The Sword Deity in Tokyo

Chapter 13: Akichi High School
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Chapter 13: Akichi High School

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Nakagawa Aokiji addressed Kazuki as a student, mainly because the latter looked really young like he was just 16 or 17 years old. Besides, he had a delicate face.

“The Final Forum?”

Seeing the puzzled look on Kazuki’s face, Aokiji chuckled and began to explain.

Kazuki eventually understood what this forum was all about.

Back in 2009, a guy who believed in the 2012 apocalypse had created an online forum which was known as the [Apocalypse Mutual Aid Association]. The forum was popular during that time due to the rise of the apocalyptic theory, plus many people would rather believe it to be true than not.

However, the world did not end as 2012 ended. The forum slowly turned dull. Aside from some elderly people who used to post threads on the forum, even the original moderator gave up on the website and left.

After all, the moderator created this forum solely because he believed in the apocalypse. Since the world did not end, there was no reason for him to stick around this forum.

Later on, the moderator of the forum changed twice. Aokiji was the third moderator, he knew that things could not go on like this. Hence, he made a significant transformation like the forum and guided the change from an apocalyptic forum to the current discussion forum dedicated to horror and supernatural.

This change brought a revival of activities on the dull forum, even the forum name was changed. Until now, the [Final Forum] is among the top five most active supernatural forums in Japan.

Even some horror movie directors would discuss with fellow members on the forum.

Many people on the forum had the experience of joint adventures, they would specifically go to places with horrifying rumors. Thus, when they talked about their experiences on the forum, they would spice their talk with imaginary horror, making their stories incredibly realistic.

The exploration of Akichi High School was only a small activity within the management. Therefore the number of participants was relatively low.

Aokiji, who was the moderator, was the only member apart from the two administrators.

The two other girls were friends of the two administrators. Aokiji secretly told him that both Yamazaki Masato and Yasuda Aohi were pursuing the girls, respectively. While this activity appeared to be an adventure, it was actually an opportunity for the two administrators to pursue the girls.

After all, a man could offer a strong sense of security to women in a terrifying environment.

Kazuki nodded in acknowledgment. He had been wondering whether he should wait for the others to finish before entering Akichi High School on his own to have a look.

But after some thought, he felt that it was better to let nature take its course.

Above all, if they really ran into ghosts and something were to happen, they would definitely choose to call the police. Then Kazuki wouldn’t have come all this way for nothing.

“Student, are you here for an adventure too?” Aokiji asked curiously after roughly explaining.

Obviously, it was not merely for the sake of fun for a sixteen- or seventeen-year-old high school student to come to Akichi High School.

“Yeah, I came to draw materials for my new book.”

“New book?” Masato, who was standing beside asked in surprise, “Are you a novelist?”

“I’m a newbie... I used to read a lot of horror novels, now I’ve decided to write a light horror novel. But I have no idea how to heighten the eerie atmosphere, so I want to get a taste of it at Akichi High School.”

Kazuki had already figured out an answer back when Aokiji was talking earlier.

He truly is talented and brave...The trio did not say anything, but their eyes were beaming with admiration.

Moreover, Kazuki was just a high school student, his courage to come to Akichi High School alone earned him great admiration.

Masato and Aohi came here to chase the girls, they would definitely not dare to go to Akichi High School alone.

It was the same for Aokiji. Most importantly, Akichi High School had been demonized in recent years, plus the school was constructed on top of an unmarked burial mound in a remote area. The amount of psychological pressure of going there alone was imaginable.

Soon, the two other girls brought the freckled girl over as well.

There was a trace of astonishment on Sakai Keiko’s face when she came over. “Team leader, Chiba is a novelist, she came to Akichi High School alone to feel the terrifying atmosphere as a preparation for her next novel.”

What!? What a coincidence?

The expressions of the trio were perplexed when they heard it.

Sakai Keiko and the other girl were stunned as well upon understanding the situation, but their ability in observing facial expressions was quite good as corporate slaves.

Judging from the slight blank looks on the faces of Chiba Shiori and Kazuki, it was apparent that they did not know each other.

Kazuki took one glance at the freckled girl named Chiba. Seeing that she was also staring curiously at him over the big frame of her glasses, he couldn’t help but nod in greeting.

The girl was clearly well prepared, the freckles on her face and the blemish on her right cheek were intentionally done with makeup.

However, Kazuki did not find it strange. The girl looked about his age, safety issue must be given paramount consideration when going to unfamiliar places by herself.

One of the methods for a girl to increase her personal safety was pretending to be ugly.

Soon, the members of Aokiji’s group had increased from five to seven. All the way, everyone took the initiative to engage in small talk to ensure that the two newly joined youngsters did not feel alienated.

Kazuki made a slight observation and noticed that all the five members of the [Final Forum] had good personalities as well as good qualities.

But this was expected, judging from his conversation with Aokiji, he could tell that the latter was a gentleman. He was willing to let Masato and Aohi tag along and helped them to pursue Sakai Keiko and Suzuki Aichi. The others must’ve been lovely people as well.

After all, birds of a feather flock together.

“Kimura, Chiba, did you guys do any research on Akichi High School before coming here?”


“A little bit, but I heard about Akichi High School from a net pal. There was a huge fire outbreak at Akichi High School five years ago. Many had died in the incident,” Chiba Shiori brushed a strand of hair from her face. The movement lost the sense of beauty in contrast with her appearance. She calmly said, “Now that the new campus is constructed, the old campus has long been abandoned. I’ve seen pictures taken by netizens too, that’s why I want to come and have a look tonight.”

Kimura Kazuki did not say anything, signaling that he did not know much.

Masato exclaimed, “You two are way too reckless, not even doing any research before coming to explore.” Especially Chiba, a moment ago, Yamazaki thought Kimura was incredibly daring. He would have never expected Chiba Shiori, who was a girl, to be so bold to come alone as well.

The others nodded along when they heard what Masato said. Seemingly, they knew more about this place.

Aokiji strongly agreed with Yamazaki. He continued, “I had specifically done some research for this activity before I came. You guys probably don’t know how the fire broke out five years ago.”

They walked toward Akichi High School while listening attentively to Aokiji.

“Akichi High School was located at a remote place, it was a gated school where students would typically live on campus. Mobile phones were prohibited, and should it be found it would be confiscated immediately. This left the students nothing but studying and club activities, basically there was no time for entertainment.”

“As time passed, the students became depressed. At Akichi High School, good students were usually placed in Class 1 and Class 2 while bad students were placed in Class 3 and Class 4.”

“The incident happened in Class 4 of the second grade. Back then, the students in this class were forcefully sent to Akichi High School by their parents owing to their lousy grades and unwillingness to study. Because they were bored, they gathered and discussed playing a game to enliven their monotonous high school life.”

“But one person had to be sacrificed in the game...”

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