The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 531
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Chapter 531: The powerful Mr. Fang

When Yu Gangan was accused of murder, Fang zhihan immediately sent someone to the pharmacy to retrieve the surveillance video. But, the video was very blurry, so even if they retrieved it, they wouldn’t be able to see the prescription.

This was also a point that the other party had missed.

In essence, a blurry video could not be processed clearly.

However, it could enhance the clarity.

Fang zhihan’s subordinates were very professional. After a few days and nights of editing, even though the video wasn’t completely clear, they could see that the prescription Xu Yulan had taken didn’t have any aftereffects.

This confirmed that Yu Gangan had nothing to do with Xu Yulan’s death.

Liu Meifeng’s eyes widened in disbelief,””How is this possible? did you deliberately create this video to clear your name?”

“There’s no way to fake such a video,”mi Zhangyi said while looking at her.

Liu Meifeng still wanted to say something, but he looked at Fang zhihan.

The man’s gaze was like a cold and sharp blade that made one feel inexplicably terrified.

She smiled stiffly.”I’m just asking with a suspicious attitude. If this video can’t be faked, then so be it. Since Dr. Yu really has nothing to do with my mother-in-law’s death, then we’re not unreasonable. Naturally, we won’t hold on to this! Officer, you have to find the murderer as soon as possible. Don’t let my mother-in-law die without knowing why. ”

Xu Haibo frowned.”If this prescription doesn’t belong to this doctor, then where did my mother get the prescription?” Where did you get the medicine?”

“If the prescription wasn’t prescribed by Dr. Yu,” mi Zhangyi replied,”and the problem occurred after he got the medicine, then it was either on the way back or something happened to him when he went home?”


This simple sentence instantly stirred up a Thousand Waves.

“What?” Xu Haibo was shocked. Home?”

Liu Meifeng immediately asked,”officer, what do you mean by this?” How could there be a problem with the prescription at home? it must have been on the way. ”

She raised her voice subconsciously.

Xu Haibo also quickly said,”this is my mom. How could I cause her death? The prescription must have gone wrong on the way here. Police officer, please find the murderer no matter what!”

He gritted his teeth, his face full of indignation!

Liu Meifeng also quickly replied,””That’s right. I’m usually on very good terms with my mother-in-law.”

Yu Gangan looked at her and said,”but, the internet says that your relationship isn’t good. You weren’t even willing to pay for her treatment. Plus, she was a dizzy patient that day and could faint at any moment. Yet, you sent her to the hospital alone. It’s obvious that you didn’t care about her life or death.”

Liu Meifeng glared at Yu Gangan,”don’t slander us on purpose. It’s not that we don’t want to go with her, it’s that we all have to go to work. We’ve already applied for a lot of leave because of her illness, but we can’t get any more.”

“Even so,” Yu Gangan said with a frown,”we shouldn’t let a patient who’s about to faint go to the hospital alone.”

Liu Meifeng shouted at Yu Gangan in exasperation,””It really has nothing to do with us. Life is difficult. If we don’t work, where would we get the money to treat her?”

Then, he looked at mi Zhangyi and said with a sincere face,””Officer, it really has nothing to do with us.”

Mi longyi’s gaze on her was a little irritated.””We won’t wrong a good person, and of course, we won’t let a sinner off.”

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