Izumi’s constraints, putting his hopes on the powerful Extraordinary Individual who was standing in front of him.

“Sir, Takashima Izumi, and his gang have been severely injured by your fiery flames and are recuperating at the sports warehouse. They’re in their weakest times now. Can you please wipe them out for me? ”

Kazuki did not respond to Ito Shunji’s request. The reiki in his body was near to being dried up, it was difficult for him to use it. Moreover, his condition did not allow him to engage in an intense battle.

Hence, he would not step back into Akichi High School again, besides... Ito Shunji might be a kind ghost, but he had all the say himself. How could Kazuki simply believe the words of a ghost? Thoughts in mind, he ignored Ito Shunji’s request and continued asking, “Why were Takashima Izumi and his gang also burned to death at the sports warehouse?”

That was the biggest mystery!

It was Takashima Izumi who told Ito Shunji to go to the sports warehouse. But, the fire unexpectedly killed the entire class. That was ridiculous!

“The front and back doors of the sports warehouse were locked up dead.”

“Who did it?”

“I don’t know...” Ito Shunji’s indifferent countenance was colored with emotions for the first time as he scoffed, “Probably his enemy. To kill him at the cost of the entire Class Four.”

Kazuki fell silent.

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