The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 532
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Chapter 532: Who is the real murderer!?

Liu Meifeng laughed and pulled Xu Haibo,””Since there’s nothing wrong and Dr. Yu was wrongly accused, we’ll go back first.”

“Framing and murder, how can I let you leave!” Fang zhihan’s voice sounded; his tone was as cold as ice.

“What do you mean?” Liu Meifeng was shocked and terrified. He then shouted,””What do you mean by framing and murder? don’t talk nonsense, or I can Sue you.”

Fang zhihan ignored her. He simply said to mi Zhangyi,”please watch the second video.”

Mi longyi opened the second video, and the person in the video was Liu Meifeng.

When Liu Meifeng saw that the person in the video was himself and where he was, he couldn’t remain calm and his face was full of panic,””What are you doing? why are you investigating me? don’t you know this is an invasion of privacy?”

As she spoke, she reached out to grab the USB drive.

However, he was stopped by the police officer next to him.””What are you doing?”

Liu Meifeng felt wronged and shouted,”I’m protecting my rights. This man investigated me privately. He’s invading my privacy. I want to sue him.”

“Go ahead and Sue me.”

Fang zhihan said these words in a calm voice, no different from how he usually spoke.

However, his tone was determined and gave people a chilling feeling.

Liu Meifeng was completely flustered.


She looked at the video that was playing. In the video, Liu Meifeng entered a pharmacy and bought a medicine.

It was obvious that the video had been edited. It immediately showed that they had entered the second pharmacy, bought another medicine, and then the third pharmacy.

She went to three pharmacies and bought three herbs in total.

The three herbs were also blurry, but Yu Gangan was certain with one look that the three herbs Liu Meifeng bought were the same as Xu Yulan ‘s.

“It’s you?” Yu Gangan was extremely surprised.

Liu Meifeng retorted loudly,”what do you mean by me? don’t slander me! These medicines are not the three medicines that my mother-in-law added!”

Yu Gangan squinted her eyes and sneered,””I haven’t said anything yet, but you’re talking about these medicines. It’s obvious that you have a guilty conscience.”

“Don’t you slander me!”Liu Meifeng shouted.

She retorted, but her body couldn’t help but tremble.”These videos are fake. They must be fake!” How is this possible? how is this possible ...”

Mi Zhangyi looked at her and said,”the video can’t be fake. We’re in the age of the internet. It’s an era where everyone is monitoring. Some public places will have surveillance cameras installed.”

Xu Haibo was stunned for a while before he recovered from his shock.””My mother’s death has something to do with you?”

This man was not really unfilial. He just wanted to dote on his wife and treat her better than his mother. He would never kill his mother.

Now that the evidence pointed to his wife, he was completely shocked!

Liu Meifeng wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and looked at Xu Haibo,””It wasn’t me. I was wronged.”

She tried to grab Xu Haibo’s hand, but Xu Haibo, who was still in a state of panic, threw her away like a bullet.

The force was so strong that Liu Meifeng was thrown onto the table.

Fang zhihan took two steps forward and looked down at her,””That prescription is not something you can imitate. Tell me, who is the person behind you?!”

Liu Meifeng shook his head desperately.”I didn’t do it. Even if I bought the medicine, it doesn’t mean that I Killed My mother-in-law. I’m innocent!!”

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