The Sweetest Medicine

Chapter 38: The Cool And Smart Yu Gangan
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Chapter 38: The Cool And Smart Yu Gangan

Translator: Yunyi Editor: Yunyi

This man did not look like an average person. What was he doing here in the old and shabby Nanzhen Street? Was he visiting Yueming Hall?

He Wanxin glanced at the old Jeep again. This time, she looked at it in more detail and realized the number plate was an exclusive military plate!!

Oh God, this man had a military background?

No wonder his presence stood out so much.

He Wanxin immediately forgot the disdain she felt when she first saw the old Jeep.

She was simply regretful that she wasn’t the one sitting inside Yueming Hall at that moment.

He Wanxin’s mother followed her daughter’s gaze and also noticed the man. Her eyes immediately grew wide as she tugged on He Wanxin’s arm, “That’s him, that’s him! He’s the one that ran into Yu Gangan’s hospital room claiming to be her husband.”

He Wanxin turned and looked at her mother in disbelief, “What? You’re saying that this man is Yu Gangan’s husband? How could Yu Gangan have such a handsome husband? It must be a lie!!”

A good looking man like that couldn’t possibly be interested in Yu Gangan.

“It’s definitely him. Even if he turned into a ghost, I would still recognize him,” the old woman snarled, ready to pounce at the man and make him pay. “I need to ask him who he is. Why did he claim to be Yu Gangan’s husband? Was it because of Yueming Hall?”

“Mom,” He Wanxin cried as she quickly held onto her mother. Then, with a calculative expression, she said, “How are you supposed to get any honest answers by asking questions like that? Who knows, this man may be just like Tianyou.”

“So, you’re saying that Yu Gangan hired him to help her secure the clinic?” the old woman asked as she furrowed her brows.

“Yes, and if that’s the case, we could try and work with this man instead. But, before that, we need to test him out properly.”

As soon as He Wanxin watched Fang Zhihan walk into Yueming Hall, she pulled out her phone and made a call...


Yueming Hall.

After He Wanxin left, Song Chabai jumped up on the spot and cheered. She then looked at Yu Gangan with respect, “Gangan, you were so cool. Look at the way He Wanxin stormed out; she almost exploded in anger, haha. It’s so satisfying.”

Yu Gangan smiled slightly, “You didn’t see how arrogant she was the other day when someone called her a miracle doctor.”

“Her? A miracle doctor? Forget it!” Song Chabai said as she sat down beside Yu Gangan. She then said in a relieved tone, “Just then, I thought you were going to make me delete the video.”

“How could I possibly do that? The moment I delete the video, they will definitely go back on their words,” Yu Gangan couldn’t say that she understood her uncle’s family 100%, but she knew they went back on their words easily.

“By the way, why didn’t you ask about your teacher?” Song Chabai felt it was a good opportunity to use the video to get information about He Shigui’s whereabouts.

Yu Gangan shook her head, “It’s useless. My older uncle is smart. I already reached his limit today. Even if I pushed him further, I would have only got Yueming Hall, so there was no point ruining our relationship. They are, after all, a part of Grandfather’s family.”

Of course, she wanted to ask about her teacher, but she knew she couldn’t do it recklessly.

If she wasn’t careful, then she could risk exposing herself to her enemy.

But, her uncle wasn’t necessarily the enemy.

“Your uncle is like a smiling tiger. His gaze on me was so sharp that my legs trembled. It was lucky that you simply told me to sit down and record everything,” Song Chabai said as she reflected on her fear.

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