The Sword Deity in Tokyo

Chapter 2: Where’s The Recuperated Reiki As Promised?
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Chapter 2: Where’s The Recuperated Reiki As Promised?

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Four-thirty o’clock in the afternoon, Sakura Kyu Academy, Sword Believers’ Club.

The Sword Believer’s Club was one of the many associations of Sakura Kyu Academy. However, the activity room of the Sword Believer’s Club was entirely different from other associations.

It was located in a derelict building behind the Sakura Kyu Academy.

This building had been long abandoned because it was located far from the classroom building. You would need to walk through the woods and also a stretch of uphill road to get there.

At first, the school wanted to demolish it but gave up after considering the amount of money needed for the job. Over time, this abandoned building was forgotten, turning into a no man’s land. It was a gathering spot for a considerable amount of students with bad influences.

Kimura Kazuki sat on a chair in an empty activity room. He sat there with his hands on his lap, and his eyes shut.

A wooden sword lay on the table in front of him.

It had the shape of a blade, long and narrow with a little curve. The wooden sheath was patternless and looked quite ordinary.

Buzz! ——

Suddenly, a soft noise came from the table.

The wooden sword on the table was emitting a soft sound. It was clear and melodious.

Kazuki slammed opened his eyes as soon as he heard the sound. Looking at the wooden sheath that was gently vibrating, his eyes glinted with happiness, “Success!”

A wave of dizziness hit him as soon as he stood up. He grabbed the table and shut his eyes to hold himself together. After a while, he managed to recover from it.

Kazuki let out a sigh as he picked up the buzzing wooden sword from the table. He could sense that the vibration was getting more intense. Kazuki began to chuckle as he felt the sword.

A year had gone by since his last time-travel, he had finally got to rouse a new spirit from the sword with his own spiritual will.

His right hand was holding the sword’s hilt firmly as he gently drew the sword.

The sound of metal colliding was heard, and the vibration increased in intensity.

Clang! ——

The buzzing sound echoed in the activity room as Kazuki was drawing out the sword. He froze for a moment as the section of the transparent sword came into sight.

Kazuki’s pale face was reflected on the cold steel, mirror-like sword. The gleam at the edge increased the aesthetic of the sword.

Sunlight shone through the window, casting light on the sword. However, there was no reflection of light as if it had been completely absorbed.

Kazuki felt the strong desire of the sword’s spirit wanting to be ‘born’ into this world.

“There’s no need to rush. The reiki in the air is too thin as it has yet to recover. There’s only another hour left, so hold on, I’ll let you have a hearty meal once reiki starts to recuperate,” murmured Kazuki as he caressed the sword.

Kazuki was a reincarnated soul from the future world, a Chinese man named Su He.

On April 2nd, 2019, at five o’clock in the afternoon, the Sun and the moon rose together, hanging high in the sky for ten days in a row.

There was no day and night in those ten days as the whole world was experiencing daytime. It was at this moment that reiki started to recuperate. It affected the entire world, and strange things always occurred.

Kazuki was an ordinary person with no talent in cultivation. However, his passion for being an immortal and his unwillingness in being ordinary had made him travel through time.

Everything on earth is animistic. This principle was acquainted by Kazuki five years after the recuperation of reiki.

So, he thought of an idea to rouse the gnosis of weaponry with his willpower.

Kazuki was unsure whether he could rouse the gnosis of weaponry because he had zero talents in cultivation and his bloodline could not be awakened. Thus, he could only use his method to change his potential.

For five years, he never left the sword behind. He would meditate two hours a day to communicate with the sword by using his willpower.

After five years, his hard work paid off, and the sword’s spirit was awakened. It tore up the void with a single strike after gulping down a large amount of reiki. Then, Kazuki and his sword’s spirit were absorbed into the chrono-rift, his mortal body and primordial spirit destroyed in the process.

He was brought back to life as a 16-year-old senior high school student living in Japan.

A year had passed, and he was now a sophomore in high school. Furthermore, an hour right before the recuperation of reiki, he managed to activate the sword’s spirit!

Even though their hearts were connected, but the sword’s spirit which had just been activated was still uncontrollable. It greedily absorbed the scarce amount of reiki in the air.

He had figured out a way to suppress it. However, there was no need to restrain it for now as reiki had not recovered fully and, compared to the previous world, reiki in the air of this current one was quite scarce. Thus, no matter how much reiki was absorbed by the sword’s spirit, it would not cause a chrono-rift.

He firmly held onto the sword hilt and felt reiki gushing from the air into the sword.

Soon after, a faint amount of reiki flowed from the sword into his body. After reiki flowed through his entire body, his pale face started to turn rosy, and his eyes were glinting sharply.

Kazuki could sense that his body was nourished by reiki.

Feeling the circulation of reiki in his body, Kazuki was overwhelmed with joy. This was the cultivation method developed by himself.

Having an art was useless to any ordinary person that did not cultivate their talent. So reiki absorbed could not last and would quickly be dissipated from their body.

Kazuki roused the sword’s spirit so that it would act as a medium to absorb reiki, which in turn would provide it to him. Moreover, the sword’s spirit could absorb reiki at all times.

In other words, his spiritual will was connected continuously to the awakened sword’s spirit, and because of this, Kazuki would be practicing at all times.

Even at this moment, Kazuki could feel the evolution of his body. Every single second, he was getting stronger. The feeling was addictive.

Half a year ago, he used up all reiki in his body after the reincarnation. But at this moment, his body was once again nourished by reiki, and Kazuki almost cried out of joy.

As soon as reiki had recovered, he would be ahead of every human being of this world, leaving all mankind far behind as no one could catch up to him.

Looking at the wooden sword, Kazuki smiled gratefully. Since the gnosis was born, he should at least give his partner a name.

As Kazuki was thinking, he recalled the strange phenomena where the Sun and moon rose simultaneously. “From today onwards, you will be named as the Sun and Moon Sword,” said Kazuki as he smiled.

The sword was trembling with excitement. It was pleased with the name.

“As long as you are satisfied with it,” said Kazuki as he grinned. Then, he took his phone out to check on the time.

It was four fifty-nine.

His breath stifled for a moment, there was one minute left to the recuperation of reiki.

Kazuki placed the Sun and Moon Sword back into its sheath and walked to the window with his phone in his hands.

It was nearly five in the afternoon, and the Sun had not set completely. The sky was painted red by the setting sun, it was magnificent. Kazuki was staring at the time on his phone. His heart skipped a beat as the time turned five.

Kazuki held his breath, his eyes gazing at the radiant Sun.

A minute had passed, but there was no occurrence of abnormal phenomena.

“What is going on?” Kazuki looked at the time on his phone. It was already one past five.

Kazuki knew that Japan was an hour ahead of China. After conversion, five in the afternoon of April 2nd was the exact time.

However, abnormal phenomena did not occur.

At this moment, Kazuki had a bad feeling.

“Is it possible that the abnormal phenomena of the simultaneous rising of sun and moon only occurs in China?” He doubted as time struck five past five.

Kazuki swiftly dismissed such a ridiculous thought since the previous strange phenomena had been reported worldwide. Furthermore, he sensed that reiki in the surrounding air was still thin. There was no sign of it increasing.

Kazuki was dazed and confused.

It seemed like the recuperation of reiki did not occur.

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