The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 39: Hurry And Make Him Yours
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Chapter 39: Hurry And Make Him Yours

Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

“On the surface, his relationship with my teacher has always appeared really good; like loving brothers. He usually gets his wife and daughter to act as the bad guys, and then after they anger my teacher, he steps in to act as the good guy by apologizing. As a result, my teacher never bothered to argue with him and his family. Hence why they still have a say regarding Yueming Hall.”

After a short pause, Yu Gangan continued, “I’ve already called the police about my teacher. The police expressed that the last place my teacher appeared in was a conference in Shanghai, so it doesn’t seem like my older uncle is involved. But, it doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility...”

While the two women were chatting, the door to the clinic was suddenly pushed open.

Song Chabai immediately waved her hands and yelled loudly, “Sorry, our clinic isn’t open today.”

But, a moment later, a look of shock swept over Song Chabai’s eyes.

She stared in surprise at the guest without batting an eyelid.

When Yu Gangan saw the person that had arrived, she was also a little taken aback. For a split second, she even suspected that it was an illusion.

Not only did Fang Zhihan know where she lived, he even knew where her clinic was?

Everything was becoming more and more mysterious, as though the truth had been shrouded by a dense fog and it was hiding at the very bottom.

Yu Gangan stood up and looked at Fang Zhihan, “Why are you here?”

Fang Zhihan’s expression was calm and unaffected. He simply looked at her gaping lips and said in a deep, thick and charming voice, “I’m here to take you home.”

After their last few meetings, Yu Gangan had already learned how to remain calm no matter what came out of this man’s mouth.

But, next to her, Song Chabai was once again shocked.

[He’s here to take Gangan home?]

[What kind of relationship do they have?]

Song Chabai looked at her friend with her big round eyes, curiosity almost overflowing.

But, Yu Gangan continued to stare into the man’s eyes; her gaze sending electricity across the air between them.

Sparks began to fly and the air felt oddly ambiguous.

Song Chabai stretched out her hand curiously and gently tugged at Yu Gangan’s sleeve.

Yu Gangan snapped back to reality and looked at Song Chabai’s confused gaze. She then explained calmly, “He’s the man I told you about. The one that suddenly walked into my room claiming to be my husband. Have you seen him before?”

As her good friend, Song Chabai was certain that she’d know if Yu Gangan was dating or married.


Song Chabai stared at Fang Zhihan with her mouth open so wide that it could fit an egg.

It took her some time before she finally closed it back up and swallowed, “I originally thought the man that came into your room was a young man or a geeky homebody; the type of ugly man that would go unnoticed even if he was in a neighboring class at school. I never thought...”

Yu Gangan: “...”

Song Chabai stretched out her hand towards Yu Gangan and patted her on the shoulder, “Gangan, you’ve hit the jackpot! You must have met with a good run of luck to have married such a handsome man!”

Yu Gangan’s lips twitched a little, “This is all fake.”

“Then hurry and make it real. Wrap him up and make him yours. It’s a rare chance,” Song Chabai giggled.

Yu Gangan was a little dumbfounded, “You can make him yours.”

Song Chabai immediately shook her head and strongly objected, “How could I do that? He’s your man. A woman can’t play around with her friend’s man, or they’d be struck by lightning!”

Yu Gangan: “...”

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